Random acts of kindness ideas

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Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Whenever you perform a selfless act aimed at cheering a person by fulfilling their wish or assisting in some way, you may experience a special feeling of contentment afterward. Such acts are generally called random acts of kindness. When you act in this way, not only do you make someones day, you may become someones hero.

The following are five random acts of kindness story that have captured the attention and heart of the greater public:

When an 83-year-old man became lost after shopping, police officer PC Stevens was drawn to help. Stevens noticed the elderly man leaning against a wall, seemingly distressed. The man was about to get on the wrong bus when the officer came to make sure he was okay.A Police Officers Call to Help

When Stevens learned of the problem he made a quick decision to make sure the man returned home safely. Grabbing the elderly mans arm and his shopping bags, Stevens escorted the man, walking side-by-side, all the way home. Pictures of the two chatting along the way were shared thousands of time on social media.

On a cold, wet Tuesday night, bus driver Paul Doyle decided to help a homeless man he had been driving by on a regular basis. After buying his new friend some items Paul thought may be needed, he stopped that evening to give the man a winter coat along with some bread and milk. A passenger on the bus witnessing the exchange snapped a picture and shared it on social media. The inspirational story behind the picture inspired others to pass the photo on.Helping the Homeless

Beautician Katie Cutler started a fundraising campaign for a disabled man Alan Barnes after she saw him mugged and assaulted outside of his home. She managed to raise around 330,000 to help the 67-year-old buy a new house. After her act of kindness Katie was awarded the British Empire Medal.Bringing Peace to Alan Barnes

Celebrate someone you love by writing him or her thank you note and reading it to them.Send postcards to children who are ill and in a hospital. Mail from you could bring a smile to their faces.If you have elderly neighbors make a point to ask them if they need anything from the store. Flowers are a big part of weddings and celebrations in general. Donate yours to a nursing home and deliver them personally.Donate your stuff to someone who is in need. If these stories inspired you to act but you dont know where to start, here is a list we have compiled for inspiration:

If you have recently used a service or bought a product that has given you complete satisfaction, write a positive online review.If someone at work has done a great job, acknowledge it. Get to know the names of people you meet every day, from the security guard at your office building to the clerk who helps you at your local grocery store.Buy Christmas gifts for children who may not otherwise receive them.

Teach skills to someone who is interested in learning.The next time you come across a homeless person who is hungry, buy them some food. Adopt a pet. Not only will it get a home, you will get a companion.Plant a garden, flower, or tree.

If you have random acts of kindness ideas, share them here so that anyone who is reading this article can do them too.

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