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The Taste of India

Potential for Amul Pouch Lassi in Kolkata Market[By Rohit Ranjan & Vikash Kumar]For Amul


The Taste of IndiaA Project Report on

Potential for Amul Pouch Lassi in Kolkata Market




Rohit Ranjan Vikash Kumar


The Taste of India

Table of Contents

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Particulars Acknowledgement List of Tables INTRODUCTION Background Scope of Study Research Objective Research Problem Research Design a) Category Of Research b) Information Needed c) Data Collection Method d) Sampling Plan e) Areas Covered Kolkata Lassi Market- An overview Competitors Analysis Loose Lassi Retailers Organised Players 4P Analysis of Competitors a) Product b) Price c) Promotion d) Place Distribution Strategy Research Findings a) Findings from Consumers survey b) Findings from General retailers survey c) Findings from Loose Lassi Retailers d) Limitation and Caveats Insight From Market Survey Market Potential Demand estimation of Amul Pouch Lassi SWOT Analysis of Amul Pouch Lassi Launch Plan- Amul Pouch Lassi Marketing Objectives STP Analysis of Amul Pouch Lassi 4 P of Amul Pouch Lassi

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The Taste of Indiaa) Product Strategy b) Placement Strategy Distribution Strategy c) Pricing Strategy d) Promotion Strategy Post Launch Plan for Amul Pouch Lassi Annexure 1: Questionnaire for consumers Annexure 2: Questionnaire for General Retailers Annexure 3: Questionnaire for Loose Lassi Retailers

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The Taste of IndiaAcknowledgementThe summer training at Amul has been one of the enriching learning experiences of our lives. It gave us an opportunity to participate and learn about the concept of launching strategy of a new product. Throughout the course of exploration about the potential of Amuls proposed Pouch Lassi we got plentiful opportunity to learn and understand the insight of consumers behaviour. The survey conducted on consumers of Kolkata and Loose Lassi retailers operating in Kolkata Market gave us the first hand understanding about the Lassi and curd market of Kolkata. We would like to thank the authority of Amul for providing us with a good environment and facilities to complete this project. We would like to mention unique gratitude towards Mr. Manoranjan Pani (GM, Amul Kolkata), Deepak Chakraborty for his sincere facilitation in the project and valuable guidance during the course of project. We would like to thank to our Facilitating officer of this project, Mr. Sameer Nayak for the valuable guidance and advice. He inspired us greatly to work in this project. His willingness to motivate us contributed tremendously to our project. We would also like to mention the help and support we received from Mr. Niladri Chakraborty during our field trip. His critical suggestions helped us in no small measure. Finally we would like to thank CIMP for providing us this opportunity to work with an organization like Amul. Rohit Ranjan Vikash Kumar


The Taste of IndiaList of tables

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Name of the table Respondents Profile Market size of Lassi in Kolkata Market Share of Branded and Loose Lassi retailers Share of Branded Players Pricing profile of Competing brands and loose Lassi retailers Cost of production for Loose Lassi retailers Attributes affecting purchasing decision of Lassi Satisfaction from Existing source of Lassi Market potential of Lassi Distribution Cost of Amul Pricing profile of Proposed Amul Pouch Lassi Budget required for Promotion

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The Taste of IndiaIntroduction

Market Area: Kolkata, Howrah and surrounding markets Lassi is a traditional Indian drink and it is used as a refreshment drink especially in summer season. It is made by blending dahi with water, sugar, ice and Indian spices. Traditionally Bengali people have a special liking for sweet food items like Rosogulla, Misti Dahi. The taste of Lassi is sweet which makes it more acceptable by the people of Kolkata as they have a liking for sweet food items. Lassi as a drink has several advantages first it refresh its consumer and apart from that it also acts as better filler, a more nutritious and healthy drink. It is a complete drink and due to its high nutritional value it is consumed by people of all ages. Lassi has the potential to take place of carbonated drinks. Homemade Lassi fulfils the requirement of Lassi of Kolkata market and Lassi sold in open market. Demand of Lassi reaches to its peak in summer season whereas in winter its demand decreases drastically. Lassi market of Kolkata is highly dominated by unorganized players (Loose Lassi retailers). Organised players enjoy a very small market share of Lassi market of Kolkata. The two most important factors in the marketing of Lassi is quality of Lassi and its availability. People of Kolkata want Lassi of a brand on which they can trust and it should be easily available in all parts of Kolkata. Amuls proposed new product Lassi in pouch pack would be an interesting addition in the existing product line which will add value to the brand and helps Amul to reach customers in a better way.


The Taste of IndiaBackgroundAmul has its presence in the Lassi market of Kolkata with its product Amul Kool Lassi but in spite of good acceptance from the consumers of Kolkata this product is not successful. The major problem with this product is short supply problem. Amul Kool Lassi is being produced in Gujarat and from there it is supplied to Kolkata market. Due to this Amul is not able to tap the Kolkata Lassi market. Thus Amul needs a product which can fill this gap of demand and supply. This research project will evaluate the market potential of Amuls pouch Lassi because Amul want to have a wide presence in Kolkata to tap the Lassi market. Amul wants to be engaged in the mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion of pouch Lassi for all buyers and this could be possible only when it can provide Lassi at an affordable price with better quality visa-a-visa its competitors (mainly loose Lassi retailers). The aim of this research study is to assist Amul in making decision about launching proposed pouch Lassi in the Kolkata & Howrah market. This research involves developing a database from which conclusions can be drawn about launching and marketing strategy which can touch and cater to the maximum consumer base.

Scope of study The study is aimed at determining the market potential of Lassi market of Kolkata and its surroundings. An analysis of consumers of Kolkata will be done to identify unfulfilled needs and wants of consumers regarding Lassi. Alongside an analysis of Loose Lassi retailers and other competitors marketing and distribution strategies will be done. The study will focus on analyzing competitors strengths and weaknesses and on the basis of these findings design an efficient launching strategy for proposed AMUL pouch Lassi. The study is confined to the geographical limits of Kolkata, Howrah and its surroundings.


The Taste of IndiaResearch objective The major research objectives of this research are following: 1. To estimate the market size of Lassi market of Kolkata 2. To find out the market share of Loose Lassi retailers and their pricing and marketing strategy 3. To find out the market share of organised players and their marketing and distribution strategy 4. To find out the perception of consumers regarding Loose Lassi in respect to Lassi of organised players 5. To find out the preferences of consumers for pouch Lassi of a strong brand Amul 6. To design a launching strategy for proposed Amul pouch Lassi in Kolkata market Research Problems a) Marketing Decision Objective/ Problems: Should Amul launch Lassi in pouch pack in Kolkata market? b) Marketing Research Objective/Problems: i) What is the perception of consumers about Loose Lassi and what is their preference for pouch Lassi? ii) What are the major influencing factors that affect buying behaviour of customers and how these factors can be used to create an uncontested market for Amul pouch Lassi?


The Taste of IndiaResearch Design

a) Category of research:Descriptive

b) Information Neededi) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Sources of Lassi Level of penetration of Loose Lassi retailers. Marketing and distribution strategies of organised players. Consumption behaviour of consumers of Lassi. Factors that affect purchasing decision of consumers. Factors of existing Lassi with which customers are unsatisfied. Preference of consumers for pouch Lassi in respect to Loose Lassi

Data Collection Method Primary Data: i. Sample survey of Consumers, non consumers of Lassi using questionnaire method. ii. Sample survey of general retailers, Pan Shops who keeps carbonated drinks using questionnaire method. iii. Sample survey of Loose Lassi retailers using questionnaire method.

Secondary Data: i. ii. Internet Data available with Amul

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The Taste of IndiaSampling Plan Target Population: General consumers of Kolkata, general retailers, Pan shops keeping any form of soft drink and Loose Lassi retailers. Sampling Technique: Cluster sampling: - Kolkata and Howrah was divided into 20 clusters and from each cluster a set of consumers, Loose Lassi retailers and general retailers were surveyed. The basis for consumer and retailers sampling was locality. Sample size: Consumers: 396

Consumers of Lassi Buyers of Loose Lassi Buyers of Amul kool Lassi Buyers of co