Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry-Based Learning

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Presentation at the PLE conference 2013.


<ul><li> 1. Source: </li> <li> 2. weSPOT is an EC-funded Research Project under the Grant Agreement no. 318499 of ICT FP7 Programme in Technology Enhanced Learning </li> <li> 3. </li> <li> 4. </li> <li> 5. Learners aggregate and work collaboratively on learning resources provided by the Open University (e.g. OpenLearn, iTun esU) and external sources (e.g. Wikipedia, Slide Share, YouTube) </li> <li> 6. Students interact with inquiry components (widgets), ea ch of them tailored for a particular inquiry- related task, e.g. data collection, da ta analysis, hyp othesis forming, refle ction, etc. </li> </ul>