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IBM Maximo Property Performance Management solutions, ... set of Maximo attributes and applica- ... only through IBM Maximo Professional Services, the Maximo consulting arm of

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  • IBM Global Business Services

    Supply Chain Management


    Extends IBM Maximo property

    portfolio management in Estates,

    Facilities. Environment and

    Projects functions beyond core

    Maximo capabilities.

    Enables expanded monitoring,

    assessment and measurement

    of key property management

    performance metrics.

    Enables hierarchical views from

    the whole portfolio, to individual

    buildings and assets.

    Enables yearly and monthly

    targets versus actuals


    Based upon IBMs own experience

    of managing a complex,

    international portfolio.

    Property Management and OversightManaging a large, possibly international, port-folio of properties is complex. Managing the overall performance of costly property assets requires a host of disparate information that invariably resides in multiple source systems.In addition, the marketplace trend for prop-erty management organizations to centralize their organizations and to outsource delivery of their services creates further challenges for effectively managing an entire, complex portfolio. Obtaining key performance informa-tion, such as total cost of occupancy, is diffi-cult when data comes from multiple sources, especially when it must conform to bench-mark standards.

    IBM, itself faced these challenges when it outsourced the delivery of services through-out Europe. Its solution was to create its own hub of data, linked to the systems of its service providers. IBM Global Business Ser-vices has taken this internal concept, which has been honed and proven over the past five years, and has produced an equivalent solution using IBM Maximo.

    Maximo, one of the worlds leading asset management solutions, has long supported the challenges of property and facility man-agement. IBM Maximo Professional Ser-

    vices has enhanced the already significant property management support capabilities of Maximo, to extend its functionality with IBM Maximo PPMS (Property Performance Management Solution). Maximo PPMS has added new dimensions and capabilities to support property management, particularly in Estates (including leases), Facilities (in-cluding space management), Environment (including utilities and carbon consumptions) and Projects (including approvals and project management).

    Applying PPMS still permits Maximo to be used in its traditional modedata is input directly by in-house staff, and services are managed and delivered internally. However, PPMS adds a dimension--key data can be imported from external systems belonging to suppliers, or other third parties. PPMS is used as a data repository that stores and consolidates this data, and permits Key Per-formance Indicators (KPIs) from providers to show the performance of all estates, facili-ties, environmental or projects assets. This facilitates calculations regarding total cost of ownership of individual buildings, and can be rolled-up into sites, areas and regions, to reflect the whole portfolio.

    IBM Maximo Property Performance Management Solution

  • in-house, PPMS also gives them the in-formation and flexibility to alter their sup-plier base. The resultant data on assets and portfolio performanceboth target and actualcan be shared with bidders, enabling them to make better informed and more cost-effective, bids.

    Estates ManagementProperty Locations Allows creation of property specific information: PropertyType,levelandunique

    property reference number Propertypicture,mapandproperty

    contacts Propertyandcompanyaddresses

    to various standards Buildingandlanddetails

    Leases Captures lease-in and lease-out information: Leaseboundaryareas,cross-

    referenced to Maximo locations Rents,valuations,rightsand

    obligations Leaseevents

    Freeholds Captures freehold information: Freeholdboundaryareas,cross-

    referenced to Maximo locations Valuations,rightsandobligations

    Maximo PPMS

    Making Property Assets ClearerMaximo has always offered capabili-ties that help organizations to better understand their property manage-ment operations, needs, and options. These capabilities have evolved over time, in response to emerging market needs and to specific requests from our customerswith added input from our Maximo consultants. The additional features of PPMS provide a whole new set of Maximo attributes and applica-tions that extend Maximo well beyond its core product functionality. All have been built on IBMs own experience of managing its large property portfolio, and are aimed solely at maximizing the output of property assetsfrequently the second largest spend item on organiza-tions balance sheets.

    PPMS BenefitsPPMS provides comprehensive views on the entire property portfolio man-agement data set, containing both func-tional performance management and transactional asset management data items. Specific benefits include:

    Improvesaccessanddecision-making via common and consistent aggregated data.

    In-houseusersarefocusedoninformation relevant to them and do not have to search multiple external systems, each of which require training.

    Improvesvisibility,enablingmatchingof financial system records with supplier work orders, and tighter Business Control where needed.

    BuiltusingIBMMaximoconfigurationtools that can respond flexibly to individual customer needs

    PPMS allows corporate organisations to maintain property data definitions and ownership in-house, thus safeguarding critical property data. And since the key asset and performance data is retained

    PPMS Structure







    Real World Example




    Main Campus

    North Car Park

    Library data such as: Address Building Manager Date Built Number of Floors & Layout Utilities Consumption Carbon Output Critical Assets Maintenance Record etc.

    Property Address PropertyRegionsand Property Areas applications that capture: Addressdetails Regionscreationwithinan

    organization, and areas creation within a region


    Estate Manager Provides estates data including: Freeholds,leasesandfuture

    leases attached to property Yearlyandmonthlypropertycost


    Estate Area Viewofpropertiesbelonging to an area; buildings and land within the property, including: Totalfreeholdsandfreeholdsby

    property Totalleasesandleasesby

    property Yearlyarea,andmonthlyproperty

    cost breakdowns

  • Facilities ManagementAsset Register Provides new attributes including:CriticalassetindicatorAssetenergyratingAsbestosindicator

    Asset Manager Gives asset managers a property asset and work overview:Majorassetsattachedtoa

    property or buildingPlannedandreactiveservice

    requests; work by building listed by year and by month

    Overallproperty,andspecificbuilding CO2 summaries


    Space Manager Delivers space and occupancy data through Maximo from CAD or GIS packages

    Facility Area - Presents area property views, including land and buildings:Propertyandbuildingasset




    Environmental ManagementFacility Periods Allows reporting periods definition against property, building or lower hierarchical location

    Utility Streams Allows utility monitoring and defines attributes:Measurementunit,utilitytype,

    carbon factor multiplier, utility vendor, meter name and report indicators

    Waste streams Allows waste streams creation for monitoring, and defines attributes:Measurementunit,wastetype,

    disposal type, carbon factor multiplier, waste vendor (optional), meter name (optional) and report indicators

    Utilities Allows input of target and actual values against a utility stream: Usage,cost,andcarbon

    (calculated), target against actualHeatingdegreedaysandcooling

    degree daysUtilityperformance,carbon

    emission and cost performance reports (5 each)

    Waste Allows input of target and actual values against a waste stream:Targetvolume,costandcarbon

    (calculated), target against actualWasteperformance,carbon

    emission reports and cost performance reports (5 each)

    Utility Manager Provides property utility overview:Utilityconsumptionpermonthand

    per year, target against actualUtilitycostpermonthandperyear,

    target against actualUtilitycarbonemissionspermonth

    and per year, target against actual

    Waste Manager Provides property waste overview: Wastegenerationpermonthand

    per year, target against actualWastecostpermonthandper

    year, target against actualWastecarbonemissionsper

    month and per year, target against actual

    Environment Manager Provides property utility and waste overview:Utilityconsumptionperyear,target

    against actualWastegenerationperyear,target

    against actualConsolidatedutilityandwaste

    costs per year, target against actual

    Utilityandwastecostperyear,splittarget against actual

    Utilityandwastecarbonemissionsper year, target against actual

    Utilityandwastecarbonemissionsper year, split target against actual

    Environmental Area Presents view of properties within an area, and buildings and land within the property:Propertyandbuildingutilities;YTD

    summary, target against actualPropertyandbuildingwaste;YTD

    summary, target against actualConsolidatedpropertyand

    building utility and waste carbon emissions summary, target against actual

    Consolidatedpropertyandbuilding utility and waste cost summary, target against actual

    Consolidatedbuildingutilityandwaste carbon e

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