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  • Himalayas

    Nepal Treks

  • NepalWhat is it about this Himalayan kingdom that draws people back 8me and 8me again? It's not just the

    breathtaking mountains but also the rich kaleidoscope of cultures and ethnic groups that make up Nepal. The

    steep terrain and absence of roads means tradi8onal life is s8ll strong in the mountain areas favoured by our

    trips. As a trekker you are accepted as part of the local life and blend right in, there's no one hassling you to buy


    Nepal should be on everyones bucket list as its a country that is totally unique and oers so much variety for

    the traveller. The magical combina8on of Himalayan peaks, medieval towns, mesmerising temples and wildlife

    rich parks means Nepal is a 'once in life8me' experience every 8me you visit!

    Nepal Treks

    FREEDOMNothing beats the thrill of trekking through

    the Worlds highest mountains with

    new thrills and discoveries at every turn

    On the Everest trail

  • MYSTERYAdventure calls from every vista in Nepal, for centuries

    Pilgrims have been drawn to explore the incredible Himalayas

    and find out what lies beyond


  • Minim veniam quis nostrud

    Everest Treks

    AWE INSPIRINGBreathtaking views provoke a sense of

    contemplation in the high mountains


  • LOCAL STAFFThe Nepalese are legendary for their hospitable and excellent service.This stems in large part from a Buddhist ethos where giving good service is seen as enriching the giver as much as the receiver.

    On all our Treks in Nepal youll be accompanied by experienced local guides and porters. Typically they spend several years working their way up from Porters, Cooks , assistant guides before being given the responsibility of a trekking guide. Their unfailing sense of humour and willingness to go the extra mile to give great service never fails to leave a las8ng impression on our clients.

    We ensure that our porters are adequately clothed for our treks and have Porters insurance.

    RAW subscribes to the IMEC code of conduct for trea8ng local sta fairly and giving adequate protec8on.

    Ashok was a wonderful asset. He communicated well with trekkers and porters alike. Great sense of humour and plenty of energy, he did an exceptional jobin looking after everyone.

  • Trekking at AltitudeProbably the biggest concern of anyone visi8ng Nepal for the rst 8me is how well they will cope with high al8tude, par8cularly when they have not walked at these heights before. Our group trips s8ck to safe rates of ascent once we are above 3,000m which is typically the height at which the eects of al8tude can rst be experienced and have signicant eects.

    Traveling in a group with an experienced leader helps control any dangerous side eects from al8tude - not only is your i8nerary planned at a safe rate of ascent but you have other people watching to see if you do start to suer any serious symptoms of Acute Mountain sickness (AMS). A swiX descent usually brings about rapid allevia8on of symptoms. Our groups are thoroughly briefed before trekking so that they are aware of symptoms and eects of al8tude.

    OXen (though not exclusively) the people most likely to run into trouble with AMS are t young independent trekkers who ascend faster than they should do and are not fully versed in AMS. When they do fall sick there is no one there to help them. So traveling in a group with local sta on a managed i8nerary signicantly reduces the risks associated with AMS.

    Everest Treks

  • LOCALSMeet the extraordianry people off the Himalayas

    as you walk along the trail. Be amazed by their strength


  • VARIETYNepal offers many contrasting environments to trek through

    from the dramatic and arid landscapes of Dolpo and Mustang

    to high altitude Pilgrimage lakes and Jungle covered foothills


  • Choosing the right trekThe following is a rough guide to some of the more common treks we run. If you are new to trekking at al8tude then ideally you should start with an introductory trek or moderate if youre in good shape and trek t. The more demanding treks go to higher al8tudes and there is more demanding days and longer dura8on of trekking - beYer saved for when youve accumulated more experience of mul8 day treks at al8tude and you know how your body will cope.

    Introductory - Moderate: Poon Hill Annapurnas, Helambu trek

    Moderate: Langtang valley, Gosainkund lakes, Jomsom trek

    Moderate - Demanding: Annapurna Sanctuary, Ama Dablam base camp

    Demanding: Everest Base Camp, the Dolpo circuit, Great Himalaya trail

    Trekking at al8tude can be unpredictable - so you control what you can, your rate of ascent and tness. Ge^ng yourself as t as possible before your trek doesnt alleviate al8tude eects but it does mean at least your body is not coping with al8tude and a lack of tness!

    Nepal Treks

    Himalayan highsIt was the best and only way to get a true and real experience of Nepalese life. The school project was very rewarding and I would recommend it to everyone. Well done to Raw Travel to organise a tour that has a bit of everything -- helping ,hiking, sight seeing and shopping.

    Langtang Valley

  • CAMPING, LODGE OR A TEAHOUSE TREK?There are a variety of accommoda8on op8ons on treks in Nepal. On the most common routes through

    Everest, Langtang and Annapurna na8onal parks there is plenty of teahouse accommoda8on and we tend to use this for our treks in these regions. Teahouses can be best described as rus8c accommoda8on with very basic rooms and cosy communal areas. The availability of Hot showers tend to be limited at higher al8tudes and dependent on loca8on. Prices for food also increases as you climb higher due to everything being portered in.

    In Everest and Annapurna the teahouses are also supplemented by lodges where the standards are a liYle higher. Stepping up the scale there are also luxury lodges where you can have a comfortable room with your own hea8ng and shower in your room and a high standard of service and meals - though of course the price reects this level of luxury!

    In the more remote areas such as Dolpo or lesser visited trekking routes where teahouses dont exist we camp and bring our own crew. Youll have two person tents, a mess tent and toilet / shower tent and the service from our crew is excellent.

    Nepal Treks

    This was a fantastic experience - not just a holiday. To cram so much into two weeks, to experience such different aspects of Nepal. This astonishing fabulous experience will stay with me for a long time. Thank you!

  • COMFORTAfter a long days walk come back to comfortable beds, matched

    by great meals sourced from fresh local produce. Our Luxury

    Lodge treks in Everest and Annapurna are for those who

    appreciate creature comforts.


  • ACHIEIVEMENTThere is a great sense of satisfaction comes

    with completing a trek and reaching your goal, be it

    Everest Base camp or a short trek on Poon Hill


  • WHEN TO GO?Nepals trekking season is long and varied depending on which region you wish to visit. Everest can be trekked from September through to May, most treks from October to May. Though the Winter months of December - February can be too cold and snow bound for many to trek to Everest Base camp and other high alFtude desFnaFons. The busiest months tend to be October and March. October- November tradiFonally oer the clearest skies. Trans- Himalayan desFnaFons, like Upper Mustang, that lie beyond the rain shadow can be trekked from May - September months as well.

    Nepal Treks

  • Notare quam littera gothica 2009Nepal

    SPIRITUALITYis everywhere in Nepal, its hard not to feel the spirituality that is so pervasive whether visiting a Hindu temple or passing a Buddhist Chorten in the mountains