Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry-Based Learning

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Presentation at the JTEL Summer School 2014.


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2. Source: 3. 4. 5. Learners aggregate and work collaboratively on learning resources provided by the Open University (e.g. OpenLearn, iTunesU) and external sources (e.g. Wikipedia, SlideShare, YouTube) 6. Inquiries are structured according to the weSPOT IBL model. Students interact with inquiry components (widgets), each of them tailored for a particular inquiry- related task, e.g. data collection, data analysis, hypothesis forming, reflection, et c. 7. Inquiry components Hypothesis Conclusions Data collection Questions & Answers Notes Mind maps Reection Formal Concept Analysis Files Pages Teacher ARLearn server Formal Concept Analysis server MindMeister server Learning Analytics server Student IMS LTI resources Google gadgets


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