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  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Consumer Preference On

    Amul Kool Lassi- 1 LTR Tetrapack

    For The Company

    Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing e!eration Limite!

      Prepared By

      Xitij Nanavaty

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Industry Profile

    •  As an attribute, the ord !dairy”   refers to mil"#based produ$ts,

    derivatives and pro$esses, and the animals and or"ers involved in

    their produ$tion% A dairy farm produ$es mil" and a dairy fa$tory

    pro$esses it into a variety of dairy produ$ts% These establishments

    $onstitute the dairy industry, a $omponent of the food industry%

    •  A$ross India, &il" is pro$essed and mar"eted by '() mil" produ$er*s $ooperative unions, hi$h federate into '+ state $o#

    operative mil" mar"etin federations%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Company Profile

    •  A&-.#derived fom the sans"rit ord !A&-./A0 hi$h means Pri$eless%

    • 1ome of the Amul produ$ts are Amul &il", Amul Butter, Amul &il"

    Poder, Amul 2hee, Amulspray, Amul Cheese, Amul Cho$olates, Amul

    1hri"hand, Amul I$e $ream, Nutramul, and Amulya%

    • 1ales Turnover of last year i%e 3))4#)5 as 6s% 7(''8 million%

    • 2ujarat Cooperative &il" &ar"etin Federation .td 92C&&F: is the

    larest ;ranisation in F&C2 industry enaed in mar"etin of mil" <

    mil" produ$ts under the brand names of A&-. and 1A2A6 ith an

    annual turnover e=$eedin 6s 7))) $rores%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Ba$"round ;f The 1tudy

    •  Amul .assi is also available in other si>es li"e 3)) ml% pou$hes 9i%e

    probioti$ lassi:, 3)) ml% tetrapa$", so they have laun$hed 'ltr%

    Tetrapa$" be$ause of the popularity of the previous versions%

    • The study is $ondu$ted on $onsumer preferen$e of thirst ?uen$hers

    ith referen$e to !Amul @ool .assee ' ltr% tetrapa$"0%

    •  Amul "ool lassee $ompetes ith $old drin"s and ants to $apture

    ma=imum mar"et share possible of $old drin" industry% In order to a$hieve this taret, this study is $ondu$ted to "no the preferen$e

    and $onsumption usae of the produ$t%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    ;bje$tives ;f Proje$t

    • To "no the $ustomer preferen$e and satisfa$tion of Amul @ool

    .assee 'ltr% tetrapa$"%

    • To "no the pur$hase intention of $ustomer for Amul @ool .assee

    'ltr% tetrapa$"%

    • To "no the preferen$e of $onsumers toards $onsumption of all

    type of drin"s in$ludin mil" based drin"s%

    • To $olle$t suestions provided by the $onsumers to the $ompany

    for improvement of @ool .assee%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    1our$es ;f ata

      Primar" sources 

    • I have $olle$ted these primary informations from $onsumers of

    anand and vallabh#vidyanaar ith the help of ?uestionnaire on

    amul parlours%

      #econ!ar" sources 

    • I have $olle$ted the se$ondary information from some ebsites

    and referen$e boo"s%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    1amplin &ethod

    •  1ample desin is a definite plan of obtainin some items from the

    hole population% The sample desin used in this proje$t is only one

    state samplin i%e% judemental samplin%


    •  The hole reion as divided into some eoraphi$al areas and I

    have been iven many of the Amul parlours in anand and vallabh#

    vidyanaar named N& parlour near  mart, Amul dairy parlour near A&-. dairy, Param shop in mota ba>aar, altaran parlour

    near Borshad Crossin and 1hriji parlour near 1ashtri 2round%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


      ata Analysis



  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Beverae Preferen$e

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Preferen$e ;f &il" Based rin"s

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    1i>e ;f Preferen$e

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    Pur$hase Intention

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    6atin 1$ale ;f Amul @ool .assee

     Attribute ery 2ood

    2ood Neutral Bad ery Bad

    Taste 37D +ED '(D 3D 'D

     Availability '8D 7ED '(D 7D )D

    Pa$"ain '(D +5D 3'D 8D )D

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT



    • .imited time available for interviein the respondents% As a result of

    this it as not possible to ather full information about the respondents%

    • hen I intervieed $hildren and teenaers, sometimes they use to

    • ive ansers under the influen$e of their parents or elders% •  As summer trainin is oin under summer season so sometimes

    people are less interested in fillin up ?uestionnaire%

    • 1ometimes Non#$ooperative approa$h and rude behavior of the


    • If the respondents anser does not falls beteen amonst the options

    iven then it ill turn up to be a biased anser%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    6G1-.T1 AN FININ21

    •  Around 4)D respondants believe that taste of the lassee is ood

    and they are satisfied ith Amul @ool .assee%

    • hen I intervieed people then many of the people $an not re$all

     Amul @ool .assee by its print advertisement%

    • urin my resear$h, I found that from all type of mil" based drin"s,

    E'%83D respondants prefer lassee%

    • I also found out that amon all type of beveraes, &ajority of the

    respondants prefer mil" based drin"s i%e%E(%''D%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    • I find the main thin is that !Amul0 brand name has very ood imae

    in $onsumer*s mind and they $onsider it as Pure < 2ood Produ$t%

    • urin the entire trainin, I found that people are as"in for the

    other flavours li"e mano, pine#apple, "esar et$% as there is only

    rose flavour sold in mar"et%

    • +4%74D people li"e to prefer 'ltr% tetrapa$" at their home as they

    believe that it is better to $onsume ith family%

    •  As Anand and allabh#vidyanaar are home ton of Amul, people of

    this reion are very mu$h aare about Amul produ$ts 1o 5(D

    people of Anand and allabh#vidyanaar prefer to $onsume branded


  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT



    • From the servey $ondu$ted it $an be $on$luded that people ho are

    on move prefer it more than household%

    •   Also people usually prefer lassee at their home rather than at

    parlour, at hotel and other pla$es%

    •   &any people usually prefer Amul lassee more than other non#

    branded lassees as it is a brand%

    • From the Hypothesis performed, it is $on$luded that there is no sinifi$ant effe$t on pur$hase of lassee due to preferen$e%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT



    • The pri$e of the ' ltr% tetrapa$" should be de$reased to in$rease the

    sale of the produ$t%

    • The 2%C%&%&%F% should advertise more to in$rease the aareness

    level and sales of the produ$t%

    • The 2%C%&%&%F% should laun$h benefi$ial s$hemes li"e 3' or E',

    et$% to in$rease the sale of the produ$t%

    •  Amul should also brin its produ$ts in trains and buses% If the tetrapa$" ill be ot in trains and buses, then the sale of the produ$t

    ill be in$reased%

  • 8/20/2019 35909050 Amul Lassi PPT


    THAN@ /;-