Procure to Pay in Maximo at ENMAX - CanMUG - The .P2P in Maximo at ENMAX ... - 7.6 Upgrade - Upgrade

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Text of Procure to Pay in Maximo at ENMAX - CanMUG - The .P2P in Maximo at ENMAX ... - 7.6 Upgrade - Upgrade

  • Procure to Pay in Maximo at ENMAX

    Phased Approach = Success

  • P2P in Maximo at ENMAX

    Overview of ENMAX

    Our History with Maximo

    P2P Business Case

    Proof of Concept The Generation Project



    2016 Project P2P for the Entire Company

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    ENMAX Corporation

    Municipally owned, vertically integrated utility



    ENMAX CorporationENMAX EnergyENMAX EncompassENMAX PowerENMAX Power Services

    Quick Facts

    Vertically integrated utility: Electricity, Natural Gas, Renewable Energy

    Providing Albertans with electricity for over 100 years

    More than 835,000 customers throughout Alberta

    Wholly owned by the City of Calgary

    Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Sale of Electricity, Natural Gas and Renewable Energy products, Utility Billing

    Generation Assets: Wind, Natural Gas, District Energy

    Peaking Combined Heat

    & PowerDistrict HeatingBase Load Wind Farms

  • Maximo Support at ENMAX


    Centre of Excellence

    Quick Facts

    Maximo is used to support Maximo

    In house team of Functional and Technical Specialists

    Business SMEs and IT Technicians on the same Team

    Recently moved from a Generation Team to an Enterprise Team

    Currently supporting Generation Maximo (Oil and Gas)and Control Desk.

    Provides leadership and resources for project initiatives

    Peaking Combined Heat

    & PowerDistrict HeatingBase Load Wind Farms

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    Our History with Maximo

    2000 2005 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

    2016 Projects- P2P for the Enterprise- T&D into Maximo- EHS for the Enterprise- 7.6 Upgrade- Upgrade Control Desk- Implement RMS (Meter Management in Maximo)

  • Procure to Pay Reasons for Change

  • Key reasons for wanting to bring all procurement activities into Maximo were as follows:

    ERP System to be replaced

    Current integrations prone to errors

    Complex integrations difficult to support

    Maintenance Costs in Maximo not Accurate


    P2P Business Case

    Our integration to PeoplesoftFinance was no longer sufficient.

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    P2P Business Case

    Interface Simplification

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    Guiding Principles and Objectives

    Interface Simplification

    Simplicity Clear understanding & knowledge to conduct

    workflow transaction for achieving the desired outcome within their functional areas for all user groups.

    Standardization, Control & Transparency Common and unique method to execute transactions

    that trigger SCM functions & management activities.

    Provide required control to respective departments i.e. Project, Maintenance, Reliability, Operations, SCM and Finance to perform and manage their respective accountabilities

    Leverage system to retrieve all type of information on real time basis Status, risks, Costs, Planning, budgeting, exceptions, compliance etc.

    Efficiency and throughput Intelligent use of the system to leverage the input

    effort from one transactions to manage and control multiple functions across the organization.

    Introduce discipline and remove duplication.

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    Our Journey to Procure to Pay in Maximo

    These phases represent several years of work

    Phase 1; Incremental changes in Work practices to leverage the available functionality of the consistently across the users.

    Use of Item Masters Items requirements planned within WO. WO hierarchy combined with reporting tool to

    manage P2P for outage events. Plan Services within WO.

    Phase 2; Change in work practices supported by incremental system updates

    Allowed edits to WO plan after approval, achieved 100% P2P triggers through WO plan.

    Introduced formal Rotable Item/Asset Management Enhanced Maximo reports to manage events Introduced STD Service Item functionality, BU started

    build fully cost loaded Job Plans Receiving of services added to the interface Real

    time reporting & cost management, Job plan to WO to PR/PO to payment link established.

    Phase 3; Initiated the Project to reintegrate interfaces and execute full P2P transactions within one system i.e. Maximo .

    Phase 1 & 2 helped collective alignment within the organization that further improvements are possible only by removing limitations due to two systems interfacing for transactions

  • Proof of Concept

  • Where would invoices be entered?

    What about invoice matching, would Maximo be robust enough?

    Several unique accounting practices to be catered to.Currencies, Construction Hold Backs, Non-PO Invoices, Electronic Invoices.


    Dedicated internal Maximo EAM Specialist to the project.

    Dedicated Supply Chain Manager to the project.

    Maximo expertise from InterlocSolutions

    Peoplesoft expertise from independent consultant.

    Implement into Generation First

    Finance Needed to

    See that Vendors

    Could Still Receive Payment

    New concepts, business processes and ownership of corporate data was key to the project.

  • Configuration of PO Application

    Configuration of Invoice Application

    PO Workflow

    Invoice Workflow

    Automation Scripts

    BIRT Reports

    Start Centers

    New Integrations

    Informatica Development

    Integration Retirements

    Vendor Reload

    Data Loads

    Data Conversions

    Data cutoffs




    User Guides

    Written Procedures

    Training Material

    Training Sessions

    Unit Testing

    Integration Testing

    User Acceptance Testing

    Weekly Steering Committee Meetings

    Project Activities Core team consisted of

    EAM Specialist, PeoplesoftConsultant,

    SCM Manager, and Maximo

    Consultants (2)

    Having the right team, dedicated to the project resulted in success.

  • Major challenge was gaining acceptance from all departments that the way forward was to do things differently.


    Technical Challenges (including but not limited to)

    Electronic Invoices thrown into the project as a must have

    Invoice reversals and construction hold backs.

    Doing it all with only 1 java customization.

    Pressure to deliver early.


    Keeping the major Maximo Processes intact. Work Order Workflow, Delegation of Authority for PR Approvals.

    Adapting the DOA rules to PO Revisions and Invoice Approvals.

    Testing literally hundreds of use cases took much longer than anticipated.

    Keeping the test environments in synch

  • Ensuring/Tracking Resources involved in other projects were available.

    Maintaining a Schedule when major project direction continually changes.

    Lack of involvement from key Acceptance Testing Resources


    Required smooth transition in active planned outage months.

    UAT testing for all potential stress scenarios.

    Complex business logic add to requirement matrix.

    Cutover plan flexibility

    Challengesby Role

    Working on the project and trying to do day to day support work at the same time.

    Keeping a lid on the urge to customize Maximo.

    Keeping control of last minute scope changes.

    Project Manager Supply Chain Maximo SME

    Finance Maximo DeveloperManual data conversion was done by the SCM group and it was only partially complete for go live.

    UAT was done by one person for one site, scope should have expanded to include all sites and more testers.

    GL account combination rules meant engine rewrite

    Inter Business Unit Transfers offsetting account entries

    Custom Matching rules made the development of automation scripts necessary

  • Completed the project on schedule and under budget.

    Several years of lobbying and the third attempt to get the project going was finally successful.

    Traction would not have been gained this time without forward thinking by the upper levels of the company.


    Actual costs are now in Maximo.

    Fully loaded and realized job plans in Maximo.

    Accurate invoicing in Maximo.

    Receiving and payment for Services is now Accurate.

    Previous integration issues (failed invoices) non existent.


    Buyers are delighted with being able to do all procurement in one system.

    Accounts payable very happy with the Maximo invoice processing.

    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Invoices have improved processing throughput.

  • Involvement and eventual Alignment of business units that previously had been in opposition.

    Small/Tight Team.


    No duplication of effort from Planning to payment.

    Details of Job plan through WO are automatically pulled into PR, PO and receiving transitions.

    Advanced reporting helps to proactively manage outage events by exception.

    Real time information and actionable KPIs established

    Manual paper based approvals converted to system workflow.

    Successesby Role

    Far fewer issues post-production than we expected.

    Invoice Matching process improved greatly with automation scripting by the Interloc Developer.

    OCR (Electronic Invoices) thrown into the scope mid-stream. Handled through the MIF and automation scripts.

    Project Manager Supply Chain Maximo SME

    Finance Maximo DeveloperCompleted 1 year prior to new ERP system.

    Reduction in inventory journal entries in ERP.

    New Invoice approval workflow superior to previous.

    Start Center for AP identifies priorities and errors that require immediate attention

    OCR Interface added to