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Interactive Institute Presentation 2013

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This is a 15-page company presentation of the Interactive Institute.

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2. WE CREATE GROUNDBREAKING USER EXPERIENCES Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is an experimental IT & design research institute that conducts world-class applied research and innovation. We create groundbreaking user experiences and offer expertise in interaction design, visualization, user behavior, sound design, games and entertainment. Through creative and collaborative processes we empower our partners to create new ways of doing and thinking.www.tii.se 3. SHORT FACTS Founded in 1998 by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). Part of Swedish ICT. Owned by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. 60 employees in seven cities. Turnover in 2012: 45,5 MSEK. Funding: National research funding 43%, national and international industry 25%, governmental funding 20%, EU project funding 12%.www.tii.se 4. PART OF SWEDISH ICT The Swedish ICT group includes Acreo, Interactive Institute, SICS and Viktoria, and conducts world-class research and development in areas ranging from sensors and actuators to software and service development, data analytics, visualization and interaction design.www.tii.se 5. OWNED BY RISE RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is a network of research and technology organizations that in global co-operation with academia, enterprise and society creates value, growth and competitiveness through research excellence and innovation.www.tii.se 6. KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISEwww.tii.se 7. INTERACTION DESIGN We devise and implement new and innovative interaction design solutions in extreme environments like industrial settings, outdoor environments, and public spaces. We combine leading academic research in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with practical knowledge and skills in design and information technology. Our contextual, user-centered approach in combination with strong technology knowhow lead to new insights that helps us shape innovative solutions for our partners.www.tii.se 8. DESIGN STRATEGY & PARTICIPATORY INNOVATION Design and innovation seek to improve peoples wellbeing by introducing products and services that respond to human values, human interests and experiences.We have a long history of experimenting with valuable ways of engaging in change through design, whether the starting point is societal priority, user interests, new technology, or business. We draw upon social theory, technological development and design to plan and participate in design processes with our partners, and we specialize in introducing new ways of engaging stakeholders. www.tii.se 9. VISUALIZATION We combine powerful visualization technologies with novel interaction design and display technology to create interactive visualization tools and collaborative experiences. Our projects always result in working prototypes or applications ready to enter the market. The goal is to develop innovations and experiences that help our partners enter the era of Big Data.www.tii.se 10. GAME DESIGN & GAMIFICATION Games, gameplay and gamification are becoming increasingly pervasive in our society. We explore how novel gameplay can be combined with novel technologies to create synergies that can affect all areas of society.With leading expertise in game studies, gameplay and gamification, Interactive Institute plays an important part in the exploration and innovation within the field.www.tii.se 11. SOUND & INTERFACE DESIGN There is a great potential for the use of sound interaction in a range of domains, including the vehicle industry, the process industry, and other areas involving intense information flow and demanding decision-making. We use our competencies in cognition research, sound design, acoustics, sound analysis, sound programming, interface design and concept development to to create enhanced usability and richer experiences. www.tii.se 12. FUTURE ENERGY USE The electrical grid as we know it has worked more or less in the same way for over a hundred years. However, great changes are taking place in this system forming the very core of modern society. New smart technology is directed towards energy conservation and energy production without any environmental impact. To address issues oriented towards user aspects of the future electrical grid, we focus on the role of design and design research in the transition to new behavioral patterns and social practices.www.tii.se 13. CROSS-SECTOR COLLABORATION The increasing complexity of innovation requires new kinds of perspectives and collaborations, and makes it is necessary to locate the gaps and to challenge assumed perspectives. Our foundation is built on combining disciplines of practice and research, and joining together multiple sectors and stakeholders in collaborative networks and partnerships that enable cross-sector innovation. We enable dialogue between different competencies by developing tools and processes that create transparency and mutual understanding. We make challenging collaborations work. www.tii.se 14. KEY DRIVERS OF INNOVATION collaborative networks participation co-creationwww.tii.se 15. www.tii.se