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    BOOK RELEASESBRITAINS SECRET WAR1939 - 1945Michael SmithAndre Deutsch


    Available from Eye Spy Ref: ES/1438UK 32.50 USA $60.00 ROW 36.00

    ritains Secret War tells theastonishing story of howBritains spies, boffins and

    special operations teams helped to winthe Second World War. The work ofthe Bletchley Park codebreakers inbreaking the German Enigma cipher isestimated to have cut the length of thewar by around two years, savingcountless lives, while the DoubleCross system, in which German secretagents were turned by the British tofeed their Nazi agent-runners withfalse information, ensured the successof the D-Day landings.

    Britains Secret War not only revealsnew details about these remarkable

    operations but also tells the real storyof how MI6 turned the disaster of lostnetworks across Europe into triumph.The stories range from extraordinarycourage to the bizarre with evenastrologers and a stage magicianbrought in to help get intelligence andallied aircrew out of Nazi-occupiedEurope. Intelligence historian MichaelSmith describes the work of all theparticipants in the Secret War,revealing a host of new heroes, andheroines, along the way.

    Hardback - special collectors box set.Book includes dozens of magnificentlyreproduced intelligence documents.

    red Rose was born in Lublin,Poland, in 1907. He arrived inCanada with his parents who

    STALINS MAN IN CANADA: FredRose and Soviet EspionageDavid LevyEnigma Books

    Fsettled in Montreal. Rose became amember of Gaik Ovakimyans NorthAmerican NKVD network and wasinvolved with Jacob Golos in securing Canadian travel documents for Sovietagents. In 1943 Rose was elected tothe federal Canadian parliament from a working class district in Montreal andre-elected in 1945. In September 1945Soviet specialist Igor Gouzenkodefected, revealing an elaborateatomic espionage operation. Fred

    Rose was a major player in thescheme and was found guilty ofconspiring to commit espionage; hewas sentenced to a six-year prisonterm.

    In November 1953 he returned to hisnative Poland and passed away inWarsaw in 1983. The key importanceof his role is revealed for the first timein this masterful study. Hardback256pp

    Available from Eye Spy Ref: ES/1439UK 19.99 USA $35.00 ROW 22.00

    pies in the Sky is the thrilling,little known story of the partnerorganisation to the famous

    SPIES IN THE SKY: The Secret Battlefor Aerial Intelligence During WWIITaylor Downing Little, Brown Book Group

    Scode-breaking centre at BletchleyPark. It is the story of the daringreconnaissance pilots who took aerialphotographs over Occupied Europeduring the most dangerous days of theSecond World War, and of the photointerpreters who invented a completelynew science to analyse those pictures.They were inventive and ingenious;they pioneered the development of 3Dphotography and their work providedvital intelligence throughout the war.

    With a whole host of larger than lifecharacters at its heart, from thelegendary pilot Adrian Warby

    Available from Eye Spy Ref: ES/1440UK 22.99 USA $35.00 ROW 24.50

    Warburton, who went missing whileon a mission, to photo interpreters Glyn Daniel, later a famous televisionpersonality, and Winston Churchillsdaughter, Sarah, the book makes forcompelling reading, and the first fullaccount of the story of aerial photography and the intelligencegleaned from it in nearly fifty years.Hardback 416pp

    n 1942, Lieutenant-Commander IanFleming was personal assistant tothe Director of Naval Intelligence -

    IAN FLEMINGS COMMANDOS: TheStory of 30 Assault Unit in WWIINicholas RankinFaber and Faber

    Ithe dynamic figure behind JamesBonds fictional chief, M. Here, Fleming had a brilliant idea: why notset up a unit of authorised looters,men who would go in hard with thefront-line troops and steal enemyintelligence?

    Available from Eye Spy Ref: ES/1441UK 22.99 USA $38.00 ROW 24.99

    Known as 30 Assault Unit, they tookpart in the major campaigns of theSecond World War, landing on theNormandy beaches and helping toliberate Paris. 30AUs final amazingcoup was to seize the entire archivesof the German Navy - thirty tons ofdocuments. Ian Fleming flew out in person to get the loot back to Britain,where it was combed for evidence touse in the Nuremberg trials. In this gripping and highly enjoyable book,Nicholas Rankin, author of the best-selling Churchills Wizards, puts 30Assault Units fascinating story in astrategic and intelligence context. Healso argues that Ian Flemings Second World War service was one of themost significant periods of his life -without this, the most popular spyfiction of the twentieth century wouldnot have been written. Hardback 416pp

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