Experience the ultimate adventure during your nepal trekking tour

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<ul><li><p>Nepal is the land of quaint sunsets and incredible panoramic sights; this nation is theentre to the Himalayas and if youre pondering whats the best thing to do in the countryof Nepal then tighten your shoes for Nepal trekking tours that brings you the ultimateadventure.</p><p>http://backpacktreks.com/index.php/destinations/nepal/nepal-trekkinghttp://backpacktreks.com/index.php/destinations/nepal/nepal-trekkinghttp://backpacktreks.com/index.php/destinations/nepal/nepal-trekkinghttp://backpacktreks.com/index.php/destinations/nepal/nepal-trekkinghttp://backpacktreks.com/index.php/destinations/nepal/nepal-trekking</p></li><li><p>The best means to explore Nepal is on foot; a trekking trip lasts for about 8 days with a trip ofthe rolling landscape. You may wonder why it requires more than a week to explore Nepal itis because theres just too much to explore &amp; experience in this nation. Nepal trekkingholidays are the most popular among travelers due to the adventure or thrill they offer.</p><p>Trekking trips generally start with a trip of the major towns in Nepal such as Kathmandu andNepal. These towns are opulence in culture, arts and history with numerous interesting placesto explore. A trek to Annapurna is the 1st schedule in your tour schedule followed by a city tripof Kathmandu. This town is admired for its incredible past but it also has contemporary hotelconveniences such as luxury hotels, eateries and imposing contemporary shops. Kathmandualso has fascinating legacy sites with warm &amp; hospitable folks to meet you anywhere. TheMonkey Temple and Drubar Square is the most popular attraction in this town.</p><p>https://backpacktrek.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/why-nepal-is-the-ultimate-vacation-destination-for-adventure-seekers/https://backpacktrek.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/why-nepal-is-the-ultimate-vacation-destination-for-adventure-seekers/https://backpacktrek.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/why-nepal-is-the-ultimate-vacation-destination-for-adventure-seekers/https://backpacktrek.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/why-nepal-is-the-ultimate-vacation-destination-for-adventure-seekers/https://backpacktrek.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/why-nepal-is-the-ultimate-vacation-destination-for-adventure-seekers/</p></li><li><p>Just minutes from Pokhra and Kathmandu where therere country lakes, picturesque Tibetanvillages and warm folks to welcome you on your influx. And towards the conclusion of yourtrekking trip pay a trip to Chitwan where you can explore national parks with different animals&amp; plant species.</p><p>Nepal trips are the best means to discover the most delightful trekking routes. Tours differfrom a week to 10 days long which comprise all the fascinating and memorable towns in Nepalthat you cant cover by yourself. Therefore, hiring a professional trekking guide is alwaysadvisable.</p></li><li><p>Whether it is trekking Annapurna Nepal or trekking the Mount Everest, a professional tourguide will guide you all the way and make sure you get the best possible experience. Local tourguides also have knowledge and experience about different trekking regions, so they will be ahelping hand for sure.</p><p>However, you need to ensure that you have selected a reliable Nepal trekking agencyotherwise you maynt get the best travelling experience. Both in terms of comfort andconvenience you need to find a reputed travel operator rather a cheap agency.</p><p>http://backpacktreks.com/http://backpacktreks.com/http://backpacktreks.com/http://backpacktreks.com/http://backpacktreks.com/</p></li><li><p>Makalu Adventure (P.) Ltd.PO Box-20144, Amrit Marg, BhagwanbahalThamel, </p><p>Kathmandu, NepalTel: + 977-1-4420136; Fax: + 977-14417524</p><p>Email: info@makalu-adventure.com, info@makalu-adventure.com</p><p>Experienced CrewAmrit Marg, Bhagwanbahal, </p><p>Kathmandu, NepalAddress: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Contact: +977-1-4420136, +977-1-</p><p>441752224 Hrs Hotline: +977-9851037083, 977-9803301287</p><p>E-Mail: info@makalu-adventure.com, info@makalu-adventure.com</p><p>mailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.commailto:info@makalu-adventure.com</p></li></ul>