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  1. 1. Trekking in Nepal can be your perfect holiday in Nepal. Nepal treks is one of the unique experiences to have in the land of Himalayas as it is surrounded by the most spectacular and magnificent eight of the top ten summits of the world along with some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes like nowhere in the world. Trekking holidays in Nepal is getting popular day by day and is considered as the best option for short trekking, adventure trekking and adventure holidays. An adventure holiday in Nepal is also undoubtedly a great opportunity for learning the tradition, culture and lifestyle of the local people. Nepal trekking has always been a paragon for happiness and adventure. Annapurna circuit trek, Langtang trek, Everest base camp trek are the most popular trekking destinations in the whole world. Nepal tourism is flourishing these days as it is the home of various floras and faunas. Wilderness travel experience is at its best while trekking in Nepal, as the terrain changes from tropical forest just 70 meters above the sea level to the top of the world at an altitude of 8848 meters. While trekking in Nepal, get immersed in the beauty of spectacular panoramic mountain views of Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and many other small and large peaks. Nepal trekking tour also deals with your physical fitness level and passion to scale the mighty peaks as the weather keeps on changing and the topography is equally challenging. Nepal treks and tours is a complete sustainable trekking journey to one of the trekking paradises on earth. While trekking in Nepal you must be acknowledged about the acute mountain sickness and other illness and arrange proper precautions to get through it.
  2. 2. We would like to welcome you to our enigmatic, beautiful, and largely undiscovered Himalayan land, Nepal. It sounds incredible that this tiny republic sandwiched between two giants has such a varied landscape that within a width of 200 km, it owns land as low as 80m from sea level to eight of the 14 worlds highest mountains including one that is highest on the planet, Mt. Everest. This varied landscape offer diverse outdoor activities including Trekking in Nepal, day hiking in Nepal, rafting, kayaking, jungle safari, peak climbing, mountaineering in Nepal and many more. Take your next holiday to new stature making it a Nepal trekking holiday or Nepal adventure holiday integrating yourself with its unbeatable natural beauty crafted by its majestic Himalayas, innumerable beautiful mountains, tropic and alpine forests, blooming rhododendrons, green valleys, shimmering lakes, roaring white rivers those are safeguarded by the ancient temples, artistic monasteries, yeti, yaks, Sherpas, and many ethno lingual tribes. Similarly, the last Shangri La, the happiest Himalayan land, Bhutan also waits to share the world its happiness and cultural treasures masked in mystery for centuries. We love to showcase the natural beauty and cultural treasures of the land of Thunder Dragon through trekking in Bhutan, cultural tours in Bhutan, festival tours in Bhutan. We are also highly interested to provide you an insight of the roof of the world-Tibet. Visit this nomadic plateau and experience the traditional life of real nomads and their daily routines and customs. Tibetan Himalayas, stunning landscapes, unique environment, ancient monasteries and rich tradition are waiting to welcome you! Participate in Tibet overland tours, Tibet tours, Tibet trekking that we organize for enthusiastic adventurers. We have also newly added India to our faculty on our valued customers request. We are here now also to explore you through the incredible India-the land of Maharajas! Icicles Adventure is team of Himalayan trip experts providing personalized Trekking in Nepal, Nepal cultural tours, Nepal peak climbing, Bhutan trekking, Bhutan cultural tours, Tibet overland tours, India tours and all other luxury and Himalayan adventure programs to everyone from students to retried, single female traveler to whole family with children, and small private groups to big groups. Our Himalayan trips like Trekking in Nepal, Nepal cultural tours, Nepal peak climbing, Bhutan trekking, Bhutan cultural tours, Tibet overland tours, India tours are run
  3. 3. assuring quality services in environment friendly way. We are born in Himalayan localities thus are committed to respect and preserve our Himalayan environment. We are committed to provide best services. To guarantee ample altitude acclimatization our itineraries are carefully crafted. Enough trained professional porters, support crews and leaders are provided to ensure proper take care of our clients so that your trips become a lifetime memorable one. We ensure food provided in the trips is well cooked, safe, and healthy. We concentrate to the safety, security, comfort and contentment of all our customers. At Icicles Adventure we are committed to providing the best value-for-money. We constantly monitor our trips and keep them competitive. For big groups, students, and Asian tourists we offer special discounts, please request a quote for any of our standard programs or request a tailor-made program and quote. We welcome you to our Nepal trekking company with the sincere hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your confidence, your business, and your friendship. In this era of globalization, it is now our duty to share it with the rest of the world while being careful to protect and preserve the Himalayan culture, traditions and its unspoilt nature for future generations. It would give us great pleasure to invite you to witness and participate in our activities. Please book any of the Himalayan trips such as Trekking in Nepal, mountaineering in Nepal, cultural tours in Bhutan, trekking in Bhutan, overland tours in Tibet with us today, our mission is to exceed your expectations