Enjoy the Adventures Trekking in Nepal

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  • Enjoy the Adventures Trekking in Nepal

  • Nepal is a good-looking landlocked nation in South Asia, between India & China. It is anenormous outdoor adventure playground with several of the most excellent trekking trails of theearth. It is home to eight out of the fourteen main mountain peaks in the globe including MountEverest, the top mountain peak in the globe. Located in the grand Himalayas, it offers amazingjourney, tourism & outdoor activities to enjoy. It offers adventure actions like trekking, hiking,climbing,

  • Nepal has numerous trekking trails at all height offering little grade trekking, middle gradetrekking and high grade trek. An Adventure loving people of all ages can have trekking here.Even children can have fun of trekking in Himalayas in the lesser level trekking trail. Learnertrekker of good force can go up to central level trekking trail to take the risky challenge.

  • Trekking does not need further skills. One can simply enjoy mountain trekking after goingthrough several guidelines. People going for trekking must carry warm clothing, goods grippedshoe, bag with first aid kit, water, essential medicines, safety gear and additional trekkingequipment. If you will start trekking with these planning, you will actually enjoy the adventureof mountain climbing in Nepal.

    Annapurna circuit trek can be a wonderful adventure with the advantage of exposing to theloveliness of nature and at the same time working fine in helping you unwind from your usualbusy working plan. The trail is extremely popular in Annapurna and across the borders.Therefore, tourists come to the region from far and broad to enjoy what the circuit has topresent. Trekking the Annapurna Circuit generally follows a counter-clockwise progression.


  • Some of the well-liked trekking trails of Nepal are Annapurna Base Camp trek, Pokhara JomsomMuktinath circuit, Everest Base Camp, Langtang Valley, Dhaulagiri trek region, Manaslu, etc.Beside these sides you will also get many lakes, icy glaciers and green vegetation creating acharming landscape. You will also come across numerous wildlife sanctuaries with rare andunusual wildlife species and valleys with an abundance of birds through chirping tweets. Thesethings will add to your pleasure throughout trekking. You will also get in touch with numeroustribes dwelling life in the hamlets in maintaining trails. They will welcome you lovingly and willalso assist you whenever you are in difficulty.


  • The Everest region is the mainly exciting and exploratory regions in Nepal, where you will getpleasure from amazing trekking and hiking familiarity. Annapurna area is the most visited andtravel around region in Nepal. The Everest base camp trek is a grand opportunity to reach tothe incredible base of the roof of the globe. Out of all human beings dreaming of victoriousEverest only a few will do well and the Everest base camp trekking journey can take youextremely close to your dream of successful the Everest.

    The classic Everest Base Camp Trek begins in Upper Phakding from where you will track theDudh Koshi valley & climb up to the busy Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar, a well-knowncrossroads for trekkers, traveler, local Sherpa & people hoping to peak Everest. Each step of thistrek will be evenly an adventure and fun.


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