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On Social Media ... Now What?

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Setting up Social Media accounts isn't the beginning of your social and digital media marketing it's the middle. Businesses should start with developing a Digital or Social Strategy to outline what goals and objectives they are trying to meet and what technologies and communications channels will get them there. Of course they need a Content Strategy to define their target customer and what to say to them while engaging in social and digital marketing. Get tips on defining your customer, creating a Content Strategy, and creating high performing content.

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  • Project Socialize, LLC 2014 Copyright 2014
  • 2 CEO, Digital Media Strategist, Consultant, and Coach Cer$ed Social Media Strategist (CSMS) by the Na$onal Ins$tute for Social Media (NISM). Nikki Means, is CEO of Project Socialize, LLC and instructor for the Ins=tute for Social Media at Cincinna= State. Project Socialize grew from Nikkis passion for Social Media. The interac=on, the development of community, the sharing of informa=on, and ever-evolving technologies fuels her passion daily. Nikkis background includes crea=ng strategy for successful social media programs, while leveraging eight years of project and process management to ensure seamless implementa=on. Based on seven years of immersion in social media tools and online marke=ng communica=on channels, she has found ways to help companies achieve their business goals while doing what she loves most Social Media Marke=ng.
  • 1. Social and Digital Media Marketing is Strategic! 2. Key Learning#1: Who is Your Customer? 3. Key Learning #2: Content Strategy 4. Key Learning #3: Analyze Post Performance 5. Q&A 3
  • 4 How did your business Decide that social or digital marke9ng was the right decision? Photo Credit:
  • HAVE YOU ASKED AND ANSWERED 1. What Business Goals and Objec9ves will social and digital media help us achieve? 2. Who are the Customers we are trying to connect with and what are they talking about? 3. What Content will we share with our Customers? 4. What will make our Customers come back for more? 5. What Metrics will we track to analyze performance? 6. What is our Budget for social media marke=ng? 5 AKA Digital Marketing Strategy
  • 7 THE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIENCE If you want to use social media to reach your customers, you need to know where to find them online. Social media isnt one thing: its a sprawling empire made up of many different neighborhoods, each of which attracts its own subset of your customers.
  • 8 THE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIENCE: AGE AND GENDER Photo Credit: VisionCritical
  • 10 Photo Credit: VisionCritical
  • 11 TOP ACTIVITIES BY NETWORK Social Media Users engage with different topics on different social networks. People turn to Facebook for humor, human interest stories, arts and entertainment. Photo Credit: VisionCritical
  • 12 TOP ACTIVITIES BY NETWORK People turn to Pinterest People turn to Pinterest for DIY, crafts, food and drink, and fashion and beauty. Photo Credit: VisionCritical
  • 13 TOP ACTIVITIES BY NETWORK People turn to Twitter for news, arts and entertainment. Photo Credit: VisionCritical
  • 14 Iden=fy your customer demographics: Age Gender Ethnicity Geographic loca=on Discover what your customer do while online Shop Play games Research Find deals Tap into the conversa=ons your customers have while online Dont assume your customers use Facebook, TwiZer, LinkedIn, etc. ask them.
  • 16 Every business needs a Content Strategy! HUH? A content strategy plans for the crea=on, delivery and governance of useful, usable content. Most business challenges are addressed by the Content Strategy. 55% The % of consumers following companies on social networks to receive general informa9on
  • 17 What should a Content Strategy Include? Business Case i.e. What are you trying to achieve? Dene Your Audience and Create Personas Who are you customers? Create Your Story and Core Messages Who are you? Iden9fy Communica9ons Channels Social Media? Blog? Dene the Execu9on Process Who is your team? When will they post? Measure and Analyze Iden=fy KPIs.
  • 18 Enter Social and Digital Media Marke=ng on a solid founda=on. Star9ng with a Strategy that: Denes the people you are trying to reach; Includes a message that is appropriate for your demographic; Iden=es the Social Media pla_orms where your audience spends =me; Has a process for crea=ng and cura=ng content in a 24/7/365 digital world; Outlines a schedule for regular pos=ng; Incorporates the technology needed to succeed.
  • 20 1. Content that is SHAREABLE; 2. Content that is LIKEABLE; 3. Content that fans INTERACT and ENGAGEMENT with; 4. Content that REACHES the intended audience. DOES THIS DESCRIBE YOUR CONTENT?
  • 21 WHAT IS SHAREABILITY? Its what the post does to people when they see it, do they want to share it? GIVE: Offers, discounts, deals or contests that everyone can benefit from; ADVISE: Tips, especially about problems that everyone encounters; WARN: Warnings about dangers that could affect anyone
  • 22 AMUSE: Funny pictures & quotes, as long as theyre not offensive INSPIRE: Inspirational quotes AMAZE: Amazing pictures or facts UNITE: A post that acts as a flag to carry and a way to brag to others about your membership in a group.
  • 23 WHAT IS LIKEABLE? The topic, point of view, or picture in the post trumps all user behavior and determines if someone likes vs shares. The CTA (call to action) in the post asks for a LIKE. Posts dont have multiple CTAs. Readers will typically pick one action or another. A post that connects with the reader, but not enough for them to share on their personal profile.
  • 24 WHAT IS REACH? Organic reach: the number of people who saw your Page post in news feed, ticker or on your Pages timeline Viral reach: the number of people who saw your Page post in a story from a friend Paid reach: the number of people who saw your Page post in an ad or sponsored story
  • 25 How do you expand the reach of your Content? Create ENGAGING Content. Plan for crea=vity. Analyze Performance and Make Necessary Changes. Measure. Analyze. Make Changes. Repeat. Promote Posts: Promote important posts to help people no=ce them.
  • 26 Is your content Likeable and Shareable? If not Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and business Be succinct, friendly and conversa=onal Share photos and videos because they tend to be more engaging Ask ques=ons or seek input Give access to exclusive informa=on and specials Be =mely by pos=ng about current events, holidays or news Track, analyze and apply metrics to content Rinse and Repeat!
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  • 28 Nikki J. Means, CEO, Project Socialize Phone: 513-779-2444 Email: [email protected] Website: Twitter: @ProjectSocializ Facebook: ProjectSocialize

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