Langtang trek – a more isolate way of adventure trekking

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  • Langtang National Park was the 3rd most renowned trekking province in Nepal

    after the Everest and Annapurna provinces. This changed significantly following the

    destructive earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015, 28th of April. Just a few days

    following the shattering earthquake the already smashed village of Langtang was

    struck by a massive landslide and got totally swept away. And just like that, the

    largest village of the area ceased to subsist.

  • There is been so many lies and rumors online on the globes traveling forums &

    guidebooks, that since the destructive earthquake occurred the gorge is closed for

    hiking. Let me tell you that that is absolutely rubbish and the Langtang trek is open

    for hiking.

    The natives that still exist

    in the gorge were nearly

    begging us to tell other

    travelers we met that

    Langtang Valley is 100

    percent open for business.

    The locals state that the

    only way they can persist

    their life is if travelers

    come back to the valley.

    And we did meet few

    other trekkers on the route

    apart from a few porters

    carrying building

    materials up the gorge.

  • Langtang Trekking:

    Trust me the scenery here in the Langtang Valley is absolutely awe-inspiring and

    you can experience the trek in a more adventurous way as the region is visited by a

    lesser number of travelers. To the west side of Langtang is Ganesh Himal with a

    range of 6000-7000 meters. The Helambu and Gosainkund province lies to its

    south; these can be merged with Langtang to extend your trek from 7 to 21 days.

    The province was elected Nepals 1st Himalayan National Park in the year of 1971.

    Its inhabited by Sherpa and Tamang people whose spiritual practices, dress and

    languages are pretty identical to Tibetans.

  • The woodlands in the province have temperate & sub-alpine flora. Wildlife

    encompasses deer, migratory birds, pika, monkey and tahr. Spring to autumn is

    the most ideal time to trek in the Langtang region. A majority of the trekking

    trails in Langtang and Helambu are well-catered with teahouses making

    independent hiking rather feasible. A trip to the Langtang valley also offers you a

    chance to discover the Tamang villages, ascend small summits and to explore

    glaciers at a more comfortable height than other trekking provinces.

    You can also combine mansalu trek and ghorepani poonhill trekking with your

    Langtang trek if you have sufficient time and looking for more adventure. Trust

    me, the adventure will last lifetime!


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