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Cinderella: The True Story By Sariah Rahman

Cinderella: The true story

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A Fairy tale Parody

Text of Cinderella: The true story

  • Cinderella: The True Story

    By Sariah Rahman

  • Every knows our sister Cinderella, well, stepsister actually, but no one knows the true story of Cinderella, involving an extreme introvert and a tiny mistake. According our stepdad, Edwin Malcolm, Cinderella loved her mother, and she was the only person she could trust, but when Cinderellas mother died when she was only 5 and Cinderella refused to talk to anyone, even her dad.

  • In order to avoid discussion, Cindy, as we call her, spent hours doing chores and loved to do them, however she was very forgetful and would miss many spots and even forget to do some of the chores.

  • About five year after her mothers death, Edwin decided to our mother, the fair and beautiful Lady Addington, who fell in love over the common struggle of the loss of a spouse. After our mothers wedding, we moved to the Malcolm's house, where we met Cinderella for the first time.

  • The first time we met Cinderella, was when we opened the door to the Malcolm Estate. She was, of course, cleaning and looked up and then looked back down at

    the floor that she was scrubbing. Then, my mother pointed to a tiny speck on the floor and said You call this clean? This floor is filthy. The First thing I will do tomorrow, as

    lady of the House, is fire you. If you are going to clean this floor, you better clean it

    right. Didnt your mother teach you to clean? When my mother say this to

    Cindy, Cindy was so mad, that she quietly stormed off. Then Edwin quietly explained

    to the Lady what the situation with Cinderella was.

  • For seven years, Cindy continued her quiet battle with our mother and she would only be be heard sing in

    her room early in the mornings. Then, Cindy would continue to

    clean and served the roles of the maids, so my mother never alway hired any maids, but mother was

    alway criticizing her work. Our lives continued the same until the day of

    the letter.

  • One day, the royal messenger came with an invitation to the ball of a lifetime, the ball that gave every maiden the chance to be the wife of the prince, something that every lady, but Cinderella, wanted. Naturally, we got ready for the ball while Cinderella, who had a large list, cleaned all day even though we asked her to come with us.. Cinderella, finally finished with her chores, went up and instantly decided to go to the ball and put on one of her mothers nice dresses.

  • As Cinderella raced to catch up to us, she ripped part of her dress right by our shoes and proceeded to blame us. Since, this was the first words she had spoken in a long time, we were shocked but then realizing what happened we argue and then ripped the sleeves of her dress and she ran to the yard crying. After that, we went to the carriage, unaware of what Cindy was doing or how it would change our future.

  • While Cindy was in the garden, a fairy Godmother came. Wendy, why are you crying? It is okay that you wouldnt see Peter again, but he is where he belong and you are where you belong, the fairy Godmother said, unknowing that she had the wrong person.

    What are you talking about? Im not Wendy, Im Cindy, Cinderella said quietly.

    Oh, I apologize Cindy, I will leave, but I cannot leave until I cheer you up. What is the matter, you can tell old Fairy Godmother everything. As Cindy explained her problems to Fairy Godmother, she came up with an idea. I know, I will get you ready to go to the ball

    But, Fairy Godmother you dont understand. IEnough, I will get you ready for the ball and you

    will go and enjoy yourself! You would not be able to come home until the stroke of midnight Then Fairy Godmother waved her wand and turned Cinderella into a maiden that no one could recognize.

  • As Cindy rode to the ball, her stomach was in knots and she could not believe this had just happened to her. As she entered the ballroom, she froze and all eye came upon her and she tried to step back but her glass shoes would not allow her to go back, so she walked in and walked to the punch bowl and right as she was about to make it to the table, someone stepped on her foot, which caused more damage to him because of Cinderellas glass slippers. Ouch, she yelped.

    The man quietly replied, I apologize, I.. I Im sorry, may I make it up to you with dance?

    Okay, she said timidly.

  • The gentleman replied with much confidence Well, every man is looking at the most beautiful

    maiden in the land, and all the women are realizing that they are looking at the most

    beautiful couple in the world that might just become prince and princess.

  • Cinderella was shocked and could not believe her ears. During this shock, the clock struck midnight and she panicked and ran barely stopping to think about the slipper fall off her foot. She ran home and went to bed believing it was all a dream. Went Cindy woke up, she continued as if nothing had ever happened, but Cindy was constantly singing and talked to us every time we went by.

  • Some weeks later, the familiar knock that came about a month before again was heard at our door. Went the our mother opened the door, we were promptly by her side, however, Cindy was upstairs doing some chores, and did not hear the guest downstairs. When she finally came down, our guest was leaving with her glass slipper but she stop them. Lady Addington decided to have one last blow against Cinderella in their little feud and tripped the messenger and shattered the glass slipper.

  • However, as you know Cinderella had the other slipper and the rest of our sisters story is history, but remember Cinderella is no hero.