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Text of TriggMine: TRUE STORY

  • TriggMine


  • Marketers were strugglingtrying to keep their lists updated and organized while up against tremendous, frustrating technical

    hurdles... it seemed nothing automated would ever help with their email marketing plans...

  • we've been there...

  • THE IDEA was

    to eliminate tiresome uploading and updating of the same old lists to get rid of generic, ineffective emails and newsletters to increase sales without hiring costly tech experts or touching a single line of code

  • and WE DID IT:)

  • We launched TriggMine, chasing the idea to make complexed email workflows perfectly easy


  • We had a small office

    and a head full of dreams

  • TriggMine Vol.1

    2 Email Workflows

    50 customers

    Pricing: from $25/month

    but we wanted more

  • TriggMine Vol.2 2015

  • a step FURTHER

    10 Email Workflows & behavior-based segmentation

    Advanced analytics

    250 customers

    Pricing: from $57/month

  • but HAD TO STOPWe tried to make more features, which would've gone over big with our customers but

    ended up costing us that perfectly easy tagline

  • And we turned the page

  • Moved to a bigger office

    and adopted this turtle named Sarah

  • 2016.

    We spent four months developing TriggMine Vol. 3 from scratch

    Wrote more than 10,000 lines of code

    Drank approximately 3,520 cups of coffee

    Poured our souls into it

  • TriggMine Vol.3Complex Email Workflows Made Perfectly Easy

  • Now you can experience the power of behavioral based email campaigns, without the time consuming technical hurdles

  • Step-by-step email workflow editor

    Create email workflows while drinking a cup of coffee

  • Email automation workflow library

    Choose from dozens of ready-made, proven email campaigns

  • Revenue from tracking sent emails

  • Simple yet detailed Email Reports

  • Get More by doing LESSWe've compiled 8 Email Workflows that can bring 80% of your revenue

  • We are ready to share the experience

    Kristina, CMO

    The voice of TriggMine. Has spoken at 50+ events in Europe & Asia. Max, Head Of Sales

    Jack of All Trades. Has a 5+ years of experience at international companies.

    Den, Lead Generation

    Advertising guru. Knows everything about start-up promotion.

    July, Customer Care

    Cares about everyone. Believes the customer comes first.

    Kate, HR

    "No words needed. Just take a look at our Dream Team :-)"

  • from the very beginning

    Igor Soloviov Founder

    Max Soloviov Founder

    They already had one successful email marketing business [#1 ESP in Eastern Europe].

    Now they are ready for more

  • Dream Team at TriggMine

    eCommerce Email Marketing Automaton for your ideal customer experience.

    At last, we're PROUD to present