Managing Agility: From Complex To Simple

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This is my contribution to the Pecha Kucha at the Business of Software 2009 conference. Most slides are picked from my other presentations, and there's little to no text in it. It probably won't be useful to anyone without a video. Still, I include it here for sake of completeness.


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    Managing Agility from Complex

    to Simple

    Jurgen Appelo

    Version 2

  • Jurgen Appelo writer, speaker,


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    agile team



  • frameworks



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  • Complex Adaptive Systems

    Scrum is [] an open development framework. The rules are constraints on behavior that cause a complex adaptive system to self-organize []. Jeff Sutherland Shock Therapy (presentation)

  • The Evolution of Complexity Science

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    butterfly effect

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  • model = system

  • Snowden, D. and Stanbridge, P. (2004) The Landscape of Management: Creating the context for understanding social complexity

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    4) communication

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    This presentation was inspired by the works of many people, and I cannot possibly list them all. Though I did my very best to attribute all authors of texts and images, and to recognize any copyrights, if you think that anything in this presentation should be changed, added or removed, please contact me at