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Learn the basics about using Social Media from a Realtor perspective. Information is in regards to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging for business purposes.


<ul><li>1.Becoming a Social Realtor<br />Market yourself. Empower yourself.<br />#SM4Realtors<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Agenda<br />What is social media?<br />Why should you be Social?<br />Social Realtors 101: Dos and Don'ts<br />Specific tips:<br />Twitter<br />Facebook<br />LinkedIn<br />YouTube<br />Blogging: Real Estate Style<br />E-Marketing:<br />Your website, Your Hub<br />Social networking and its relation to marketing<br />Timing recommendations<br />Marketing Inventory Analysis<br />Analytics<br />SEO <br />Strategy Review<br />Tools<br />Real Life examples throughout presentation<br />3. What is social media?<br />Wikipedia Definition:<br />Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.<br />4. Why Should you be Social?<br />5. Social Realtors 101<br />6. Social Realtors 101<br />7. Social Realtors 101: What is this Twitter Thing?<br />Social Networking website<br />Real-time<br />Short, concise<br />Instant messages<br />8. Twitter Stats Whos There<br />105,779,710 registered users.<br />New Users: 300,000 per day<br />55 million tweets a day<br />MOBILE! <br />37 percent tweet from phones<br />60 percent come from third party applications (ie. Hootsuite)<br />Twitter itself has grown<br />past year alone - from 25 to 175 employees.<br />9. Twitter A Refresher The Lingo<br />#Hashtags <br />#TDOT city of Toronto<br />#BRK Breaking News<br />#FF (or #FollowFriday)<br />@username <br />@sherrirossi was nice to see you today!<br />D username <br />d findabilitysolu Why do you LOVE Social Media?<br />Keywords - important if you dont have a large following<br />Retweet<br />10. Oakville Real Estate<br />11. #OakvilleRealEstate<br />12. Oakville-Milton Real Estate<br />13. How Can Twitter benefit my Biz?<br />The Opportunity<br />Customer Relationship Management (CRM)<br />Brand/Image Management<br />Business/Website Promotion (Sales)<br />Be More Social<br />14. Tweeting The Rules<br />Social Capital<br />15. Social Realtors 101: Twitter Dos<br />Butt into the conversation!!!<br />Respond to mentions and DMs<br />Search for your own name/business name<br />Connect with followers IRL<br />Follow Hashtag conversations and join in!<br />Be the real YOU!!<br />16. Social Realtors 101: Twitter Donts<br />Oversell<br />Spam<br />Auto DM<br />Repeat the same message over and over<br />Limit yourself to local area<br />Limit yourself to Market area<br />17. Social Realtors 101: <br />18. Social Realtors 101: What is Facebook?<br />Social network service and website<br />launched in February 2004 <br />Allows for constant updates to Friends<br />Offers Personal Profile Pages<br />Offers Business Fan Pages<br />19. What is Facebook? Business Fan Page<br />Be Transparent<br />Allows Fans to Interact<br />Acts as Extension to Website<br />Relationships Built!!<br />20. Facebook Stats Whos there?<br />More than 500 Million active users<br />50% active users log on in any given day<br />Average user has 130 friends<br />People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook<br />21. Update Your Fans Business Fan Page<br />22. Update Your Fans Business Fan Page<br />23. Update Your Fans Business Fan Page<br />24. Update Your Fans Business Fan Page<br />25. Facebook Why you should be updating<br />Your friends/clients are already there!<br />Continue to update to build relationships<br />Tweets Facebook Updates<br />Twitter + Facebook Reach 2 different Audiences<br />26. Social Realtors 101: Facebook Dos<br />Start a Facebook Fan Page<br />Complete the Info page<br />Includes key words<br />People can read about you<br />Include business logo and business photos<br />Encourage engagement from friends<br />Link to your website<br />27. Social Realtors 101: Facebook Donts<br />Oversell<br />Just update your new blog posts<br />Neglect to respond to comments<br />Forget to post upcoming events<br />28. Social Realtors 101:<br />29. Social Realtors 101: What is LinkedIn?<br />Launched in May 2003<br />worlds largest professional network<br />exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities<br />broader network of professionals.<br />Personal Profile<br />Business Page<br />30. LinkedIn Stats Whos there?<br />over 80 million members<br />More than 37.5 million global visitors per month<br />62% visit from home<br />38% visit while at work<br />31. LinkedIn Dont be the weakest link!<br />Make connections<br />Complete your profile<br />Build on your 2nd degrees<br />Create Trusted relationships<br />Create your Company page!<br />Join Groups<br />LinkedIn Answers be a SME<br />Twitter + Facebook + LinkedIn = 3 Audiences Reached!<br />32. LinkedIn Business Page - OREA<br />33. Social Realtors 101: LinkedIn Dos<br />Complete personal profile (branding)<br />Connect only to those you know (on personal profile)<br />Complete business profile (branding) and link to website<br />Include services offered<br />Post upcoming events<br />34. Social Realtors 101: LinkedIn Donts<br />Connect with those you do not know and trust (personal)<br />Send Tweets to LinkedIn<br />Sell on LinkedIn but update!<br />Be unprofessional<br />Be obsessed with # of connections<br />35. Social Realtors 101:<br />36. Social Realtors 101: What is YouTube?<br />Online video community<br />2 billion videos watched daily<br />Users vary between ages of 18 and 55<br />Essential for monitoring your employer brand<br />Watch what employees say about you<br />Position your Employer Brand<br />Create realistic videos about what it is like to work for you<br />37. Whats so good about YouTube?<br />Humanizes your business to your market<br />Allows you to inform people quickly and easily about hot topics<br />Can make it entertaining<br />Can tape A day in the life videos<br />Create a This is how I sold your House video<br />Bloopers work well too! ;)<br />Can also post virtual tours and refer clients to it <br />Especially great for those who are relocating <br />38. YouTube: An example<br />Realtor Strange Moment<br />39. Social Realtors 101: YouTube Dos<br />Be organic<br />Connect videos to Facebook<br />Short and sweet!<br />Create a branded channel<br />Include contact information at end of each video<br />Think on the fly! (and give rich content)<br />40. Social Realtors 101: YouTube Donts<br />Spend lots of $$ and Time creating content<br />Speak badly of others<br />Attach irrelevant tags<br />Create irrelevant videos<br />Create long videos<br />41. Blogging: Real Estate Style<br />42. Social Realtors 101: What is a Blog?<br />Have existed for more than 10 years<br />Have become: <br />respectable news outlets<br />vehicles of change within organizations<br />communication tools (product announcements and updates) <br />Opportunity to humanize a company to its market.<br />Should be short and sweet give info quickly to busy people<br />43. Blogging Real Estate Style<br />Like all other means of social media promotion, blogs can:<br />Establish thought leadership<br />Increase traffic to websites<br />optimize for keywords using search engine optimization<br />Help build links to web sites<br />help people find your business in online searches.<br />Build brand awareness<br />gets your business known globally or wherever you are looking to be found<br />44. Blogging Real Estate Style<br />Build social capital<br />Help Clients find you!<br />Guest Blogging:<br />On Your Blog<br />On other Blogs<br />45. Blogs stats<br />Technorati found that:<br />71% of bloggers are blogging to speak their minds<br />72% of bloggers want to share their expertise<br />61% of bloggers do so to make money or for business purposes<br />53% of professional bloggers aim to attract new clients<br />Bloggers can establish themselves as SMEs in their field!<br />46. Create a Blog Worth Visiting<br />1 chance for first impression!<br />Capture attention and intrigue them to stay!<br />Every website should have good visual appeal and informative content. <br />Titles Interesting and related to brand<br />On a blog content is king <br />If your ideas and information are not relevant, even the best design wont create a readership.<br />47. Create a Blog Worth Visiting<br />Ask yourself:<br />1) Does it make a good first impression? <br />2) Does it have relevant and updated content on the topics you focus on?<br />3) Can it answer the questions about specifics within your topic?<br />4) Does the site convey what type of information you discuss?<br />5) Is it interactive?<br />6) Are there items the consumer can download, videos to view or links to click on and share?<br />48. Create a Blog Worth Visiting<br />7) Is your site easy to navigate?<br />8) Are your posts easy to read?<br />9) Do you use graphics and photos?<br />10) Do you have a call to action?<br />11) Can they find contact information to reach you to ask questions?<br />12) Do you allow comments?<br />49. Your First Blog Post<br />1) Open your WordPress<br />2) Draft your blog post<br />3) Create an intriguing title<br />4) Get the point across<br />5) Add the call to action<br />6) Check spelling and grammar<br />7) Add hyperlinks<br />8) Add photos (best if your own)<br />9) Add tags<br />10) Add to categories<br />11) Preview and post<br />50. Blog Example http:/<br />51. E-Marketing and its relation to Marketing<br />Your Website, Your Hub<br />Social Marketing and its relation to Marketing<br />Timing Recommendations<br />Marketing Inventory Analysis<br />Analytics<br />SEO<br />52. Your Website, Your Hub<br />Your Website<br />53. Social Networking &amp; Its Relation to Marketing<br />Continue marketing in avenues that work for you<br />SM not a replacement but a tool!<br />Make Social Networking part of your strategy<br />Choose where to be in relation to what works for you now!<br />54. Timing Recommendations<br />Twitter at least once/day preferably 2 times/day<br />Different times different audience<br />Once posted disappears into feed<br />Respond to mentions and DMs<br />Facebook Once/day<br />Post updates on wall<br />Upcoming events<br />Respond to comments<br />LinkedIn once/day<br />Review updates and comment<br />Update status if available<br />55. Timing Recommendations<br />YouTube once per week<br />when have new content to post<br />Respond to comments<br />Blogging once per week<br />Important for readers to anticipate when new posts come out<br />Create a buzz <br />56. Marketing Inventory Analysis<br />Keep track of all marketing activities in checklist format<br />Schedule updates to each and keep track<br />Keep track of what works for you most ROI<br />Adjust strategy accordingly<br />57. Analytics (such as Google)<br />Visits <br />How many people visited your site? <br />How many more visits made to your site after you post a new article/page.<br />compare the results to determine if the number of visitors grows<br />Pages/Visit <br />Determines the numbers of pages visitors are viewing after landing<br />Bounce Rate <br />Percentage of initial visitors to a site who bounce away to a different site rather than continue on to other pages within the same site. <br />If high bounce rate, consider adjusting your content and pages<br />58. Analytics<br />Further down on the Dashboard of Analytics are two reports that you should review:<br />Traffic Sources Overview<br />Content Overview<br />By looking at these two reports in full view, you can see the exact source of most of your visitors.<br />Where did they come from?<br />Did they land on your site from Facebook or from a Google Search?<br />You will see what keywords they searched for when they clicked on your page.<br />59. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)<br />Analytics show how people behave on your site<br />SEO is where you rank on Search engine results<br />Organic vs. paid search<br />On page vs. Off page optimization<br />60. Strategy Review<br />Analyze what you currently do to market<br />Assign a Social Media Administrator (even yourself!)<br />Develop an editorial Calendar<br />Examine the report results on weekly basis (part of the calendar)<br />Have a strategy in advance!<br />61. Strategy Review<br />Branding<br />Know your Audience<br />Company policy?<br />Add Social Media Widget links to website<br />Add Social Media links to email signature<br />62. Tools<br />Tweetdeck<br />Hootsuite<br />Mobile Apps <br />Twitter for iphone or BlackBerry<br />UberSocial for BlackBerry<br />Google Analytics<br />Dashboard programs to manage all locations and analyze data<br />Quora become the expert<br /><br />Active Rain<br />4 Square<br />Google Alerts<br />63. Tools: Tweetdeck<br />64. Tools: Hootsuite<br />65. Tools: Quora<br />66. Tools:<br />67. Tools: Active Rain<br />68. So What Do I Do Now?<br />Get on!<br />Become Part of the Conversation<br />Engage your Followers, Fans,Connections and Readers<br />Build Relationships<br />Build Your Business<br />Have Fun!<br />Learn how to use it right from the start!<br />69. Q/A<br />What can I answer for you?<br />70. Who Are We Anyways?<br /></p>