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Introduction to the lust for adventure and learning, Wanderlust. Dear Concern, With reference to the subject cited, we would enthusiastically like to introduce Wanderlust as a pioneer concept in India with a blend of corporate training in the form of extreme leisure and activities to transform and enhance the culture and environment of the upcoming and leading industries. The rapture of this new concept not only got triggered from the other zones, but its value addition was understood on a more practical mode rather than simply following what is happening around. Wanderlust is a concept created by the qualified, experienced and diversified corporate professionals, with exposure over years and presently working extensively in the arena of learning & development in almost all the continents across world. Over two decades the enhancement of the corporate training got its saturation when we analyzed the requirement of introducing the new vicinity of training blended with value added activities which is not only documented and figured, but very much time tested. This methodology with analysis and identification in this present situation help participants to acquire clear knowledge with a self made outline in the arena of communication, relationship management, time management, customer centricity, crisis management, Team building, productivity, leadership role module etc. This creates a Wholesomeness with holistic responses to complex challenges by modification of culture and mindsets, functional domains and geographies, levels and departments and moreover strengths within the same individuals. To create the strength of individuals and the team as a whole with a more effective way which could match with the Corporate Hierarchy, we valued and emphasized trekking as learning in a major practical fashion in the mountains and we have chosen Himalayas as thats the vast opportunity to unfold major challenges which could be unknown to an individual. Thus we created our own specialized team for this particular venture which is comprised of trek gurus with experiences and exposures over decades, logistic support team, infrastructure like, tents, trek gears, trekking ropes, axes, medical support team etc licensed under Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Eventually, at present we have our own set up and facility at Chamoli Uttarakhand, Sankri, Manali, Leh, Sikkim, and Jammu & Kashmir and in a mode to further discover new vicinities for treks. For further queries we are pleased to introduce our website for your convenience. USP - 1. I have the qualifications & skills 1. Seamship 2. Specialised For Disaster Management 3. Basic Course from Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering 2. I have the experience as 1. Technical head for WANDERLUST from June 2013 till present 2. Trek Leader & Base Camp Manager for Indiahikes from 2010 till 2013. 3. Manager - Inspectorate Griffith Of


<ul><li> 1. High Altitude Trekking &amp; Adventure With Wanderlust Ayan Brahma Technical Head </li></ul> <p> 2. Wanderlust? Qualified, experienced professionals with passion for trekking Adventure Activity= Learning through practical situations that impact self motivation, courage, crisis management, team work 6 activities, 8 trips, 1200 trekkers over 3 years, 0 casualty 3. Who? Ayan Brahma Seaman Cadet, Instructor For Disaster Management, Sea Explorers Institute ,Certified Mountaineer Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering Chethan Kumar Adventure Activist Certified Mountaineer Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering Akash Shah Marketing Head ,Adventure lover 4. High Altitude Trekking Defination - &gt; 14000 feet Asl Requirement Clothing, Equipments, Fitness Preparation Acclimatization, Fitness Plan Challenges River Crossing, Forest, Meadow, Rocky Trails, C Section, Summit/Pass Descent Watch out ! 5. Different Trails In Trekking Roopkund Rupin Pass Pindari Glacier Homkund Ronti Saddle Chadar Lake Stok Kangri Kashmir Great Lakes Pin Parvati Hampta Pass Gangotri/Nandanvan/Tapovan Sreekantha/Saat Taal/Bheema Gufa 6. Snaphots Of Different Trails Stok kangri Rupin Pass Parasar Lake 7. Snaphots Of Different Trails Annapurna Peak Pin Parvati Chadar Lake 8. Snaphots Of Different Trails Roopkund Kashmir Great Lakes Hampta Pass 9. Adventure Activities River Rafting Bungee Jumping Rock Climbing Rappeling Chimney Climbing Flying Fox River Camping Jumaring Forest camping Open Jeep Safari Wild Life Safari 10. Snapshots Of Activities R O C K C L I M B I N G C H I M N E Y C L I M B I N G Jumaring Bungee Jumping Rappeling 11. Activities for Schools R O C K C L I M B I N G C H I M N E Y C L I M B I N G Bungee Jumping River Camping River Crossing Zip Line 12. Reviews I took the Kedar-Kantha trek with Ayan Brahma in April 2012. This was my first trek and the trek was moderate in difficulty. I found Brahma to be an excellent trekking guide and skilled in all aspects of trekking - a fearless approach to mountains, a deep knowledge of mountain flora and fauna, a skilled orator who is able to motivate people if their will weaken on the way, a good knowledge of medicine which is a very important aspect if one falls ill during the trek, a good knowledge of how to acclimatize in mountains, a skilled yoga and karate instructor, a person skilled in getting his points across to the people etc. When he first addressed all of us at the start of the trek, he said - mountain trekking is my dream and I am living it and the most important thing to me is that I must give my trekkers an experience worth the money they have paid and I want to ensure that every trekker finishes the trek. And thats exactly what I observed. Brahma was everywhere during the trek and one could not miss his passion for mountains and commitment towards the trekkers. Be it getting people ready each day in the morning by supervising the exercising routine, be it motivating people who have given up, be it administering first-aid to trekkers who have suffered any injuries, be it detailing out how the terrain looks ahead, be it explaining how to use any mountaineering gears, be it supervising all the arrangements (food, tents etc), be it singing at the bonfire each day in the evening etc. We have kept touch with each other after the trek and he always keeps describing the new trails he is exploring, the new tracks and other adventures he is planning, the start-up plans etc. I will fully recommend anyone to do a trek with Brahma - a Professor of trekking , a "sarv-gun- sampanna" trekking guide. Mr. Himanshu Gupta 13. Seasonality 14. Next Steps </p>