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  • 2016 Copyright

    Airport MAXIMO User Group 2016 Annual Meeting

    September 12 - 13, 2016

    Internet of Things: Bolt Torque Management in MAXIMO

    John Connell, CEO JFC & Associates

    hAps://Video Link

  • 2016 Copyright

    Problem: Foreign Object Debris Foreign object debris (FOD) is a substance, debris or arMcle alien to a vehicle or system which would potenMally cause damage, parMcularly in an aerospace sePng.

    Runway debris The crash of a Concorde, Air France Flight 4590, at Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris on 25 July 2000 was caused by FOD; in this case a piece of Mtanium debris on the runway which had been part of a thrust reverser which fell off from a ConMnental Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10 that had taken off about four minutes earlier. All 100 passengers and nine crew on board the flight, as well as four people on the ground, were killed.

  • 2016 Copyright

    Problem: Loose Centerline Runway Light

    May 2014 Jamaica, NY JFK InternaMonal Airport A centerline runway light at JFK airport came loose and as a Delta 747 took off, the light became impaled in the plane's underbelly, raising safety concerns. It was sMll there 12 hours later when it landed in Japan.

  • 2016 Copyright

    Cause: Fastener Failure

    1st Most Common Cause of Fastener Failure : Improper Torque 2nd Most Common Cause of Fastener Failure: Corrosion

    Light Manufacturer Quote This is a common problem across the globe. By not addressing the problem there will be a catastrophe

  • 2016 Copyright

    MAXTORQUE is an IoT SoluHon The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. Garter

    Objects need to be connected and must be able to capture and transmit data Its a blend of the physical and digital world Ability to measure risks faster OpportuniMes outweigh the risks Decision making by data driven insights Lowers costs OpportuniMes in mulMple industries

    Remedy: MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System

  • 2016 Copyright

    What is MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System?

    MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System is a patented Enterprise Level Technology IoT soluMon to help companies beAer manage bolt torque smarter and faster

    Designed for Mghtening and measuring torque using torque specificaMon upper and lower torque values stored in MAXIMO

    Values and measurement readings are sent bi-direcMonally to and from MAXIMO via a mobile plamorm connected to a digital torque wrench

    MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System Introduc>on

  • 2016 Copyright

    Assets & LocaMons are tagged with a unique number, RFID and/or Barcode for tracking.

    Torque is measured and the Bluetooth Torque wirelessly transmits bolt torque readings via a Bluetooth to an app residing on an Android Tablet . The tablet stores data locally and transmits the data via the MaxPort APP to your MAXIMO System.

    Torque Measurement System

    Mobile Devices ReporMng

    Industry Standards Alerts AnalyHcs

    Secure Data sent to the MaxTorque Measurement System is recorded, validated for upper and lower torque limits, and no

  • 2016 Copyright

  • 2016 Copyright

    MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System 1 Scan the Asset to validate the asset and the location

    2 - Connect to device (torque wrench) 3 Validate the torque values or enter the min, max value 4 - Send the min, max torque value to the wrench 5 Torque the bolt & read the measurement from the wrench 6 An alert will be sent to MaxTorque App when the data is not in the range 7 - Release the current bolt, and automatically load the data to MaxTorque for new measurement

  • 2016 Copyright

    CharacterisMcs All Data is Stored in MAXIMO providing ReferenMal


    Bolts are MAXIMO Meters Bolt torque readings are stored in meter history Bolt torque lower and upper limit torque values are

    stored as Asset SpecificaMons

    Robust in the way it leverages many capabiliMes in MAXIMO via the hands of the user

    Easy to use All data is stored in MAXIMO IntuiMve design GUI Less complexity, less clicks Limited training necessary Minor installaMon effort No hand keying Follows torque paAerns

    MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System

  • 2016 Copyright

    Benefits Increases OperaMonal and Asset UpMme Increases Customer Service Provides a plamorm for reporMng & analyMcs Delivers torque values instantly Help with regulatory compliance Eliminates paper processing Delivers criMcal asset informaMon to field workers

    Flexible Can be tailored to specific uses cases Create new assets, locaMons and service requests

    Take photos

    Improves Quality Assurance and Safety Uniform compliance Improves producMvity Limited training necessary Minor installaMon effort Reduce data entry errors and communicaMon issues

    Bolt Torque InformaMon anyMme, anywhere Works in disconnected mode Process workorders Collect and validate GIS locaMons and asset idenMficaMon in the field

    MAXTORQUE Bolt Torque Management System

  • 2016 Copyright

    MAXTORQUE Review

    Features Extends the capabiliMes of Bolt Torque Management in MAXIMO literally to the hands of the technicians

    GIS locaMon validaMons Works offline Benefits Torque informaMon available anyMme, anywhere Provides historical torque data for analysis IntuiMve user interface Enables decision making process

  • 2016 Copyright

    Ques%ons?Email: [email protected]

    Web: hAp://

    Phone: 617-963-3590

  • 2016 Copyright

    Thank you very much!

    John Connell, CEO of JFC & Associates

    Email: [email protected]

    Web: hAp://

    Phone: 617-963-3590

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