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A Case Study on migrating ZUNO Bank to Cisco Finesse and 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse - slide deck

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This is a slide deck used at Cisco Live! in London in 2013. It covers a migration of a Cisco UCCE customer to ersin 8.5.3 and the process of migrating from a CTI-OS based agent desktop to Cisco Finesse. The customer was ZUNO Bank, a member of the Raiffeisen International Banking Group, supporting 14 million clients across 17 countries via a traditional brick and mortar service model. The group decided to approach the European market in a different way. It launched ZUNO BANK, a new modern bank offering its services to urban professionals in multiple European countries via an online, 24x7 service model. This was originally achieved by leveraging a distributed Cisco contact center (UCCE) along with 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP (CTI-OS Toolkit) that provided a very tight integration with the bank's core banking systems and supported all necessary communication channels - voice, chat and e-mail. To increase the operational efficiency, and with the vision of providing its services on a few additional markets, the bank decided to upgrade its Cisco UCCE and switch to a web-based Cisco Finesse agent desktop application along with an essential power pack of 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse ( providing a unified agent/supervisor interface. Request a live demo with one of our product expert at or learn more at

Text of A Case Study on migrating ZUNO Bank to Cisco Finesse and 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse - slide...

  • 1. +=Peter Magyar, ZUNO BANK, Head of the Contact CenterMichal Greb, 2Ring, Strategic Sales & Marketing DirectorCUSTOMER CASE STUDY

2. The Goal ..Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 2 3. Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 4. The Goal .. Show you how the newlydeployed Cisco Finesse(hand in hand with a powerpack of 2Ring GADGETS) ishelping ZUNO BANKscontact center team do itspart to deliver the bankscustomer promise - LESSBANK, MORE LIFE Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 4 5. What to Expect .. The Goal Involved Parties The Time Before Finesse (Problem Statement) The Plan The Deliverables Lessons Learned Related Resources Q&ACisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 5 6. Involved Parties ..Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 6 7. Austrian banking license Banking done in a smart and intuitive way, human and simple Alternative for modern people against non-transparent, feeheavy, traditional banking. No small print or hidden conditions Simplicity is one of the key factors of development Strong focus on online banking, mobile banking, contact center Limited physical presence Flag Ship Stores Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 7 8. Centralized operation model Low-cost operating business model Strong focus on service quality Local market awards after 1st and2nd years of operation Present in Slovakia and the CzechRepublic and coming to otherEuropean countries soon Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 8 9. Cisco Gold Partner / Cisco Master UC Specialization / CiscoATP UCC Enterprise Line of Business IT Infrastructure, Customer Interaction, Content Management, Security Presence Slovakia / Czech Republic / Romania / Turkey and serving customers from other European markets as well Revenue: 65+ million EURO Employees: 600+ Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 9 10. On the market since 2001 Cisco Preferred Solution Developer Flexible solutions for Cisco Unified Communications & ContactCenters (Express & Enterprise) Agile development Global presence Indirect sales strategy Cisco Marketplace Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 10 11. Why 2Ring and gadgets for Cisco Finesse? 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP CTI-OS based solution Customer-driven development since 2005 Proven features transferred to Cisco Finesse Supervisor (Agent) to agent chat Visual Notifications + Message Ticker Multi-Tab browser Scripts & Forms (advanced wrap-up) ..Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 11 12. The Time Before .. Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 12 13. The Time Before .. CUCM 7.1 + UCCE 7.5 (fully redundant) MCS Servers in 2 datacenters in Poland (redundant sites A+B) Agents in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary Centralized IP IVR 7.5 for all countries Client Authentication (integration with core banking IS via web services) 2x Cisco 2911 in every country (CZ, SK, HU, PL) SIP trunks ended at Cisco CUBE Cisco CIM integrated with Cisco ICM Easy to use, tailor made, 2Ring REPORTSCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255513 14. The Time Before .. Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 14 15. The Time Before .. Problem Statement Blended agents using a thick client application 2Ring AGENT DESKTOP (CTI-OS Toolkit) Integrated with core banks systems Difficulties in maintenance and configuration No support for a silent install due to CTI-OS Toolkit component Issues with 64bit OS due to CTI-OS Toolkit component Slower implementation of custom development Planned expansion to more countries Needed infrastructure that would support growth via the possibility of remote managementCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255515 16. The Plan ..Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 16 17. The Plan .. Upgrade UCCE 7.5(10) to UCCE 8.0(1a) Installation/configuration of OS + VMware on UCS Migrate UCCE to Cisco UCS servers 2x UCS-C-210M2 Install a new (using PreUpgradeTool) IP IVR 8.0(x) on UCS Install (using PreUpgradeTool) CUCM 8.0(2) on UCS Disconnect current CUCM Connect new CUCM 8.0(2) Upgrade UCCE 8.0(x) to UCCE 8.5(3)Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 17 18. The Plan .. Upgrade Phase 1 Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 18 19. The Plan .. Upgrade CUCM to 8.6(x) Upgrade IVR to 8.5(x) Upgrade UCCE to 9.0(1) Upgrade/Install CTI OS on all agent desktops Install Finesse 9.0(1) Install Social Miner 9.0(1) Upgrade CUCM 8.6(x) to 9.0(1) Upgrade IP IVR 8.5(x) to 9.0(1) Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 19 20. The Plan .. Upgrade Phase 2 (Final)Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 20 21. The Deliverables ..Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 21 22. 2Ring infoPANEL ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Persistent gadget Stays with agents through all Cisco Finesse tabs Keeps agents informed & up-to-date Agent is informed via icon + message in the ticker area Type of call / client Unsecured channel (SKYPE) Special VDN (VIP clients)Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 22 23. 2Ring infoPANEL ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Time in state with thresholds Message ticker Receive messages from supervisors Notification messages about events in other tabs of Cisco Finesse generated by other systems / applicationsCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 23 24. 2Ring infoPANEL ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Action buttons Serve as bookmarks Log a specific event into a database Send a signal to an external Information System One-click call forward (satisfaction measurement) Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 24 25. 2Ring infoPANEL ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Event-Rules-Action model Specific Event occurs (such as the arrival of a new call) A set of Actions associated with the given Event is processed Each Action has a logical statement / rule associated with it If this rule is satisfied, the action is launchedCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255525 26. 2Ring infoPANEL ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSECisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 26 27. 2Ring BROWSER ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSECisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 27 28. 2Ring BROWSER ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Fully compatible with MS IE Closable or permanent colorable tabs Displays UI of 3rd party web based systems A key integration tool (hand in hand with the infoPANEL gadget) UCC parameters are passed as URL variables Dynamic tab navigation action Navigate to a webpage based on call context data Scriptable tab focusingCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255528 29. 2Ring TEAM ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Replaces Team Performance GadgetCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 29 30. 2Ring TEAM ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Collaborate with others based on real-time info on theiravailability Find agents/supervisors by teams / queues Agent profiles Chat with agents Message ticker messages Call and consult call option Real-time info on time in state, reason code, team / queue membership Set an agent to a ready state / log outCisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255530 31. 2Ring TEAM .. Supervisor Extension2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Allows supervisors to Send short messages to agents clients or 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS Reach any mix of agents from different queues or teams with the same instant message Use message templates Have a message expire after a certain time Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255531 32. SCRIPTS & FORMS ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Guide Agents Set up powerful workflows forinbound & outbound calls Save Time Start collecting all the necessaryinfo at a calls start and send itaway at the calls end Empower Supervisors Create/Modify web-based scripts& forms with ease Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 32 33. SCRIPTS & FORMS ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSECisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 33 34. SCRIPTS & FORMS ..2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE Build forms with Single selection groups Multi selection groups Free text answers Hierarchy groups Enhance forms with Checks & balances Limits and thresholds Customize forms with corporate design Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 34 35. 2Ring GADGETS FOR CISCO FINESSE ..System Requirements Client PC Browser supported by Cisco Finesse (IE 8, Firefox) 2Ring SF also requires Microsoft Silverlight Server Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 or later Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or later IIS 7.0 with ASP .NET Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Express Edition or above Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255535 36. Lessons Learned .. Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 36 37. Lessons Learned .. All of the deliverables were delivered Time planning (too many involved parties) Short term issues after the upgrade Directories services stopped working after the upgrade to CUCM 8.5 Client authentication via web services had a short outage Announcement management had a short outage Upgrade and integration with CIM is scheduled for the end of Q1 Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-255537 38. The Latest? .. 2Ring COMPACT AGENT Cisco Jabber for Windows Subject Matter Experts Presence Information Call related information Wrap-Up (post call survey) IS integration Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 38 39. Related Resources .. Review a detailed presentation on our essential power pack Schedule a live WebEx presentation Want to know more? [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 39 40. Presentation_ID 2012 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 40 41. Q&A .. Cisco Live! Session ID: CCSCCT-2555 41 42. 2Ring .. Connect with Us2Ring .. QuestionsMichal GrebPeter KoleniStrategic Sales & Marketing Director Channel Manager EMEARTWITTER OFFICE+421 2 5822 4379MOBILE+1 (916) 514-3355MOBILE+421 903 500 494EMAIL [email protected] [email protected] 2Ring .. North America2Ring .. EMEARADDRESS 331 Newman Springs RoadADDRESS Galvaniho 15/CBuilding 1, Suite 143821 04 Bratislav

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