Engaging Students in Civic Life- CCSS 2011

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The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center's presentation at the 2011 California Council of the Social Studies Conference (CCSS). This presentation examines the current state of civics education in the United States and shares a piece of curriculum developed to teach students about the roles and responsibilities of effective citizenship. For a free copy of the curriculum, email us at aplc@reaganfoundation.org.


<ul><li> 1. Engaging Students in Civic Life<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Goals<br />Participants will come away with:<br />An understanding of the present state of civics education <br />A complete unit of curriculum for the classroom.<br />Strategies for effective integration of civics instruction <br />Goals<br /> 3. State of Civics Today<br />State of Civics Today<br /> 4. 5. The U.S. civics assessment evaluates students knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are critical to the responsibilities of citizenship in Americas constitutional democracy.<br />- The Nations Report Card: Civics 2006<br /> 6. 7. 4th Grade<br /> 8. 9. 8th Grade<br /> 10. 11. 12. 13. No significant progress<br /> 14. % of Students Proficient or Above<br /> 15. 7000 Drops Outs Per Day<br /> 16. Need statistics on Dropout v. Graduate in terms of civic engagement<br />Corporation for National and Community Service and the National Conference on<br />Citizenship. Civic Life in America: Key Findings on the Civic Health of the Nation, Washington, DC. 2010, September.<br /> 17. 18. Key Findings<br /> 19. Civic engagement<br />is, in essence, the common thread of participation in <br />and building of ones <br />community.<br /></p> <ul><li>National Conference on Citizenship, Civic Life in America</li></ul>