Tajmahal: the true story

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saurav, rinki, punam n rajdeep. this is our ppt..plz n plzz download it.. i am unable to mail u this

Text of Tajmahal: the true story

  • 1. Prof. Ronika Mukherjee (Mentor) Koyel Dey (Roll No. 25) Rinki Kumari (Roll No. 13) Punam Kumari (Roll No.20) Rajdeep Chanda(Roll No. 37) Department of ECE, 2nd year-4th sem Regent Education & Research Foundation

2. The Taj Evidences to prove it was not made by Shahjah Summary & Conclusion Acknowledgement Bibliography 3. The Taj is located inAgra, India, built by Mughalemperor Shah Jahan in memory ofhis favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.The Taj Mahal (also "the Taj") isconsidered the finest example ofMughal architecture, a style thatcombines elements fromPersian, Indian, and Islamicarchitectural styles. In 1983, the TajMahal became a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site and was cited as "thejewel of Muslim art in India and oneof the universally admiredmasterpieces of the worldsheritage." 4. Tejo Mahalaya 5. Summary & Conclusion 6. Acknowledgement We are grateful to all who providedinformation to shape this entirepresentation and also want to thank ourteachers and parents whose patienceand support appeared infinite. And aspecial thanks goes to Mr. P.N.Oak forrevelling this truth. 7. Bibliography www.google.com www.facebook.com www.stephen-knapp.com