How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

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How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

Are you experiencing such a scary thing that your iPhone suddenly eat your contacts list? Sara is, and so are a lot of many people. Worse, when you come to Apple Support Team for help, they cant give you a practical proposal. Their best answer is that, well, you should have backed up your contacts to iCloud or iTunes. Here below is Saras unhappy experience.

Recently, I lost all my contacts on my iPhone. I did a quick Google search and turns out a bunch of other people had this happen to them over the past few weeks. I contacted Apple who were not able to help explain or remedy the problem. I m pretty pissed off that there is no way for me to recover my contacts. The tone i got from Apple was that it was my fault for not backing up, but its to me that this was caused by a defective product.

Still, there are many reasons might lead to contacts loss, like factory resetting, accidentally deleting, carelessly formatting, etc. So, what on earth can we do to recover our deleted contacts from iPhone regardless of any reasons? To our delighted, there are totally three measures we can take.

Way 1. Recover deleted iPhone contacts from Gmail accounts

You can easily get back your contacts as long as you have saved them in Gmail accounts.Log into your Gmail accounts, and your deleted contacts can be restored from here. But regretfully not everyone has the good habit of saving their contacts in Gmail accounts.

Way 2. Recover iPhone contacts from iTunes/ iCloud

As we all know, iCloud can back up your iPhone contacts when your device is turned on.

Step1: Turn on iCloud: Settings> iCloud> Contacts.

Step2: Erase your iPhone: Setting> General> Reset All Contents and Settings.

Step3: Your iPhone will restart you need to set it again. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup Then log into your Apple ID, all contacts in the iCloud backup are back to your iPhone.

Also, iTunes can restore your iPhone contacts by connecting your phone to computer.

Connect you iPhone to PC, then, and find your device. Right-click Restore from backup when you need to recover you contacts, and all of them will be in your iPhone. But remember not to sync your backup with your iPhone, or the contacts in your backup will be updated and you will have no chance to recover them.

Way 3. Recover deleted contacts via iOS Data Recovery tool

While if you dont have any backup in iCloud, how could you recover your contacts? The unique way is to recover with iOS Data Recovery tool. As there are so many iPhone Rescue tools in the market, i sincerely recommend you Jihosoft Mobile Recovery for iOS, which can complete recovery work just in few simple steps but with an amazing effect.

You have two choices to recover deleted contacts from iPhone with the help of Jihosoft Mobile Recovery for iOS tool.

1. Restore contacts from iPhone directly

You can choose to retrieve contacts by directly scan your iPhone device if when you dont have any backup file, or the backup is too old. Just follow its reminder, and the recovery process is easy to finish. If you still dont know how to do you can refer to its step-by-step-guide.

2. Restore contacts by extracting iTunes backup file

After you choose to click the Recover from iTunes backup file option, click Scan to start scan your iPhone contacts. After scanning, all the contacts from your iPhone will be displayed in details. Click Recover, then those deleted contacts can be restored in the computer. Compare with restoring whole backup from iTunes, this recovery from iTunes backup allows you preview messages and select those you want to recover.