Engage Your Clients Using Twitter

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7 minutes presentation by Ramon Suarez for Cleverwood's participation at the Devcom conference.More: http://bit.ly/devcom

Text of Engage Your Clients Using Twitter

  • 1. DEMO Engage with your clients using Twitter N

2. Benefits of using twitter

  • Know your customers better.
  • Help them know you better.
  • Get instant feedback and help.
  • Virality: message multiplier.
  • Know what is happeningnow!
  • And many more It all depends on your objectives.

3. Whats so great about it?

  • Great and continuous source of interesting information.
  • Easily engage with and have access to key stakeholders.
  • Relationship builder.
  • Instantaneous or almost.
  • The community: users and developers.
  • The applications that enhance it.
  • It works!

4. What is Twitter Update based conversations 5. 10 Key Concepts to Keep in Mind

  • Its all abouthuman beings not technology> Relationships.
  • Relevance!
  • Get into their shoes.
  • Common sense.
  • Fill profile, with picture!
  • Read, write, test > Iterate.
  • Content. What can you add?
  • Meet in real life.
  • Cross-promotion.
  • Help others and ask for help.

6. How much does it cost? What does it add?

  • Free . Youjustneed to work to make twitter work for you.
  • Unveil conversations >> Opportunity to participate.
  • Great source of information about your clients: get to know them better.
  • Easily track what is being said about you and your competitors now.

7. About Ramn Surez Ramn Surezis a new media businessand marketing solutionsstrategist. Twitter:@ramonsuarez Blog: ramonsuarez.com Linkedin:ramonsuarez Tel: +32497556284 8. If you want to get in touch www.cleverwood.be [email_address] Call Olivier Beaujean at +32 (0) 475 75 85 90 Cleverwood is a trademark of Fair Wood Ventures sprl/bvba Cleverwood is your New Media Consulting partner, providing expertise, knowledge and consulting services for Web, Mobile, Interactive Television and emerging channels.