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  • Effectively Managing a Complex Supply Chain

    Hormel Foods CorporationBrent Brehmer

    Corporate Manager of RegulatoryCompliance & HACCP

  • What Keeps Me Awake At Night?

  • Partial List of Recent Recalls Black Pepper - Salmonella HVP Recall - Salmonella Gnd Beef 5,750,000# - E. coli. O157:H7 Canada ALL RTE Products Lm Peanut Based Items Salmonella Non-Fat Dry Milk, Whey Prot., Gums Salmonella Raw Beef 825,000# - Salmonella 5,500,000 Eggs Salmonella Several on Allergens Too

  • QC Involvement With Ingredient Suppliers Years ago, from a food-safety

    standpoint, QC had little to do with Ingredient Suppliers. R&D would try ingredient. If it worked, Purchasing ordered it & Plants ran it

    Purchasing had protocols but QC did not.

  • OK So What Do We Do? > 3,400 Ingredients > 900 Suppliers Copacker Approach as a Goal 105 Copackers Audit every 1-2 Years

    Not staffed for this, so what do we do? Added 3 people to our staff Ingredient Risk Assessment Third-Party Audits

  • Ingredient Risk AssessmentSalmonella

  • High-Risk Ingredients for Salmonella(Table 5.1 Page 49)

    Chocolate/Choc. Prod. Nuts / Nut Products Coconuts Seed / Seed Products Grains / Grain Prod. Dried Egg Products Fruits / Fruit Prod. Dairy Ingred. & Blends Spices, Herbs, Blended


    Soy Products Gums / Thickeners

    (Excluding Starches) Yeast / Yeast Extract Gelatin Dry Vegetables Enzymes / Rennets Dry Meat or Meat


  • RPN (Risk Priority Number) - Calculated By:

    Risk Severity (Ingredient Risk & How Used)

    Detection (Hormel Foods Assessment Result)

    Third-Party Audit Result (GFSI, Other)

    (The Higher the Number, the Higher the Risk)



  • RPN Risk Severity - Ingredient RiskIngredient Risk Rated on combination of:

    Is the Ingredient High Risk for Salmonella?

    How are we using the ingredient? Added Directly to RTE? Added to Raw item that will be cooked? Added to Item we cook internally?

  • RPN (Risk Priority Number) :

    Risk Severity (Ingredient risk & use)

    Detection (Hormel Foods Assessment Result)

    Third-Party Audit Result (GFSI, Other)



  • Likelihood and Detection Scores (based upon Hormel Foods Assessment on Suppliers of Ingredients)

    - Not Acceptable Assessment Results (Assessment Score < 85%) OR Supplier not yet reviewed by HFC

    - Conditionally Approved Assessment (Assessment Score > 85% - < 92%)

    - Acceptable Hormel Foods Assessment Results (Assessment Score > 92%)

    High Risk Ingredients RPN Calculation

  • RPN (Risk Priority Number) Now Calculated By:

    Risk Severity (Ingredient risk & use)

    Likelihood (Hormel Foods Assessment Result)

    Third-Party Audit Result (GFSI, Other)



  • Third Party Audits- No Third Party Audit provided or just a

    score page was provided ORUnacceptable Results from Third-Party Audit

    Acceptable Non-GFSI Third-Party Audit Results

    Acceptable GFSI Audit Results

    High Risk Ingredients RPN Calculation

  • Current List of GFSI Accredited Certification Bodies (to the Guidance Document)

    BRC (British Retail Consortium)

    IFS (International Food Standard - Germany)

    SQF (Safe Quality Food 2000 Code Level 2 - USA)

    GlobalGAP Fruit & Vegetable Version Commodity GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)

    FSSC 22,000 (Foundation for Food Safety Certification ISO)

    Dutch HACCP Option B Being phased out?

  • High Risk Ingredients RPN Calculation

    Red RPN > Y (Re-Assessment Conducted This Year)*Yellow RPN X - Y (Conduct Assessment Next Year)Green RPN < X (Conduct Assessment Every 2 Years)

    * Will evaluate reasons for Red rating. Certain situations may warrant immediate discontinuance of Supplier relationship. Some situations may allow for a follow-up after 60 day corrective action period. If follow-up results in a continued Red rating, begin discontinuation process.

  • RPN for Suppliers of Low Risk Ingredients

    Risk Severity (Ingredient risk & use)


    Third-Party Audit Result (GFSI, Other, None)

  • Low Risk Ingredients RPN Calculations

    Red Purchasing to obtain audit or begin supplier discontinuation processYellow Purchasing to require GFSI AuditGreen Acceptable

  • Audit Results

    Highest Risk Ingredients/Suppliers

    Assessments Completed


  • New Ingredients Implemented Protocols for: R&D Purchasing QC

    At Line Trial stage.

  • Use Of U:\ Drive File When R&D is looking at new

    ingredient/supplier, review file to see if: Another Entity is Using ingredient or supplier; Have we visited supplier (G, Y or R)? If Red, contact us and ask status.

  • Pathogen Testing of Incoming Ingredients Old Protocol Routinely Test Incoming Ingred. for pathogens

    New Protocol Require COA from Supplier Periodic Validation working with supplier.

  • Summary Food Safety Modernization Act More FDA Scrutiny Verify Adequacy of Suppliers

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    Reportable Food Registry Due Diligence Right Thing To Do!

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