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  • Maximo Upgrade

    April 2016

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    Maximo Upgrade Why Upgrade Upgrade Requirements Upgrade Planning Upgrade Process Overview Upgrade Process Notes Upgrade Notes

    Maximo 7.6 Installation and Configuration Maximo 7.6 Installation and Configuration Industry Solutions an Add-ons Maximo 7.5 to 7.6 Upgrade Notes


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    Why Upgrade Maximo 7.5 Expanded Footprint

    Asset Management

    Work Management

    Materials Management



    Repair Facilities


    Asset Templates

    Failure Codes

    Linear Assets

    Visual Control

    Condition Monitoring


    Meter Groups

    Request for Quotation


    Receiving Inspections

    Shipment Receiving

    Purchase Requisitions


    Invoice Reversals

    Purchase Orders


    Receipt Tolerance

    Desktop Requisitions

    Item Master



    Inventory Usage

    LIFO/FIFO Costing


    Transfer via


    Default Costing

    Condition Codes

    Stocked Tools

    Service Items

    Job Plans


    Work Order Tracking

    Assignment Tab

    Hard/Soft Reservations

    Repair Facilities


    Quick Reporting



    Preventive Maintenance

    PM Forecasting

    Master PM

    Assignment Manager

    Contract Management

    Purchase Contracts

    Master Contracts

    Warranty Contracts

    Lease/Rental Contracts

    Labor Rate Contracts

    Premium Pay Rates

    Payment Schedules

    Service Management

    Service Groups

    SLA Management

    Change Management






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    Why Upgrade Maximo 7.5 Expanded Footprint

    KPIs / Reporting/ Ad-hoc Reporting / Cognos Integration

    Enhanced Workflow Event Driven, Context-based / Escalation Manager

    Security/Administration/Configuration Automation Scripts, Migration Manager

    Integration/Web Services Import & Export direct from applications

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    Why Upgrade IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6

    Expanded capabilities to support business intelligence

    Intuitive navigation for users

    Increased Serviceability

    Focus on User Experience new look and feel, expanded start center configuration options

    Analytical insights through Reporting, KPIs and Dashboards improved performance, increased user access and better tools to monitor the health of your business

    Functional Enhancements improved crew management and service addresses to support maps

    Technology Improvements expanded install and platform support

    Built-in Mobility Capabilities through Everyplace

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    New middleware servers/VMs Newer Oses supported

    AIX 7.1 Windows Server 2012 RHEL 6.0 RHEL 7.0 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

    New Admin workstation Windows, Linux, and AIX admin workstation support

    Windows Server 2012 (x86 64 bit) RHEL 6.0 (x86-64, zSeries 64 bit, PowerPC) RHEL 7.0 (x86-64, zSeries 64 bit, PowerPC) AIX 7.1 (IBM System p 64 bit) SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86 65 bit)

    Why Upgrade

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    New middleware versions (minimum versions)

    WebSphere 8.5.5 / WebLogic 12c

    Oracle 11g R2

    DB2 10.1

    SQL Server 2012

    Why Upgrade

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    Upgrade Requirements

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    Upgrade Requirements

    Upgrade paths and relative complexity

    Note: Current path to to


    4.11 to



    5.2 to 6.2





    6.2.8 to



    Maximo to

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    Maximo 6.2 to 7.6 Maximo 6.2, please note that Maximo 6.2.8 is the prerequisite/minimum version and patch you

    need to have applied prior to upgrading to 7.1.

    To upgrade from 6.2 to 7.6, you will follow this process:

    Apply Maximo 6.2.8 Fix Pack Install 7.1 which includes the 6-7 upgrade program Apply Maximo Base Services Fix Pack Upgrade v6 to Install 7.5 which includes the 7.1-7.5 upgrade program Apply Maximo Fix Pack Upgrade v7.1 to Install 7.6 which includes the 7.5-7.1 upgrade program Apply Maximo Feature Pack Upgrade v7.5 to

    Upgrade Requirements

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    Data Size and Archiving More Data = Longer Upgrade Improves App Performance

    Integration Points Identify Integration Points in Existing System Evaluate each integration to determine requirement Document change requirements from existing to new

    Customizations Evaluate new product functionality to determine if it now addresses the custom requirement Customization work is work done outside the configuration framework provided with the


    Java Class Extensions Custom Workflow Code or content added

    Upgrade Planning

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    Time Requirements Deadline for Go Live

    Downtime Restrictions

    When do you need to be on the new release?

    How long does the database upgrade take?

    How long will it take to upgrade integrations?

    How long will it take to upgrade customizations?

    How long will reports take?

    Technological / Reporting Requirements

    User Training Administrative Users TPAE, Security, Crons, Escalation, Workflow, Performance Monitoring & Tuning General Users Reporting Focus Group Users

    Call Centers Accounting Management

    Upgrade Planning

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    Upgrade Planning

    Reporting Requirements

    Reporting Server Changes No Actuate Integration

    No Crystal Integration

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    Overview Apply Maximo 6.2.8 fix pack

    Complete Maximo 7.1 pre-upgrade tasks

    Install Maximo 7.1

    Apply Maximo Base Services fix pack

    Run industry solution and/or add-on installation programs

    Apply industry solution and/or add-on fix packs

    Run Maximo upgrade utilities

    Integrity Checker Validation

    Upgrade Program


    Upgrade Process Overview

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    Overview (cont.)

    Complete Maximo 7.5 pre-upgrade tasks

    Run the Maximo 7.5 product installation program to upgrade from 7.1 to 7.5

    Point to folder

    Defer database update and application deployment

    Apply Maximo fix pack

    Run industry solution and/or add-on installation programs

    Apply industry solution and/or add-on fix packs

    Run the product installation program to perform database update operations

    Upgrade Process Overview

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    Overview (cont.)

    Complete Maximo 7.6 pre-upgrade tasks

    Run the Maximo 7.6 product installation program

    Apply Maximo feature pack

    Run industry solution and/or add-on installation programs

    Apply industry solution and/or add-on fix packs

    Run the configuration tool to perform database update operations

    Upgrade Process Overview

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    Overview (cont.)

    Complete post-upgrade tasks

    Migrate customizations

    After ALL products are installed on the 7.6 admin workstation

    Move the custom Java code to the 7.6 tree and compile using a JDK 1.7 compiler

    Move the compiled Java code into the appropriate folders on the 7.6 installed admin workstation

    If there were changes applied to in any existing JSP, XML, HTML, CSS or Java Script files pages

    Identify the differences from the old source tree and re-apply the changes accordingly into the new files that were laid down by

    the 7.6 installation.

    Analyze reports

    Review integrations

    Upgrade Process Overview

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    Maximo 6 7.1 Upgrade

    From the Maximo folders run

    Upgradeui Utility

    Integrity Checker report and repair mode, source meta-data integrity

    Validation source versus target meta-data integrity

    Upgrade transforms database to version 7 structure


    Transforms database to fix pack

    Note: Integrity Checker

    You may be asked to run Database Configuration for your database:

    Only run the Database Configuration from Maximo 6.2.8

    Upgrade Process

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    Maximo 6 7.1 Upgrade

    Add new tables and columns, using Metadoc

    Process Callouts for tables, logically sequenced

    Delete obsolete tables and columns, using Metadoc

    Metadoc defines database differences

    Industry Solutions create Metadocs and Callouts

    Industry Solutions recognized by maxvars

    Upgrade Process

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    Maximo Upgrade

    Database is upgraded via updatedb utility invoked automatically by the


    Only after ALL products are installed at 7.5 level

    Option is available to have it done only after admin workstation is upgraded (defer


    If not automated by the installer, you must run the following manually


    If languages other than English are deployed: run Tdtoolkit for each PMP installed

    Build and deploy the EAR file(s)

    Upgrade Process

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    Maximo Upgrade Validate integrity of current Maximo 7.1 database

    Run Maximo 7.1 Integrity Checker and fix all errors

    If required, upgrade/install middleware components and Operating Systems

    Patch or upgrade Operating System

    Upgrade database server

    Upgrade LDAP/directory server