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love and sin - ARISE DREAMS

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2. DAY OF CREATION SL.NO CREATION FIRST DAY LIGHT SECOND DAY SKY & WATER THIRD DAY LAND & SEAS FOURTH DAY SUN,MOON &STARS FIFTH DAY FISH & BIRDS SIXTH DAY ANIMALS,HUMANS 3. ADAM & EVE FIRST ZOOLOGIST NAMER OF ANIMALS FATHER OF HUMAN RACE ENJOYED IN EDEN GARDEN ADAM LIVED FOR 930 YEARS AND DIED 4. HOW THEY ARE SEPARATED FROM GOD 5. DOUBT Makes you question gods word and his goodness 6. DISCOURAGEMENT Makes you look at your problems rather than at God 7. DIVERSION Make you to look wrong things attractive than gods words 8. DEFEAT Makes you feel like defeated and dont let you try again 9. DELAY Makes you put off doing something so that it never gets done 10. CAIN & ABEL THOSE WHO ACCEPT GOD ARE ADORNED. ABEL IS KNOWN FOR FAITH. THOSE WHO HAVE FAITH IN ONESELF WILL HAVE FAITH IN GOD. 11. LESSONS FROM CAIN & ABEL Anger is not necessarily a sin ,but actions motivated by anger can be sinful. Anger should be the energy behind good action, not evil action What we offer to god must be from depth of the heart the best we have The consequence of sin may last a lifetime. 12. WHO IS GOD He leads people towards peace but diversion on wrong deeds make them hue and cry God is faithful to those who obey him God does not always protect us from trouble, but cares for us in spite of trouble. Obedience is a long term commitment we need to abide him. We may be faithful but our sinful nature always travels with us