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Rafael and Caravaggio: Life and Art

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Text of Rafael and Caravaggio: Life and Art

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino

Raffaelo sanzio da urbino & Michelangelo merisi da caravaggio

Raffaello Sanzio da UrbinoItalian Renaissance painter and architectBorn on April 6, 1489 in Urbino, ItalyAt 11, took over fathers workshop In 1500, became Pietro Vannuncis (aka Perugino) apprenticeLater moved to Florence in 1504Series of Madonnas from 1504-1507 The Entombment (1507)


BIOGRAPHY CONTINUEDMoved to Rome in 1508 to paint in the Vatican Stanze (Room) under Pope Julius patronage1509-1511 Vaticans Stanza della Segnatura The Triumph of Religion & The School of AthensAdditional fresco cycle in the Stanza dEliodoro featuring The Expulsion of Heliodorus & The Miracle of Bolsena (1512)Acclaimed by 1514 for his work at the Vatican Progressed into architecture

Death and legacy April 6th, 1520 on his 37th birthday suddenly and unexpectedly of Rome, ItalyBeen working on largest painting on canvas (The Transfiguration) Influenced painting style of Baroque periodCelebrated for balanced and harmonious Madonnas Regarded as leading artistic figure of Italian High Renaissance classicism

The transfiguration

Madonna del cardellinoMadonna del granduca

Madonna of the chairSistine Madonna

The triumph of religion

Chapel Sant Eligio delgi orefici


Caravaggio Full name Michelangelo Merisi da CaravaggioBorn in Caravaggio, Italy September 1571Orphaned at 11 the bubonic plagueJoined group of artists motto: without hope, without fear (nec spe, nec metu)Apprentice to Simone Peterzano in Milan

In his 20s moved to Rome assisted other artists1595 started selling his paintingsCecco his only assistant appeared multiple times in his paintingsWorked quickly lenses, mirrors Realism, naturalismLight, details, proportions (problems)Considered to be the first great representative of the Baroque school!


Death and legacyDeath 18 July 1610, Port'Ercole, Italy

Influenced generations of painters

Caravaggio is often referred to as the father of modern painting !The seven acts of mercy

The death of a virgin

David with the head of giliath

The rising of lazarusThe resurrection

Nativity with St Francis and St LawrenceCerasi Chapel, rome

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