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Ibm maximo online training course uk | Ibm maximo online training course USA | Ibm maximo online training course Hyderabad

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  • Keen technologies Pvt LtdUS:475-212-0075 INDIA : +91 9989754807EMAIL : [email protected]

  • Keen technologies training course introduces a new user to the powerful features available in Maximo. This hands-on course includes lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and a wide variety of exercises.

  • Sql, Java oops concepts, general idea on enterprise management is added advantage.

    Target Audience: Implementation Teams System administrators Support TeamsBusiness Partners Asset Managers Maintenance Teams Procurement teams

  • Functional:

    Overview or details explanation of all maximo modules and applications Details explanation of SCCD, TSRM and maximo 7.5 or above applications.Customization topics

    Get introduced to Maximo ArchitectureUnderstand Maximo Business Objects and its customizationMaximo User Interface Architecture and its customizationUnderstand Field validationsUnderstand Error Handling in MaximoUnderstanding the Cron Tasks and Action Classes in MaximoUnderstanding Logging and Log Messages in MaximoDebugging in MaximoCommon coding standards for Maximo Customizations

  • MBO Customization

    1) Walkthru the concepts of RMI (Remote Method Invocation) :i. Concepts of RMIii. Maximo and RMI 2) Introduction to Maximo Business Object Framework :i. Introduction to Maximo Framework i. MaximoStartupServletii.Maximo Login Page.iii.RmiRegistryServlet ii. Design Patterns used in Maximo iii.Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)(AppService class) iv. Important Maximo Framework classes i. MXServer ii. MaxSession iii.UserInfo iv. MaxVars

  • 3) Maximo Database related classes :i. Maximo Database Related Classes (DBManager,SQLFormat)ii. Transaction in Maximo (MXTransaction)iii.Persistent and Virtual classesiv. Relationships4) Maximo Business Objects classes :i. Understanding the Application Set and Application Classes in Maximoii. Understanding the important MBO Classes.i. MboSetii. Mboiii.StatefulMboiii.Understanding Faux and Hierarchical Mbo'siv. Understanding Status Handlers v. Customization Sample customization Scenarios

  • 5) Maximo WebClient Architecture:i. Understanding the Maximo Client Framework.i. Application XML'sii. Maximo hidden Appletiii.Maximo's presentation Layer(AppInstance, PageInstance, ControlHandler and properties)ii. Understanding the Maximo System Bean classesiii.Understanding event handling (WebClientEvent)iv.Introduction to the WebClient Utility classv. Customization Pointsvi. Sample Customization Scenarios.6) Field Level Validation classes:i. Understanding the field level classesii. Creating a custom Field Level class.iii.Sample Customization Scenarios

  • 7) Error Handling in Maximo:i. Understanding the Maximo' Error handling Frameworkii. MaxMessagesiii.Error Levelsiv. Creating custom error/warning/status messages8) Coding Standards for maximo:i. Coding standards specific to Maximo9) Cron tasks and Action Classes:i. Understanding the Cron Tasks in Maximoii. Create a simple cron taskiii.Introduction to Escalation and Workflowsiv. Creating a simple Action class10) Logging and Log Settings in Maximo

  • Configuration

    Application designerSystem propertiesDomainsRolesDatabase configuration ActionsConditional expression managerSecurity groupsEscalationsCommunication templatesEmail listener

  • Migration

    Maximo Installation and WebSphere configurationWorkflowWorkflow administrationIntegration

    Detail explanation of integration along with web servicesNote :

    Based on request detail explanation of any topic Real-time scenarios explained Helping up to some extent in your current projects For fresher resume preparation and real time project explanation

  • Come and learn IBM Maximo online training course and get start rewarding career.

    Call us for further details :US:475-212-0075 INDIA : +91 9989754807EMAIL : [email protected]

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