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  • 1. WillLASSI WORKSHOPHokling CHEUNGSelf-regulationOffice of Education Development & General EducationCity University of Hong Kong (2011-12) Skill

2. Learning And StudyStrategies Inventory(LASSI) WillSelf-regulationSkillThe LASSI is the assessment of students awareness aboutand use of learning and study strategies both covert andovert thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relateto successful learning can be altered througheducational interventions.H&H Publishing, 2011 3. Workshop Intended OutcomesUpon completing this workshop, you will be able to:1. Describe the impact of motivation and attitude on learning and success2. Explain the importance of goal setting, steps & criteria for setting SMART goals3. Identify CityU Undergraduate Outcomes, personal goals for university study and possible ways to achieve them4. Formulate one short-term goal & related action plans 4. Why am I here? 5. Why am I here? - verb 1. lounge around 2. be idle 6. The LASSIscores helpreveal both ofyour covertand overtthoughts,behaviors,attitudes& beliefs.Peer Learning Out-of-class learning activities ExchangeSecondary school University studyWork & beyond How to make good use of these opportunities and facilitations to achieve my goals and pave the way for success in my career and life? Intervention & CHANGE!Skills & strategies transferrable .. 7. It is a knowledge hub where you can collaborate with a lot ofmasters, peers and friends through different activities and makeuse of resources and services to facilitate your own journey ofknowledge, discovery and innovation.World rankings129 QS World University Rankings 201015 QS Asian University Rankings 2011 8. Where do I want to go?I am the pilot!What is my goal? How clear is it? How can I achieve it? Whatshould I know and do to make myself able to reach my goal? 9. Understanding the society, the global world and beyondUnderstanding thelearning context Understanding & developing yourself 10. We have toexpand thisarea. But how? 11. Understanding Yourself Do you know how your beliefs about yourselves affect your attitude, development, and chances to be successful? 12. Successful learners are not only confidentof their abilities. They also believe thatinvestment in learning can make adifference and help them toovercome difficulties that is, theyhave a strong sense of their own efficacy. By contrast, students who lackconfidence in their ability to learnwhat they judge to be important andto overcome difficulties are exposed tofailure, not only at school, but also intheir adult lives. Learning for Tomorrows World First Results from PISA, 2003 13. Understanding Yourself Understand your learning styles,strengths, and needs. Embrace a positive attitude towardsyourself, your study, and university life.Identify your owninterests and set goals. 14. Keep asking yourself these questions.Who am I?What do I aspire to be?Reflect on yourThink positive.experience and Focus also onlearn from it, your potentialsuccess or and developmistake. yourself!EnjoyBe proud oflearning.who you are. You can be wiser andbetter than yesterday.Focus on your potential as well. 15. What is university study like? 16. levels of intellectual skills and behavior important to learning.CREATING EVALUATING ANALYZING APPLYING UNDERSTANDING REMEMBERING Revised Bloom Taxonomy, L. Anderson, 1990 Image source: 17. Things I wish I had known inmy first year GPA/CGPA is so important! Exchange and internship opportunities GE? Interdisciplinary courses? Why? Learning strategies: OBTL, LASSI, Peer Learning (PALSI), ePortfolios Academic honesty: so serious?! Language requirement to fulfill? People: academic advisors, mentors (advice & network!) Hostel? Scholarship? On campus services? Personal development activities Career advices Do ask questions!! 18. What is expected from work and the real world? 19. Investment AnalystWe look for top caliber candidate to join our Hong Kong team.Profession Description: responsible for strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction of model portfolios across different client segments and product platforms design, produce and present a range of communication and investment reporting solutions, including regular newsletters, performance and attribution reports, market and investment commentary presentations for advisers and clients in large scale client investment briefing event provide media commentary and be the investment face for media activities in conjunction with the Head of Investment Product Marketing, active involvement in researching, selecting, monitoring and managing external investment manager relationships, 3rd party funds and external fund/product providers managing external investment manager relationshipsIPAC FINANCIAL PLANNING HONG KONG LIMITEDOfficer Management Accounting (Property)The Finance Department is responsible for providing financialanalysis, planning, control and accounting services to the keybusiness units within the Club. With the Club developing itsbusiness to meet new customer needs, Finance is playing anexpanded and increasingly proactive role.We are looking for a proactive and self-motivated individual tojoin its Planning and Analysis team to provide analytical support tobusiness units.The Hong Kong Jockey Club Source: Classified Post, SCMP August 1, 2011 20. Brand Marketing ManagerRequired Skills/Experience Bachelors degree required, MBA preferred 3-5 years of Brand / Marketing Management, preferably with a leading consumer company orecommerce consumer brand Media knowledge across multiple media channels including but not limited to broadcast,print, direct mail, OOH, and emerging media Experience in defining, building and supporting brands Strong analytical capacity with experience presenting and communicating findings toexecutive team Be goal-oriented, self-motivated, creative, flexible and adaptable to new situations Ability to think strategically in a fast-paced environment while prioritizing to meet deadlinesShift Media Group LimitedInternet/E-Commerce Lawyer The right candidate must have experience in legal matters relative to the Internet, software and technology. He/she also must have knowledge in trademark law, copyright infringement, patent law and defamation. He/ She will have to understand software, technology and the Internet, and the laws that govern them. He/She will ideally have some knowledge about Hong Kong labour legislations.Qualifications: Excellent organizational, interpersonal, drafting and negotiation and problem-solving skills Ability to manage numerous time-sensitive matters simultaneously in a fast-pacedenvironment with meticulous attention to detail Highly developed communication skills, both oral and written A team player with the ability to work well independentlyCopypaste LimitedSource: Classified Post, SCMP August 1, 2011 21. Senior Safety Officers / Safety Officers / Assistant Safety Officers Good communication skills in both written and spoken English and Chinese Conversant with the use of common computer software Has confidence and self-belief in accident prevention principles Belief in the concept of working as a team player Aspires to succeed in pursuing the career path of a health and safety professional HSIN CHONG CONSTRUCTION GROUPSenior/Electronic Project Engineer (Wearable Technology)Responsibilities: Responsible for developing new electronics and samples Working closely with mainland engineers for project management Monitoring sample & production schedule of electronics with mainland suppliers Handling components sourcing, evaluation & BOM preparation Technical support to suppliers on ODM productsRequirement: Enthusiastic and motivated candidate with electronics background Higher Diploma or above in Electronic / Computer Engineering Minimum 3 years related engineering working experience Familiar with manufacturing process and hands on with prototyping techniques anadvantage. Familiar with PCB layout design Prior experience in handling electronic products would be advantageous (i.e. electronictoys, household appliance) Ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and work independently with minimalsupervision. Good command of spoken & written English and Chinese Occasionally travel to Dongguan factory and supplier is required FIBRETRONIC LIMITEDSource: Classified Post, SCMP August 1, 2011 22. GRADUATE OUTCOMES for Undergraduate Students 23. Are you ready tochange and excel? 24. Change is a challenge andan opportunity; not athreat.Prince Phillip of England 25. MotivationTwo typical ways to motivate people.What are the differences between these two types of motivation? 26. Scarlett Johansson Reveals The Secrets Behind Her Black Widow Iron Man 2 Body It was many, many, hours, days, and months of stunt training and strength training, but its fun because I had a goal, she told People. The goal was the Lycra catsuit. NBC New York, July 27, 2009There is no achievement without goals. Robert J.McKaine"Goals give you more than a reason to get up in themorning; they are an incentive to keep you going allday. Goals tend to tap the deeper resources anddraw the best out of life." Harvey Mackay Image source: Special credit: D. Santandreu Calonge, LASSI workshop presentation 2010 27. RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us are many reasons to motivatepeople. Find out what you believe andvalue. Motivate yourself and stayIs it true that the higher thehighly motivated until you achievereward, the better performance? your goals. 28. When we are motivated bygoals that have deepmeaning, by dreams thatneed completion, by purelove that needs expressing,then we truly live life. Greg Anderson 29. Goals are a