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  1. 1. Undercover UXThe business of design & the undercover user experience agent.
  2. 2. Me Who is this guy? You probably havent heard of me. Thats ok, right?
  3. 3. Undercover a person (or their activities) involved in or involving secret work within a community or organization.
  4. 4. Can you work Undercover? is trying to make a difference possible while being an undercover ux designer?
  5. 5. No. Why, you ask? Well, lets discuss.
  6. 6. Undercovering Myths
  7. 7. good design arises as much from the internal structure of a company as from whether or not its a priority - Hartmut Esslinger
  8. 8. I explained that to make design a core element of Apples corporate strategy, it would have to be seen as a leadership issue; world-class design cant work its way up from the bottom, watered down by the motivations and egos of every layer of management it passes through. - Hartmut Esslinger
  9. 9. bottom-up design never succeeds, because even good efforts by departments within such systems remain insulated within the layers of the companys organizational structure and everything really new, courageous and potentially game-changing is destroyed by its passage through the gates of rejection. - Hartmut Esslinger
  10. 10. Designers couldnt simply be at the table: They had to be in charge. Beautiful design requires designers in charge. - Hartmut Esslinger
  11. 11. Being In Charge
  12. 12. In Charge: What I first thought an in charge designer has to win awards
  13. 13. In Charge: What I thought next an in charge designer has to tell the internet whos in charge
  14. 14. In Charge: What I thought next an in charge designer doesnt need help, or to be told what to do
  15. 15. In Charge: What I think now its not about me. its not about control. its about the people who use what I help make. its about being part of something, something bigger than me. Lead, dont control.
  16. 16. Leadership is about encouraging acts of greatness... Dont take control, give control - David Marquet
  17. 17. The Business of Design
  18. 18. Lead Generation: What I think now YouTube Kickstarter Meetup etc.
  19. 19. Leadership i think were afraid. i think we fear speaking up when we feel low on the totem pole. we say how can I lead when no one gives me the opportunity
  20. 20. We need to fear the consequences of our work more than we fear speaking up - Mike Moneiro
  21. 21. Leadership people struggle with feeling creatively satified. what they truely want is to make a difference. to do that we need to be surrounded by our tribe, people that have similar goals and vision. if you dont have that now, find one, make one, join one.
  22. 22. Leadership my experticity leadership experience. im trying to make less excuses.
  23. 23. Leadership Journey started as a front-developer/designer. messed up and made a name for myself.
  24. 24. Leadership Journey: Internal developer tribe did I start a mini tribe? kinda, in a way. a tribe of developers that would watch the logs every time something was released to make sure I didnt mess up again.
  25. 25. Leadership Journey: Dev to UX moved from front-end dev into user experience over the years. asked for support and recieved it openly. ive been able to make great things with great people because we work together.
  26. 26. Leadership Journey: Promotive design prototype code
  27. 27. Leadership Journey: 3point5 simple wireframe design code
  28. 28. Leadership Journey: Store wireframes (14 screens) design theming (4 brand designs) interaction rules admin integration strategy code
  29. 29. Leadership Journey: Admin wireframe design patterns, standards interaction rules
  30. 30. Leadership Journey: Expert Profiles wireframes (many) prototype (client roadshow, user test) user interviews, interaction testing design interaction rules / usability long term roadmap strategy
  31. 31. Leadership Journey: Come out from under the covers do I know everything about leadership. no. im just getting started. im grateful for what ive learned so far and hope to continue to share it with you in the future.
  32. 32. Creatively Inspired: The Great Discontent strive to be creatively inspired and lead. http://twominuteswithtgd.com/
  33. 33. Thank you. benpeck.com @benpeck experticity.com @experticity