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  • 1. Police:Friend or Foe?

2. SituationNina Hobson,an undercover cop in Britain,discovered many problems with male police officers in the documentary.Many of the examples given show men as sexist,lazy,and corruptindividuals who have not behaved as police should. The documentary focuses on cases of rape being unreported,men playing poker and other games on the job,and males abusing their power as cops. 3. ObjectiveTo fully address the situation and not deny the revelations shown in the video about thepolice department. To regain the trust of citizens faith in the police 4. AudiencePrimarily citizens of the town,Lester Mainly womenPeople all over the world through the use of the intemet 5. StrategyConvert feelings of discontent with the malpractice by male police ofcers into an understanding of the measures being taken against the officers involved on tapeFocus on rebuilding the image of respect for police ofcers 6. Tac"'ticsMake the punishment of the ofcers well known to the public in newspapers and websitesCreate national public awareness that sexism will not be tolerated through the use of meetings and guest speakersLaunch the Respect campaign,which involves all participating departments to have their cops talk to youth and others about the problems with sexism 7. Budget A large budget is needed,depending on thenumber of police departments that participate in the campaignMoney also needed for speakers and renting out places to host meetings 8. EvaluationThe strategy on a national level should be very effective because it will help to enhance the police departments imageOn a local level people might not be as understanding and forgiving of the cops 9. Source CredibilityBecause people might not trust me,I would reinforce to my audience that the entire Police Department is deeply sorry for the actions that were caused. I would also continue to stress the fact that the male officers that were involved in the tape do not exemplify what our Department stands for 10. Cognitive DissonanceI would continue to stress to people that the behavior of the male officers is notconsidered acceptable and that not all police ofcers are like these menI would focus on how stereotyping police officers as corrupt is as bad as sexism.Neither are acceptable 11. Flow of OpinionI would not consider an immigrant group that doesnt read the newspaper or watch television to be a major part of my target audience,so I would not go out of my way to involve this group into our strategy. 12. Suggestions for ActionI would re-emphasize the Respect campaign,and by getting their children involved they will be creating awareness of the dangers of sexism in the workplace and in everyday life