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    3395 Burns Road  Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410  (561) 622-1504, ext. 232  [email protected] 

    Easter 2012

    Alleluia! Christ is risen. The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!


    Easter is God’s victory over the evil and fear that confront our personal lives and the life of this world. Nothing can scare us again, not even death. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s lasting word of hope. “Fear not! I am with you always,” God says from the empty tomb. “Nothing can ever separate you from my love.” And that promise is what gives us courage to live fully now.

    St. Mark’s is a community filled with this Easter faith. Our church and school community is bustling with life and bursting with hope. WE WILL! Build in Faith continues to flourish, and its benefits are obvious.

    The new youth center and gymnasium are filled day and night, and our athletic programs are thriving while our youth group participants are growing closer to God and to one another. Ministries like the St. Mark’s Neighborhood Autistic Athletic Program (SNAAP) and Mothers of Preschool Children (MOPS) are blossoming from a facility that enables us to reach others with the hands and heart of the risen Christ.

    The Peace Chapel at St. Mark’s and the new administration building are set to open this summer. Not only is the campus being made safe and secure, we are also providing a more welcoming entry for all who visit. The Peace Chapel will remain open 24/7 as a place of prayer for all people seeking peace and quiet. And, the newly renovated and enlarged memorial garden will offer visitors another quiet sanctuary.

    Our eyes are now turning to the third phase of our building program: St. Mark’s Hall. This new dining hall for school lunches, church dinners and socials will include a fully equipped kitchen; stage and auditorium space; multi-function areas for church and school meetings; classrooms for art, band, chorus, and computers; a new Parents’   Association room; and gathering spaces like a coffee shop and  bookstore.


    Thanks to the generosity of so many we have almost $4 million in cash and pledges in hand. In order to move ahead with the construction of St. Mark’s Hall will need to raise $3 million in cash or at least $4 million in pledges in the next six months. And when we reach that milestone, our hopes and dreams will come true!

    Please . . . apply your Easter faith and join me in saying, “WE WILL! Build in Faith!” I need each of you to consider how you can help us meet our goals. While others might worry that our dreams are too big, I give endless thanks for the power of God to work within this community of St. Mark’s. I have no doubts that we will pull together and raise the additional funds we need for Phase III.

    Please, prayerfully consider joining me and hundreds of others who have made a commitment to the build a new St. Mark’s and to ensure that we are a beacon of faith, hope, and light for many years to come.

    Call the campaign office anytime at 561-622- 1504, ext. 232, or email [email protected] and tell us how you will help us reach our goal.

    Remember, with God all things are possible . . . even new life after death. Won’t you join us in reaching out in faith by making a gift today?

    The Rev. James B. Cook Rector



    Pacesetter Gifts (Donors $250,000 to $1 million +)

    Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Sean McGould

    Annette and Sid Stubbs Leadership Gifts

    (Donors $150,000 - $249,999) The Dorfman Family and The Marvin P. Verhulst

    Foundation Major Gifts

    (Donors $75,000 - $149,999) Anonymous

    Benefactor Gifts (Donors $50,000 - $74,999)

    Anonymous Anonymous

    Mr. and Mrs. William W. Moore Jay and Michelle Shearouse Mr. and Mrs. Michael Simon

    Lion Circle Gifts (Donors $25,000 - $49,999)

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allsopp III Ray and Patty Alvarez

    Anonymous Anonymous

    James and Sharon Broadhead Mr. and Mrs. Harry Douglas Bush

    Mrs. Jane Coleman Dr. James M. Cooper

    Mike and Nan Ellen Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Dunkin II

    Mr. and Mrs. Rob Dunlop Mrs. Marlene Romano Everitt

    Howard W. Evirs, Jr. and Helen G. Evirs Mr. Robert R. Hayes

    The Rt. Rev. Edward L. & Mrs. Kathryn Fligg Lee Lydian Bank

    William and Mary Anne Richey Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stapleton

    Mr. Bob Stoecker Sharon and William Turnbull

    Signature Gifts (Donors $10,000 - $24,999)

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Adkin Anonymous

    Mr. and Mrs. John Austin Dr. and Mrs. James Booher

    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cassatly The Rev. and Mrs. James B. Cook


    Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Eassa Mrs. Janet Fabi

    Paul and Carrie Hanna James E. Hollenbeck, Jr., Katherine Hollenbeck and

    Family Ed and Kim Lunsford Geraldine L. Lyons

    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Morton The Rev. Holly Ostlund

    Charlotte and Larry Pelton Psychists, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Restino Mr. and Mrs. H. Wade Riley

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ring, III Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Shepard

    Mr. and Mrs. William F. VanDresser Supporter Gifts

    Donors ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous

    Stuart A. Babcock, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Don B. Bane The Rev. & Mrs. Hugh Bell Craig and Heather Bretzlaff

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Gary Burkhead Nan and Dan Calkins Tom and Kay Carnes

    Robert and Jane Church Mr. and Mrs. Bernie D'Orazio Mr. and Mrs. Jon Drettmann Charles and Patricia Erkman Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fawcett

    Joyce C. Fisher Foundation, Inc Mr. Dale George

    Ms. Jennifer C. Grace Pam and Gibson Harris Gloria and Bill Hayduk

    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Higgins Mrs. Elly Horn

    Mr. and Mrs. John Hewitt J. Scott and Janna Keller Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kirvin

    Mr. and Mrs. Roger Marrero Mr. Michael C. Milanesi Larry and Lynne Mullins

    Mr. Robert Pearce Ellen and Dennis Regnery

    Richard and Barbara Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rofrano

    Mr. John J. Romano Robert and Marie Silvani

    Mrs. Janet Tracy Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Villablanca

    Celebrating our Campaign Donors as of April 2, 2012 Page 2  



    Friend Gifts (Donors up to $4,999)

    Ms. Kim Acuna Mrs. Kathryn S. Acerra

    Mrs. Mary Agarwal Anonymous

    The Rev. Dr. Lisa Barrowclough Ms. Susan B. Barth

    Mr. Robert L. Beaulieu Norma N. Bentley

    Mrs. Phyllis J. Bermingham Mr. and Mrs. Micheal R. Berube

    Mrs. Catherine M. Billings-Ouellette Rena and John Blades

    Ms. Jane Bonnette Mr. Brian L. Bowers

    Boy Scout Troop 150 Mrs. Donna Bradley

    Jody J. Brant Ms. Helen Brown

    Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Brown Mrs. Jamie Burchietti

    Terri L. Burgoon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burke

    Rick and Monique Burns Mr. and Mrs. William Byrne Mrs. Sandra L. Cameron Ms. Barbara B. Canese Ms. Patricia H. Casey

    Ms. Page P. Cash Scott Clinton, Sr. Mrs. Beth Colucci

    Mr. Gerard F. Conforti Mr. William Contole Gary and Jan Cook

    Greg Cook Memorial Mrs. Jane Counts

    Dr. and Mrs. Frank Crittenden Mr. Frederick Cushmore

    Leo A Daly Company Louise P. Darby

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis Ms. Sarah Davis

    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dean Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Austin

    DeFerrari Mr. Daniel De Graaf

    Edward H. Dickson Trust Mrs. Shirley Diuro

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doan Mr. and Mrs. James Dowling

    Ms. Jennifer Dunnington Mr. Crawford Dwane Earnhardt

    Tristan K. Eckert Patsy J. Elliott and Wilton Decuir

    Mr. Sherlock Elliott Mr. Lance Erickson

    Matthew John Everitt Mr. Richard Farquhar


    Mr. Paul L. Fattori Mrs. Lillian C. Fennell

    Ann and Ed Fernandez Teresa and Tom Finlon Mr. Anders K. Finnvold

    Ms. Pamela Fitch Ms. Barbara L. Flood

    Mrs. Cynthia A. Fontaine Susan Ford

    Mrs. Michelle Forgione Gregory and Amanda Frantz Mrs. Susan Amanda Fulop

    Mr. Isadore Gadson Drs. Sabu and Manju George

    Adrienne and Ray Giblin Ms. Linda M. Gibson

    Ms. Constance J. Giles Ms. Nicole Graney

    Mr. and Mrs. Mikel Greene Ms. Julia Gridley

    Mr. Robert H. Gridley Donna and Paul Grooms

    Mr. Seth Grossmayer Barbara Haigh

    George and Ethel Hanscom Mr. Patrick Hansen

    Hanson Charitable Trust Mrs. Nancy B. Harvey

    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Havlicek Mrs. Catherine A. Hoffner

    Mr. James H. Hollis John and Alesia Hoy

    Mrs. Georgette S. Hugger In Honor of Lindsay and Spencer

    Grimes Robert S. Jaegers Ms. Barbara Jang

    Mrs. Gweneth L. Johnston Mrs. Diana P. Jones Kaufman Lynn, Inc. Mrs. Norma Kaywell Mrs. Virginia J. Kelly Ms. Cody C. Kiraly


    Kraus Family Foundation Mr. Donald E. Ladd

    Mrs. Gail Ladd Dorothea O. Ladinig

    Ms. Constance C Lambert Mrs. Silvia B. Lapikas

    Ms. Chelsea M. Lawson Mrs. Susan Len-Snyder

    David and Jane Lill Mrs. Jill Loschiavo Mrs. Susan M. Lott

    Mrs. Sally T. Lubeck Mrs. Barbara Luczko

    Heidi and James Mackey Mr. and Mrs. G. Randolph

    MacPherson Mr. Chuck Maddox

    Mrs. Aynsley A. Marchant Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Martell

    Gayle Martin Mrs. Laurie Adams Martino

    Art Masterson Memorial Mrs. Frances O. Mattlin

    Mrs. Bonnie S. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Ron McElhone Mr. and

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