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  • Name this Polymer.http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSggNayC0SV54IKwoTTvDT5R-kjh9asrnK4J-pnaIwhKJzrwpAOEbHH-w

  • What is Polyterafluoroethaneor Teflon?

  • Name This Polymerhttp://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRCeJL7DmnsdkVu3g4qP1YwB7SCC-lGLX4pspdnTNQdCCkF4OTS

  • What is PolystyreneorPolyvinylbenzene?

  • Name this polyester. Youve probably seen it in the textbook.http://www.sks-science.com/images/ChemPET.gif

  • What is PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)?

  • This polymer is commonly used in the making of pipes.

  • What is Polyvinylchloride(PVC)?

  • This tough polyester is used to make bullet proof vests

  • What is Kevlar?

  • This variation of polyethylene is used in crinkly opaque plastics bags

  • What is HDPE?

  • The physical properties of polymer can be changed by shortening or lengthening this

  • What is the chain?

  • LDPE is transparent whereas HDPE is

  • What is opaque?

  • The polymerization of highly branched monomers result in this type of solid.

  • What is Amorphous?

  • These small molecules are the basic units of polymers.

  • What are monomers?

  • The structural formula of a polymer uses these to indicate a repeating units.

  • What are parentheses?

  • In the structural formula of a polymer, a variable (often n or x) is used to represent this.

  • What is chain length?

  • Addition polymerization reactions typically occur between these types of aliphatic hydrocarbons.

  • What are Alkenes?

  • Condensation polymerization results in the elimination of a smaller molecules. A common by product is

  • What is water?

  • What is the product of the polymerization of adipic acid and 1,6diamino hexane?

  • What is Nylon 6,6?



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