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IKN Company Profile IKN Grate System Pendulum Suspension Pendulum Cooler Clinker Inlet Distribution System (KIDS) Heat Shield Hydraulic System Pneumatic Hopper Drainage (PHD) Roll Crusher Kiln Outlet Seal

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1 | IKN Company ProfileIKN was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Karl von Wedel. He was working as Technical Director for the then number one specialist in grate coolers, at the time, the major kiln suppliers in Germany decided to build grate coolers as well. The traditional rule as cooler specialist required an answer to the challenge.IKN premises at Neustadt, Germany

Karl von Wedel left the company, returned to Germany and settled in Neustadt near Hanover to develop his own cooler concept. Contrary to the opinion that coolers are designed according to their mechanical transport mechanism, Karl von Wedel started from the process side looking for the best solution to introduce cooling air into the bulk clinker bed. The target was uniform air distribution to improve heat transfer between clinker and cooling air and to permit operation with deeper clinker beds. Deep clinker beds need to be well distributed across the grate width for the benefit of higher recuperation and longer lifetime of the grate surface. As need generates ideas, the first patent on grate plates for horizontal aeration was filed. The grates first plates were named Coanda Nozzles, after the Romanian engineer Coanda, who discovered that sharp air jets from a 30 inclined nozzle curve to the horizontal. This phenomenon is called Coanda effect. The Coanda Nozzles are permeable for air but not for clinker. In pursuit of a marketable application below the level of entire coolers, Karl von Wedel developed the aerated and sloped fixed inlet. The first five to seven rows of a grate cooler were replaced by stationary and enclosed air beams aerated by individual ducts. The air beams enabled high pressure aeration and strong horizontal jets. The leverage of clinker inlet distribution for better clinker beds promoted the new type Coanda Nozzle. Though Germanys economy was sluggish, Dyckerhoff AG adopted the concept. With the first project the first employee was hired and the company was formally registered in 1983. The results of the fixed inlet in terms of process and service life were outstanding and the new design found broad acceptance by cement producers. The fixed arrangement of the air beams became a new standard in clinker cooling on grates.


The success was the basis to advance to the modification of the movable section and further to grate coolers. In order to render the mobile section of the grate as wear resistant as the fixed inlet, the IKN Pendulum Cooler was developed with a wearless suspension of the mobile frame. Today, IKN is a leading company with modern facilities, more than 100 employees, and sales offices in the USA, India, Singapore, Brazil and France. Continuous improvement and development has turned the fixed inlet into a high efficient Clinker Inlet Distribution System (KIDS). The Coanda Nozzle is continuously upgraded to meet process and mechanical requirements, consistent with the theory of horizontal aeration by Coanda effect. The logical step following an unchanged focus on clinker and air distribution was the upgrade of the wearless pendulum suspension to a Linear Pendulum System (LPS), supported on short steel straps. A consequence of the continuous quest to build better clinker coolers is an ever increasing market share. IKN Pendulum Coolers have been selected in combination with all leading rotary kiln manufacturers. In 2004 IKN associated itself with the reputable kiln supplier PSP Engineering a.s. in Prerov, Czech Republic to complement the Pendulum Cooler with a kiln and preheater as a complete solution for the pyro process.


2 | IKN Grate System

Coanda effect

Narrow, inclined and curved slots in transport direction of clinker generate sharp jets of air with high dynamic pressure. The Coanda effect forces the jets to curve parallel to the surface of the grate plate. Fines are swept to the clinker bed surface and the Coanda Nozzles are completely engulfed by cooling air. During normal operation a temperature of 30 C to 40 C is measuredCoanda Nozzle, visualisation of horizontal aeration

close to the grate surface.

Grate plate assembly with miniblades

The Coanda Nozzles of the pendulum section are formed by several blades which are inserted into a common supporting frame. The curved air openings between the blades generate the desired horizontal Coanda jets. The surface of the frame is completely covered by the blades to form a grate surface which consists of small blades and no longer of entire grate plates. The supporting frame is no longer subject to wear. The small blades are loosely interlocked in the base frame. They are free of mechanical and thermal stress. This is important, because their material composition can be geared towards resistance against wear only.06

The blades are made as hard as clinker to increase the service life of the grate surface significantly. While each cooler has thousands of such blades, only single blade replacements have been reported. A higher degree of precision in design and fabrication of the movable gaps prompted the elimination of air ducts and the return to compartment aeration after the stationary inlet (KIDS).Coanda Nozzle with miniblades

Coanda Nozzle with standard blades

The figure above shows the principle whereas the flow of air into the beams is throttled, so that the movable gaps between the fixed and movable rows receive more air for purging. The idea is not only to save electrical energy for the pressure absorbed by air ducts, but also to reduce clinker fall through and associated wear of the movable gaps.


IKN Side Seal

Sandwich type side seal

The concept of separating supporting and wear parts is reflected in the design of the sandwich type side seal. The outer board is attached to the Coanda Nozzles. The replaceable wear board is connected by T-bolts to the outer board for quick replacement from the top of the grate. The horizontal air jets support the clinker transport. Consequently the number of movable rows is reduced. The picture shows the pattern found in every IKN Pendulum Cooler: One movable row followed by two fixed rows.

Perfectly aligned Coanda Nozzles

The narrow width of the Coanda Nozzle of 200 mm permits the adaptation of the grate surface in small increments. The grate width can be suited to the kiln production without compromising on process performance.08

3 | Pendulum SuspensionTo overcome the sinking phenomenon of roller supported moveable frames of conventional coolers, IKN developed the Pendulum Suspension System. The moveable frame is no longer supported on rollers but is suspended on wearless spring steel straps. Gradual sinking during operation cannot occur. The thrust gaps between moveable and fixed rows remain uniform.Precise laser alignment in the field

Patented in 1990: Wearless suspension of the mobile frame by spring steel straps, called the long pendulum

Coanda Nozzles, beams and suspended mobile frame, precision machined in the shop and laser aligned in the field all measures lead to a smooth grate surface with excellent mechanical operating characteristics and fine meshed air distribution into the clinker bed. Longest life time of the cooler grate and maximized heat transfer between cooling air and clinker are the rewards.

Suspended on concrete: IKN Pendulum Cooler for a 4400 t/d plant


Linear Pendulum Support (LPS) As an increasing number of cooler retrofits challenged IKN to shorten the pendulum straps in order to cope with restricted building heights, a new version of a wearless grate suspension was developed. The patented system is called LPS for Linear Pendulum Support. The pendulum support is based on the principle for linear mechanical movement.

LPS on site: Ready for installation

The LPS has a height of 1.3 m x 1.6 m only, which can be easily integrated into the cooler under grate housing. Outside of the cooler no additional foundations are required. The LPS had to perform a 1.5 million strokes test run with a simulated clinker bed. The optimum layout and its durability wereLower cooler housing: LPS integrated into the cooler side wall

confirmed by various tests and calculations performed by the University of Hanover. The first installation has been in operation since April 2003 at Leube Zement, Austria. Until today no wear or fatigue was observed.

Movable frame with integrated LPS at IKN premises

LPS three dimensional system drawing


4 | Pendulum CoolerPendulum Cooler Replaces Satellite Cooler A speciality of IKN is the replacement of satellite coolers. The demolition of an existing satellite cooler and the installation of a preassembled Pendulum Cooler are accomplished during a routine annual outage. The photo below shows an entirely preassembled Pendulum Cooler at Titan Cements Kamari plant, which was laterally pushed into its final position on slide tracks. The entire on-site procedure took less than three hours to complete. The pendulum suspended mobile frame of the IKN cooler as shown on the photos is supported on a steel structure which is part of the cooler foundation. The support arrangement combines several advantages and permits a large degree of preassembly. In addition to the simple installation of steel supports, the design also requires little space by sharing a common foundation with the cooler housing without compromising on the structural integrity of the pendulum system.Pre-erected cooler pushed into position Birds eye view into the pre-erection of the cooler


Pendulum Coolers: All Sizes Available IKNs continuous focus on clinker and air distribution and on mechanical precision was awarded with a contract to build a 10.000 t/d Pendulum Cooler at Union Cement Company, UAE. The picture shows a view of the imposing cooler housing.

10.000 t/d Pendulum Cooler

The production will be handled by a 6.8 m wide IKN Pendulum Cooler. The key function will be the clinker distribution from the landing area to the width of the downstream cooler grate. The IKN KIDS evenly distributes the clinker into the 6.8 m width to the following grate. The Pendulum Cooler will be single stage with 2 degrees slope. Two hydraulic cylinders are integrated into the side walls of the undergrate housing. There will be free access to the cylinders during operation. The grate surface is smooth and clinker transport is assisted by horizontal air jets. The mobile frame will be suspended from an IKN Linear Pendulum Support LPS integrated into the under grate housing. At 10.000 t/d a grate speed of 13 spm is expected. The speed of the forward strokes is adjusted as required, whereas the speed of the backstrokes is always at maximum. The grate area and the fans will be sized for a clinker outlet temperature of 65 C above ambient.12

The cooler is offered with an IKN Roll Crusher located at the cold end. Clinker fall through will be air piped to the clinker discharge by the IKN Pneumatic Hopper Drainage PHD. There will be no drag chain under the cooler.

The large kiln hood with outlet seal is sized for 4.7 m/s to reduce dust return to the kiln. Tertiary air will be taken from the side of the cooler. The option of taking the tertiary air from the top of a large kiln hood will be discussed. In this case the temperature of secondary and tertiary air will be identical at all times. Extra high secondary air temperature is avoided so that the cooler can be operated with higher and more stable heat recuperation.


5 | Clinker Inlet Distribution System

After hosting several of Sung Shins engineers, IKN KIDS (Clinker Inlet Distribution System) distributes the clinker evenly across the 5.6 m wide pendulum section and at the same time conditions the clinker bed for easy passage of air by lifting the fluidizable fines to the bed surface.


KIDS Performance KIDS, a great success! mechanically and process wise. Typical heat savings are 20 to 100 kcal/kg depending on current performance. IKN guarantees savings in terms of cooler losses which result in a reduction of kiln fuel consumption. One customer reported the following data before and after the installation of an IKN KIDS of their 3900 t/d 3-stage Fuller kiln.

before Spec. cooling air vol. (Nm/kg) Spec. vent air vol. (Nm/kg) Clinker outlet temperature ( C) Heat recuperation (%) Power requirement (kWh/t) Heat consumption (kcal/kg) 2,23 1,31 163 67,3 11,9 902

after 1,91 1,05 111 76,4 5,85 839

change (%) -14,3 -19,8 -31,9 13,5 -50,8 -7

Ready to receive clinker

IKN Key Nozzle and claw


Nozzle Arrangement for KIDS The Coanda Nozzles are bolted together to form a package. These packages are inserted and fixed to the beam by horizontal claws. The claw secures the Coanda Nozzle against uplift but allows lateral displacement of the entire package as a result of heat expansion. Although nozzle life has reached 15 years, easy replacement of single nozzles in the landing area is made possible by the Key Nozzles with claws without the need to remove the refractory side dams. Older installations without Key Nozzles are gradually upgraded.After successful KIDS installation the conventional cooler was replaced by an IKN Pendulum Cooler at Alpha Cement in Spain two years later


6 | Heat ShieldOperating Principle The IKN Heat Shield is suspended at the neutral point of the cooler. The shaft of the shield is air-cooled. The air is forced through the shaft and the steel cage before being discharged into the cooler through Coanda Nozzles at the bottom of the Heat Shield.

The IKN Heat Shield provides a hot recuperation zone and a cold cooling zone

Benefits of the IKN Heat Shield: - constant kiln hood pressure for stable flame and kiln operation - perfect split of preheated air and vent air - higher heat recuperation due to reduction in radiation losses

Passing of Clinker Chunks In the case, a chunk of clinker pushes against the IKN Heat Shield, the Heat Shield will automatically pivot upwards to allow a smooth passage. Heracles General Cement SA in Greece has retrofitted five conventional clinker coolers with IKN Heat Shields. Apart from heat savings, the objective was to stabilize the kiln and precalciner operation while burning 100 % pet coke.17

7 | Hydraulic SystemThe hydraulic drive is essential for the availability of the cooler and the entire kiln line. Each unit will be assembled and tested in IKNs own workshop. The hydraulic drive permits to run an asymmetrical travel profile with slow forward motion and a fast retract stroke. Such operation increases the transport efficiencyIKN Hydraulic Power Pack

and balances the discharge into the clinker conveyor.

Final assembly of Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack on the test bench at IKN

Front side

Back side


8 | Pneumatic Hopper Drainage (PHD)The small amount of grate riddlings or fall through is collected in the spouts of the dust hoppers. The undergrate pressure is used to blow the fines through pipes back to the clinker discharge. Additionally, air supply by the KIDS fan(s) is used to enhance the transport capacity if necessary.

Advantages of the Pneumatic Hopper Drainage (PHD-System): - no pan conveyor or drag chain required under the cooler - no drives, no sealing, no lubrication - less energy consumption - no dust emission by leakage of tipping valves - compact design

The dust is continuously evacuated. The air consumption for all PHDs requires less than 1 % of the total cooling air. A level probe monitors the performance of the PHD and generates an alarm in case of malfunction.19

9 | Roll CrusherOperating Principle of the IKN Roll Crusher Only medium and large size particles are crushed. Small particles fall through the slots. The width of the crushing slots is adjustable. Typically 95 % of the crushed clinker has a partical size of less than 35 mm, depending on the size of the gap between the rolls. Each roll is driven by an electrical gear motor with planetary gear unit. The speed ranges from 2 to 6 RPM. The crusher can eitherIKN Roll Crusher installed into an existing cooler

be located at the cooler discharge end to minimise installation and operating costs or can be installed as a mid-cooler crusher for intermediate crushing. Water cooling of the crusher shafts is an option for hot operation. A 5400 t/d roll crusher in Lebanon showed negligible wear after 20 months of operation. IKN Roll Crushers are in operation for cooler capacities from 1900 t/d to 9100 t/d. A 9100 t/d IKN Roll Crusher was commissioned at Sung Shin Cement Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in Korea. This particular IKN Roll Crusher is equipped with six rolls.


Advantages of the IKN Roll Crusher: - large clinker lumps no longer stall the crusher - low circumferential roller speeds use less electric power and reduce wear and dust - the rolls are electrically driven - rolls reverse upon high torque and protect the crushing rings against damage caused by foreign matter - narrow and uniform size distribution of the crushed clinker - roll assembly is on rails for easy maintenance - roll teeth are hardfaced for long service life and easy re-facing - crushing rings are interchangeable The initial setting of the gap between the rolls guarantees that the crusher will handle clinker throughput at upset condition. The gaps can be adjusted to further reduce the mean clinker particle size. In combination with a ball mill with pregrinding chamber, size reduction by narrowing the gap between two rolls may be advantageous over size reduction by large balls.

Typical IKN Roll Crusher installation: The cassette-type roll crusher can be pulled out on rails for easy installation and maintenance


10 | Kiln Outlet Seal

Photos above and below show the IKN Kiln Outlet Seal with annular air duct and two fans

Cross section of IKN Kiln Outlet Seal

IKN Kiln Outlet Seal of self-aligning and hardened seal blades with graphite lubrication permits 25 mm kiln eccentricity


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replacement of Polysius Satellite Cooler 09/98

replacement of Polysius Satellite Cooler 04/97

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Czech Republic 2900


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Start-up04/97 11/96 10/96 04/96 08/98 01/97 08/96 08/96 09/97 10/96 06/96 06/96 02/96 09/96 02/96 02/97 02/97 02/96 07/96 04/96 08/96 02/96 04/96 02/96 06/97 05/96 11/95 01/96 02/96 12/95 11/95 02/96 12/95 10/96 07/95 07/95 12/9533

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Start-up03/95 01/95 08/95 09/95 03/95 05/95 05/95 03/95 02/95 07/97 03/95 04/95 01/95 02/95 02/95 02/95 03/95 07/95 02/95 06/94 09/94 09/94 08/91 01/95 08/94 09/94 03/94 06/99 03/94 01/95 08/95 03/95 07/95 02/94 03/95 03/94 03/94

Czech Republic 3400

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t/d3400 1000 1800 800 4200 2500 3800 1400 2700 2200 500 3000 7200 1500 1200 4000 1600 900 900 2000 1300 1500 1100 2000 2200 1000 2000 1550 1820 1200 3375 5550 4000 3200 2600 1200 2200

CoolerFuller CPAG CPAG Fuller CPAG, 3 stage Fuller Fuller Folax CPAG CPAG Recupol Hitachi Hitachi Fuller Fuller Fuller Fuller Hitachi Hitachi new Italcementi CPAG CPAG CPAG CPAG Fuller CPAG Fuller Hitachi CPAG Hitachi Polysius Fuller Folax Folax Fuller Folax Fuller

Start-up04/94 05/94 07/94 04/94 07/94 03/94 02/95 04/93 07/94 02/93 03/93 08/93 07/93 05/93 04/93 04/93 12/92 06/93 06/93 10/93 03/93 04/93 03/94 12/93 01/93 08/92 04/94 09/05 06/05 11/05


References | Clinker Inlet Distribution System (KIDS)CountryItaly UK Thailand Turkey India Egypt Turkey Slovakia Thailand Iran Turkey Malaysia Malaysia Senegal France Turkey Turkey Italy Germany Italy Belgium Switzerland Portugal Italy Germany Cyprus Spain Italy Colombia Italy Italy Italy Italy Italy KSA Italy Italy36

t/d2200 4200 3460 2000 3200 4400 2300 3200 10000 3000 1300 4000 5500 2200 4500 1800 1100 1500 1000 300 2800 500 2750 1200 1500 1500 1700 1900 2000 900 1300 1200 700 1150 3400 900 1150

CoolerFuller Polysius CPAG CPAG Folax Hitachi CPAG IKN CPAG Hitachi CPAG CPAG Fuller Fuller CPAG CPAG CPAG Fuller Recupol Recupol Fuller Recupol Fuller new Italcementi CPAG Recupol Fuller Fuller Kawasaki Fuller Fuller Fuller replaced by new cooler Recupol Fuller Fuller Fuller Fuller


07/92 07/92 02/92 07/91 09/91 03/93 02/91 01/92 04/91 02/91 03/92 07/90 11/90 04/91 04/91 11/89 02/90 02/90 04/94 08/91 02/89

References | Clinker Inlet Distribution System (KIDS)CountryAustria Germany Italy Germany Germany Italy Italy Germany Germany Germany Germany Germany

t/d1150 850 2000 550 1800 1200 3500 1000 1000 500 1000 1300

CoolerCPAG Recupol CPAG CPAG Rotary Fuller CPAG CPAG Recupol CPAG, pulsed CPAG CPAG, pulsed

Start-up03/89 04/89 12/88 05/85 04/87 12/90 09/86 08/87 05/86 03/84 02/86 02/85


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