$100 $200 $300 $400 $100 $200 $300 $400 $300 $200 $100

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Text of $100 $200 $300 $400 $100 $200 $300 $400 $300 $200 $100

  • $100$200$300$400$100$200$300$400$400$400$400$300$300$300$200$200$200$100$100$100

  • Give some nouns to go with these wordsWatering ______Collecting _____Listening ______Painting ______Watching _______Playing ______Having ______

  • What 5 hobbies are popular among people of your age and Why?

  • Which of these activities are not outdoor activities?ParachutingPlaying ScrabblesRock climbingPottery Creative writing Playing golfHangliding

  • Give 5 related words under each of the following categories:Winter Summer Sea HolidayTravel

  • What sports are these?

  • Which European country is bullfighting popular in?

  • What five sports can we do in water?What 5 sports can we do indoors?

  • What could these products be made of and used for?

  • What is the connection between these words?Xylophone Microphone TelephoneSaxophone Headphones

  • Which instruments do not have strings?Guitar Harp Drum Flute Piano

  • What musical instrument originally comes from Australia and is considered one of the oldest musical instruments?

  • What do you call someone who plays: The pianoThe guitar The saxophone The violin

  • How do you usually help at home?

  • Which of these activities is not helping at home?Setting the table Sweeping the floor Cleaning the room Watching TVPlaying computer games

  • What are five things you must do everyday? What are five things you have to do everyday?

  • Tell us about your Monday morning habits. What do you do first, next, then and finally ?

  • What country does burrito come from?What country is famous for chocolates in the world?

  • What material was used in making these dishes?Which country did this material first come from?

  • Name one famous food from these countries.

  • What countries do these foods come from?Chicken curry Green curry Sashimi & SushiFrankfurter sausages Burrito


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