Truth and Lies about Latency in the Cloud

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CloudOps Summit 2012, Frankfurt, Lightning Talk on the impact of latency on cloud computing.


  • 1. Truth and Lies about Latency in the Cloud Jelle Frank van der Zwet Global Marketing Manager Cloud
  • 2. Agenda What you will take away from this presentation WHAT is Latency? WHY is Latency important? HOW to reduce Latency?
  • 3. Remember...? Do you know what is was like... when we didnt have high speed internet?
  • 4. Trying to define latency is not simple Endpoints aren't fixed: High speed fiber 3G or 4G mobile networks Consider the location of the ultimate end-users and the networks that connect them to the destination networks Who are the ultimate "owners" and "users" of our applications Delivering the appropriate service levels, means also measuring and controlling the expected latencies
  • 5. The true cost of latency can add up A half-second delay will cause a 20% drop in Google's traffic. A tenth of a second delay can cause a drop in one percent of Amazon's sales.
  • 6. Todays complicating factors Distributed computing Then: Everything in 1 enterprise data center Now: Distributed applications can employ multiple servers Virtualization adds another layer of complexity Virtualised network infrastructures can introduce its own series of packet delays before any data even leaves the rack itself It isn't just about ping, either Best way to measure and understand latency is to measure the performance of the same protocols that your applications use. Understand Quality of Service and what traffic is prioritized
  • 7. Cloud Infrastructure Requirements What applications benefit from low latency Applications Compute Intensity Network Bandwidth Network Latency* Testing & Development High Low High Web browsing Low Low High Backup & Recovery Low High High Email & Calendar Low Low High HRM Medium Low High Document Management Low High Medium CRM Medium Low Medium Finance & Accounting High Medium Medium ERP High Medium Medium Payments & Transactions Medium High Medium Virtual Desktops Medium Medium Low Network Storage High Medium Low Unified Communication High Medium Low Online Gaming High Medium Low HD Video streaming High High Low Black Box (M2M) Trading High High Proximity CDN to get close to end-user
  • 8. Cloud and Applications Mapped on Performance and Availability Email & Calendar Finance & Accounting ERPHRM CRM Payments & Transactions Virtual Desktops Backup & Recovery Black Box (M2M) Trading Test & Development Unified Communication Web Browsing Video & Live Streaming GamingDocument Management Availability Network Storage Analytics Performance Private Cloud Public Cloud High < 80ms RTD Medium < 40ms RTD Low < 20ms RTD < 1ms RTD Enterprises approach cloud in silos We live in a world of many clouds and even more applications
  • 9. Why bypass the Internet? How to connect clouds? Private Cloud Public Cloud Managed Hosting Direct Connect Direct Connect The Internet has no SLA
  • 10. Whats happening in the meet-me-room Providing more consistent network connections Email & Calendar CRM Distributed applications in hybrid environments Collabo- ration Virtual Desktops Real time data feeds Backup & Archiving Analytics Big Data Supplement capacity when working with large data sets Private Cloud HPC Gaming Planned or unplanned peaks in capacity Public Clouds SaaS Bursting Back up via Internet Direct Connect
  • 11. Free Cloud Test Labs Easy access to industry-leading software, systems and connectivity Amsterdam The Netherlands London United Kingdom Frankfurt Germany
  • 12. More information, download our whitepaper Truth and Lies about Latency in the Cloud David Strom Jelle Frank van der Zwet David Strom is an international authority on network and Internet technologies. He is currently the business channels writer for ReadWriteWeb. He also contributes to and GigaOm Pro. He has written extensively on IT-related topics for more than 25 years for a wide variety of print publications and websites. Jelle Frank (JF) van der Zwet is Global Marketing Manager at Interxion. He has over 13 years of experience in marketing and product development. Hes a frequent speaker at international events and contributor to Cloud Times, Virtual-Strategy Magazine, Inside-HPC and Wired Cloudline.
  • 13. Thank you! Vielen dank! Jelle Frank van der Zwet Global Marketing Manager Cloud