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  • $500$400$300$200$100$500$400$300$200$100$500$400$300$200$100$500$400$300$200$100$500$400$300$200$100$500$400$300$200$100Characters IIThemesSettingPlotSynonymsCharacters IFinal Jeopardy

  • This character says hardly anything but is the perfect role model for behavior.

  • MargotTopics

  • This character is extremely materialistic and conceited.

  • Mrs. Van DaanTopics

  • This character takes over the warehouse for Mr. Frank when they go into hiding.

  • Mr. KralerTopics

  • This character is socially awkward and owns a cat named Mouschi.

  • PeterTopics

  • This character organizes the people living in the annex.

  • Mr. FrankTopics

  • This character was pregnant at first and claimed she was in the country when the annex was discovered.

  • Miep GiesTopics

  • This character is overprotective, but very motherly at the same time.

  • Mrs. FrankTopics

  • This man is a greedy smoker.

  • Mr. Van DaanTopics

  • This man is a 50-something hypocritical dentist.

  • Mr. DusselTopics

  • This character goes from teenager to young women far more quickly than shes ready for.

  • AnneTopics

  • This theme is illustrated by the celebration of Hanukah and Annes thoughts that the annex was a summer boarding house.

  • Making the best of a bad situationTopics

  • This theme is illustrated by the good news of Mr. Kraler and Miep, along with the use of the word when instead of if.

  • HopeTopics

  • This theme is illustrated by Anne struggling to learn when to speak and when to listen.

  • Going from a kid to an adultTopics

  • This theme is illustrated by the realization that they cant use the bathroom or make noise freely like they used to.

  • Dont take thinks for grantedTopics

  • This theme is illustrated by Anne refusing to change for Mr. Van Daan, everyone educating Mr. Dussell on Hanukah, and the celebration of Hanukah itself.

  • Be proud of who you are.Topics

  • This story starts in what year?

  • 1945Topics

  • The Franks relocated to this city from Germany.

  • AmsterdamTopics

  • According to the play, not real life, Annes first entry into the diary occurs when?

  • Their first day in hidingTopics

  • What type of building are the families living above?

  • WarehouseTopics

  • The Franks were forced into hiding due to what incident.

  • The Nazis taking over HollandTopics

  • The exposition of the story is in 1945, but most of the story occurs in 1942, meaning most of the play is a

  • FlashbackTopics

  • The rising action starts when

  • The Franks arrive at the annexTopics

  • The climax of the story, when we know which turn the main conflict will take, is

  • When the families are certain that the Nazis have found themTopics

  • Surprisingly, the falling action is incredibly calm. What was the reason for this?

  • The families were expecting to be caughtTopics

  • The resolution of the story, back in 1945, is actually the start of the process of Mr. Frank

  • Deciding to publish Annes diaryTopics

  • Extreme boredom

  • Cabin FeverTopics

  • Green Police

  • GestapoTopics

  • Cologne

  • Toilet WaterTopics

  • Bathroom

  • Water ClosetTopics

  • Lonely

  • ForlornTopics


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