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<p>JEOPARDY</p> <p>JEOPARDYReconstruction</p> <p>1What were Black Codes?These were laws that severely limited the rights of freedmen.</p> <p>7Who is Hillary Clinton for moving to New York State to run for the Senate.This famous senator was accused of being a carpetbagger for this reason.4What was the Freedmens Bureau?Many freedmen went to schools established by this government agency.</p> <p>5What was sharecropping?Many freedmen worked land owned by another and gave the landowner part of the harvest.</p> <p>6What is all people born in the U.S. are citizens?This is stated in the 14th Amendment.</p> <p>8Congress thought my Reconstruction plan was too lenient, but it was never used anyway.</p> <p>What was Abraham Lincoln / 10% Plan?10This was one part of Lincolns Reconstruction Plan.</p> <p>What was 10% of voters must swear loyalty to Union, must abolish slavery, amnesty?11This was one part of Johnsons Reconstruction Plan.What was the majority of voters in each state must pledge loyalty to U.S., must ratify the 13th Amendment, former Confederate officials may vote &amp; hold office?</p> <p>12This was one part of Radical Reconstruction.</p> <p>What was must disband state governments, south was divided into 5 military districts, must write new constitutions, must ratify the 14th Amendment, freedmen must be allowed to vote?13After vetoing many of Congress bills, the House of Representatives impeached me. Who am I and what was the outcome of my trial?Who was Andrew Johnson/ found innocent?14A person who wants to make drastic changes in a society.What is a radical?</p> <p>15What was the Ku Klux Klan?This was a secret society formed to keep blacks from gaining any power.</p> <p>16Northerners who moved south after the civil war. Southerners accused them of trying to get rich off of the souths misery.</p> <p>Who were carpetbaggers?17These were white southerners who supported the Republicans.Who were scalawags?18This was the ruling of the Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson.What was separate but equal?19This amendment officially banned slavery in the United States.What is the 13th amendment?31According to the cartoon, why is life after Reconstruction worse than slavery?What is the freedmen were being terrorized by the KKK and White League. </p> <p>32Daily DoubleDont Choke!33Andrew Johnson over used his veto power / he did not support the Freedmans Bureau or ReconstructionWhat criticism is the artist of this cartoon trying to make.</p> <p>36What was violence toward freedmen?This was the way Southern Conservatives showed their resistance to Reconstruction35Daily DoubleDont Choke!24This required voters to pay a fee each time they votedWhat was a poll tax?</p> <p>26The name of the system represented by this picture.What is segregation?</p> <p>28The literacy test required voters to do this.</p> <p>What was read and explain difficult parts of the Constitution ?27The laws separating the races borrowed their name from this minstrel show character.Who was Jim Crow?</p> <p>29This was stated in the grandfather clauses.</p> <p>What was you were exempt from the literacy test if your father or grandfather was eligible to vote on Jan. 1, 1867?30I assassinated Abraham LincolnWho was John Wilkes Booth?</p> <p>20</p>


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