Random Acts of Kindness Calendar - 7th Grade 2018-09-10¢  Random Acts of Kindness Review Day! 12/20
Random Acts of Kindness Calendar - 7th Grade 2018-09-10¢  Random Acts of Kindness Review Day! 12/20

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar - 7th Grade 2018-09-10¢  Random Acts of Kindness Review Day! 12/20

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Text of Random Acts of Kindness Calendar - 7th Grade 2018-09-10¢  Random Acts of Kindness Review...

  • Random Acts of Kindness Calendar Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    11/21 Welcome to random

    acts of kindness!

    Start your project by

    writing a note

    telling somehow

    how thankful you

    are to have him/her

    in your life.


    While traveling to/from the field trip, be mindful of people

    on the train. Stop yourself from being

    super loud, offer someone a seat, move out of the

    doorway, hold on to keep from falling on



    Offer to help a teacher - even one that doesn’t teach

    you! You can carry things, hand out papers, pick up

    trash, etc., without being asked.

    11/24 Happy Thanksgiving

    Write down 5 things in your

    life that you are grateful for, be specific. Share

    this list with your family and

    ask them to share what they are grateful for.

    11/25 - No School

    Keep a sibling busy so your

    parents can get things done.

    Don’t have any siblings? Offer to

    babysit for a family friend.


    Tidy up your

    room without

    being asked.


    Help a sibling or friend with

    his/her homework.


    Draw a picture or write a thank you note or card for a teacher or staff


    11/29 Greet every person

    you pass today with a friendly smile or a ‘Good Morning’ even if they don’t say it


    11/30 Pick up a classmate’s

    belongings that he/she has left

    behind and return them to him/her.


    Compliment a student you don’t usually talk to. Try

    to think of a compliment that is

    deeper than a person’s outfit or



    Pick up litter you see in the hallways,

    your community or streets, even if it’s not yours..


    Offer help to a

    trusted neighbor.

    See if they need help

    with their packages,

    yard work, taking

    out the garbage, etc.


    Call or send an email to a far away relative or friend

    and ask them how they are.

    12/5 Bring in something

    fun to eat (that follows the school rules) and share it

    with a friend.


    Look around at recess and lunch.

    Do you see someone alone? Ask him/her to

    play or to sit with you and your


    12/7 Do a chore for

    someone in your family but don’t tell them you did it! Let it be a surprise.

    12/8 Hold a door open

    for someone with

    a smile.


    Donate an old book to your

    school or library.


    Recycle - in school and out.

  • 12/11

    Come up with your own random

    act of kindness and try it out!


    Donate clothing you don’t wear anymore to a



    Do your homework and go

    to bed without making your

    parents ask you​.


    Offer a classmate

    help with

    homework, a

    project, or

    classwork. Make

    sure you aren’t

    talking in class

    unless it’s OK with

    your teacher.


    Send a letter in the mail to a

    person you care about.


    Give a hug to someone who looks like they

    need it. Be sure to ask them first

    if it’s okay.

    12/17 Purchase something

    for a holiday donation - an

    inexpensive toy, a book, or a can of

    food for a food drive - and drop it off.


    Make a bookmark and leave it in a

    library or book room book for the next

    reader to find.

    12/19 Random Acts of

    Kindness Review Day!


    Create a card for your parents (one or

    both) letting them know you appreciate

    everything they do for you.


    Leave a happy or inspiring note for someone to find.

    12/22 Teach a sibling or

    young family member or friend

    about random acts of kindness.

    Offer some examples for them

    to try out.


    Wish a classmate you don’t normally speak with a happy holiday or a great

    vacation break.

    Remember to be a kinder person year round! Your little acts of kindness really mean a lot!

    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”