Engaging Influencers 2011

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Presentation on the concentration of social influence on the social web by Agent Wildfire's Sean Moffitt - updates for April 2011 www.agentwildfire.com


Engaging Influencers

Engaging InfluencersApril 2011Sean Moffitt @SeanMoffittPresident & Chief Evangelist, Agent WildfireWe find and work with these Influencers


Some of these people are not like the others.www.agentwildfire.com52 BC Cicero

A community is like the ones who govern it.www.agentwildfire.com"We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the color of our moral character, from those who are around us.1690 John Locke

www.agentwildfire.com"Who shall set a limit to the influence of a human being?"

"The best efforts of a fine person is felt after we have left their presence.1844 Ralph Waldo Emerson

www.agentwildfire.com1962 Everett Rogers

The diffusion of innovation is based more on sociology and psychology than on technology.www.agentwildfire.com

1991 Geoffrey Moore

This consumer is part of the herd. They're word-of-mouth creatures, ... They're asking their friends and colleagues, 'Are you using the camera on your cellphone yet? Me, neither.' But if they ask around and people say, 'Yeah, I use it all the time,' then they'll rethink and try it out.www.agentwildfire.comThe Law of The Few:

The answer is that the success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.

Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point

2002 Malcolm Gladwellwww.agentwildfire.comThe new opportunity is that it's easier than ever to find, organize, and lead a tribe. The Web has enabled an explosion of all kinds of tribes -- and created shortage of people to lead them. This is the growth industry of our time.2008 Seth Godin

www.agentwildfire.comBy force of talent, charisma and enthusiasm, they sway others decisions on what to buy, think and do. We call them Influencers.

They are much more connected and informed than the mainstream and, depending on how you treat them, can be major allies or pesky foes. 2011 Sean Moffitt


The open web has not reduced, but instead, exposed the importance of influencers.www.agentwildfire.com

0.7% of Wikipediausers edit

50% of the articles1.7% of Wikipediausers author

70% of the articleswww.agentwildfire.com2.2% of Twitterusers account for

58% of the tweets

Only 1.5% of Tweet conversations

Are three levels (replies) deep1.7% of Twitterusers have

More than 1,000 followers

www.agentwildfire.com0.7% of Facebook pages have

More than 100k fansOnly 0.9% of Facebook Users have

More than 500 friends8.7% of FacebookUsers

Update their status daily

www.agentwildfire.com0.8% LinkedIn members

Visit each day1% of LinkedIn members

are responsible for 34% of the sites traffic

www.agentwildfire.comHigh authority bloggers post

300x more frequently than low authority bloggers Only 9% of top blogs

Get over 10,000 visitors per month

www.agentwildfire.com13.8% of online population

create 80% of the online influence posts6.2% of online population

create 80% of the online influence impressions



Influence Followerswww.agentwildfire.comInfluence Popularity


Influence is Interest Specificwww.agentwildfire.com

Influence Cant Be Peddledwww.agentwildfire.com

Should we really be surprised that some people/customers are more influential than others?www.agentwildfire.com

Now we can provide the raw evidencewww.agentwildfire.com


And shouldnt we want to account for them as being more valuable?www.agentwildfire.com

Brand Advocacy - as a marketer, Influencers are your people market multipliers

Brand Buzz - as a media person, Influencers are a grassroots complement and amplifier

Brand Perception as a PR person, Influencers are game-changing allies

Brand Content as an agency or innovator, Influencers are potential creative partners and crowdsourced sources of solutions and ideas

Brand Insight - as a researcher or innovator, Influencers are a savvy alchemy of outsider wisdom and feedback

Brand Support - as an organization, committed Influencers are extraordinarily effective and valuable brand ambassadors and cust. service agentswww.agentwildfire.com

Should we care? Why do we care?www.agentwildfire.com

The marketing influence model is being turned upside downwww.agentwildfire.com

Influence is not Distributed Equallywww.agentwildfire.com31Spreading messages effectively on the social web happens in two steps

The InfluencersThe Crowdwww.agentwildfire.com32You cant chase everybodyThe suggestion that a firm merely needs to participate in a conversation is a little naive. Microsoft was mentioned 2.5 million times in the blogosphere the previous year, and we have eighty-nine thousand employees. How can you realistically be expected to operationalize a response to all of them?

www.agentwildfire.com33Why are they so damn valuable?






xxxFour sources of Influencer powerReachExposureCredibilitySuasion






xxxReach deep and wide circles of influenceReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

More intimate/close friends More colleagues and associates More affiliations to groups of interest More links to other influencersMore amplification channels of connection=www.agentwildfire.com





xxxReach Online MeasuresReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

Followers, Friends, Fans Followed Back %Influence of Followers/FriendsWebsite traffic/Inbound Blog links/Blogrolls Multiple accts/Traditional Media Influence/Offline Influence=www.agentwildfire.com





xxxExposure more opportunity to flex influenceReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

Adopt earlier/pay more attention to trends Exposed to more interestsMake sense of the world more easily More prolific content production Receive and pass along more recommendations=www.agentwildfire.com





xxxExposure Social Media MeasuresReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

Participation Scope on Key Web Channels Unique Retweeters/Commenters/Likers/Senders Content production blog, photo, video, audio # of Updates/Post frequency Membership in niche networks # of Groups Participation/Globalness of Friends=www.agentwildfire.com





xxxCredibility they are perceived to beReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

Better informedMore authoritative Honest and care Relevant and TimelyAccreditized by trusted others=www.agentwildfire.com





xxxCredibility Social Media MeasuresReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

List Count, #ff count@ Mention Count Mutual Follows - Likes Per Post/Comments Per Post- Length of Post Comments Follower Retweet % / Mention % =www.agentwildfire.com





xxxSuasion able to convince the othersReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

Passion and commitment to subject/brand/topic Likability Reciprocation and involvementExpressiveness/strong communication Confidence in messenger=www.agentwildfire.com





xxxSuasion Social Media MeasuresReachExposureCredibilitySuasion

Total retweets Positive/enthusiastic sentiment Follower/Follow RatioInfluence of Likers/Commenters/Retweeters Lead various groups/associations % of Own Tweets are responses=www.agentwildfire.comWho are they?


The Influencers Word of Mouth Powerbrokers


The Message Creators 1.1% of the population- Creators, The Vanguard, Prosumers, Innovators, Activists, Trailblazers, The Edge, MavericksThe Message Radar 0.7% of the population- Conversations Starters, Alphas, Coolhunters, In-the-know, Early Adopters, Style hounds, Culture savvy,The Message Sellers 1.9% of the populationEvangelists, Salespeople, Persuaders, Change agents, Rainmakers, Proselytizers, Bellwethers, The Momentumwww.agentwildfire.com

The Message Credibility 3.6% of population- Gatekeepers, Databanks, Authorities, Filters, Gurus, Torture Testers, FiltersThe Message Magnets 0.8% of the population- Endorsers, Mega Hubs, High Priests, Fame Magnets, A-ListersThe Message Spreaders - 1.8% of population- Organizers, Sneezers, Bees, Social Glue, Converters, Chatterers, Promiscuous, Connectors www.agentwildfire.com


Tastemaker Motivations: To innovate, to create, to push the envelope, to be different Tastemaker Roles in Word of Mouth:Prosumptionbuilding new stuff, collaborative productionInnovation Sounding Boardproviding stimulus for innovation User Generated Contentcreating marketing contentProfile Questions for A Tastemaker:- Are you adventurous?- Will you try anything once?- Do you refuse to participate in mainstream activities?- Would you rather lead than follow?- Have you vacationed outside of home country in the last 12 months?- Do you like to create new stuff in your spare time?www.agentwildfire.com

Trendspotter Motivations: To be aware, to be first in line, exclusivity, privileged access, new styles, change, the unusual & pioneering Trendspotter Roles in Word of Mouth:Beta Testers optimizing preliminary product Advance Previewsthe first to be exposed New Trialiststestimonial group for new productsTrendspotter Profile Questions:- Do you always want to be the first to own new things?- Are you a source of fresh intelligence to your friends?- Are you very aware of latest styles and fashion?- Can you instinctively predict whats next?- Do you love the unexpected?- Are you on the cutting edge of culture and society?www.agentwildfire.com

Opinion Leader Motivation: To lead, to convince, to be recognized, to debate, to be given the stage, passion and enthusiasmOpinion Leader Roles in Word of Mouth:Testimonial Advocatespublic supporter of ideasBrand Ambassadorsconverting others to the cause Seeded Adopters the first to receive in-market productOpinion Leader Profile Questions:- Are you good at getting what you want?- Are you expressive with your emotions? Do you lead conversations?- Are you self-confident?- Do you like to take responsibility on important stuff? Do you participate in a lot of groups?

www.agentwildfire.comExpert Motivations: To be right, to be recognized as an expert, to share knowledge, to understand the details, to be asked for recommendations, to know insider information Expert/Maven Roles in Word of Mouth:Product Raters/Validators test existing productsKey Stakeholdersget invited to talk to company staff Collaborators/Advocatesauthentic credibility in building/advocating products Expert/Maven Profile Questions:- Do you consider yourself an authority on a number of subjects?- Do you frequently get asked for your opinion?- Do you investigate and scrutinize facts?- Are you known for making the right choices? - Do you rarely accept things at face value?

www.agentwildfire.comCelebrity Motivations:To be known, to be recognized, to get access, to become connected with popularity, to be visible, to be a winner, to build an entourage, to stand apart Celebrity Roles in Word of Mouth:VIP Insidersgetting exclusive access and star treatmentCause Torchbearerspublicly recognized ambassadors Buzz Marketinglaunch parties, red carpet eventsCelebrity Profile Questions:- Do you like being the centre of attention? Do you enjoy being noticed for your taste/fashion?- Are you known publicly by a wide audience?- Do you enjoy being extravagant? Do you publicly reveal details of your life to others?

www.agentwildfire.comSocial Ringleader Motivations:To be social, to share, to gift, to connect, to rally teams and groups, to provide a public service, to organize Social Ringleader Roles in Word of Mouth:Word of Mouth Influencers seeded brand ambassadorsReferral Network inviting others to join cause -Viral Marketing pass along content to othersSocial Ringleader Profile Questions:- Have you had a conversation with a new person recently?- Do you find it easy to make friends?- Do you have a lot of friends you regularly connect with?- Do you entertain/hoist events frequently?- Do you have lots of different types of people in your social circle?- Do you go out of your way frequently to help others?

www.agentwildfire.comHow to treat them? Collaborate with them?

www.agentwildfire.comTurning Influencers as PotentialUsers, Customers and Consumers Into Authors, Advisors, Producers, Scouts, Testers andCollaborators & Broadcasters Into Community Members, Advocates, Ambassadors and EvangelistsThinktank/SoundingBoardScout/MysteryShopperAdvisoryCouncil/CauseTorchbearerSeededAdopter/Beta Tester

CustomerUserConsumerCollaborator/ProducerEvangelist/Ambassador/AdvocateCommunityMember/VIP InsiderInfluencerInvolvement from Influencers A Different Missionwww.agentwildfire.com56Live in their tribe .- Read their content, listen to their exchanges

- Make a scouting report about their likes, dislikes and interest

- Know who they hang with

- Link to their content, credit their work

- Go easy - Make a friendly first connection

www.agentwildfire.com57Treat them like VIPs.Tell them stuff the general public doesnt know

Celebrate their talents and the new tribe theyre in

Involve them in what youre doing, before you do it

Make them look good to others

Be clear about whats involved no strings attached

www.agentwildfire.com58Dont be a burdenflirt before you go steadyBe clear about whats involved no strings attached

Give them tools and forums to make their participation easy

Thank them, regardless of outcome

Get the most passionate, progressively more involved

www.agentwildfire.com59How do you activate in real life?

www.agentwildfire.com Target/Identify influencers

Scout/engage/validate interest

Seed/make the ask/officialize involvement

Disseminate/Badge Support/Launch Engagement Hubs/Build content/Take Offline

Reward/celebrate top performance/ create ambassadorships

Five steps involvedwww.agentwildfire.com62

Never Forget Humans are Hard Wired Social and Influential Animals


www.agentwildfire.com63Lets Start The ConversationInquire:smoffitt (at) agentwildfire.com

Phone:416-255-4500 x226

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www.agentwildfire.com6464Thats it we have a number of ways to get in touch with us

Link back to initial 3 objectives:

Word of mouth is important

Word of mouth can be orchestrated

Agent Wildfire is canadas word of mouth experts

Wed really like to work with your brands and think there could be some interesting avenues in


Are there projects we can think about to exploit this as a competitive advantage for youCan we regroup when youve had a chance to digest