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These are slides from a sermon titled "Why do we assemble." The audio to this sermon is found here: http://colliervillechurchofchrist.com/multimedia-archive/why-do-we-assemble-audio-pending/

Text of 062.the assembly

  • 1. Scripture Reading Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 14:12, 15-17, 26, 31

2. WHY DO WE ASSEMBLE? 3. And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. Matthew ! 16:18 4. Now on the rst day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread Acts! 20:7 5. 1 Corinthians! 11, 14 6. praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved (NASU) Acts! 2:47 7. Every day, you should seek out the faces of the saints Epistle of Barnabas, 70-130 AD 8. Every day, seek out the faces of the saints so that you may be refreshed by their words Didache, 80-140 AD 9. For when you assemble frequently in the same place, the powers of Satan are destroyed Let your assembling together be of frequent occurrence Ignatius, 105 AD 10. After baptism we continually remind one another of these things. Those who have provide for all those in need. We are always together with one another. Justin Martyr, 160 AD 11. We all make our assembly in common on Sunday, since it is the rst day on which God changed the darkness and matter and made the world, and Jesus Christ our Savior arose from the dead on the same day. Justin Martyr, 160 AD 12. WHY DO WE ASSEMBLE? I. TO JOIN THE ASSEMBLY 13. Greet one another Rom. 15:7; Rom. 16:16 14. Engage! 15. WHY DO WE ASSEMBLE? II. TO WORSHIP GOD TOGETHER 16. BODY AWARENESS 17. WHY DO WE ASSEMBLE? III. TO BUILD EACH OTHER UP 18. WHY DO WE ASSEMBLE? 19. WHY DO WE ASSEMBLE? I. TO JOIN THE ASSEMBLY II. TO WORSHIP GOD TOGETHER III. TO BUILD EACH OTHER UP 20. Application:! DONT SKIP THE ASSEMBLY!