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Leveraging LinkedInNAPO Virtual Chapter@MelDePaoli | 425.440.1099 | mel@omicle.com

@MelDepaoliDid you know that 1 out of every 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn? Did you know that LinkedIn gets two new users every second?

LinkedIn is tool that levels the professional playing field. It sets a standard of what is expected and accepted across all industries. It allows you to brand your small business in a big way. It encourages your employees to become the voice of your brand. It allows you to become perceived as credible, professional, and accessible.As a professional, you already know the value in being perceived as credible, professional, and accessible. But what those words mean to you in your industry, may be different than what they mean to me, or my industry, or to Erica in her industry.


@MelDepaoliWhat burning questions do you have about LinkedIn?What dont you understand?Or what do you want to know how to do better?2Agenda What is LinkedIn? SEO Your Connections LinkedIn Groups

@MelDepaoliLI levels the playing fieldcredible, professional, accessible.

You are encouraged to ask questions throughout.


Disclaimer!@MelDepaoli4This may surprise you a sales pitch forum, though you can get a lot of sales from it. a platform for direct selling. something that you have someone ghost engage for you. and, most importantly, LinkedIn is not Facebook!

but, LinkedIn is NOT@MelDepaoli

Why is LinkedIn really important?Search Engine OptimizationSEO is influenced by your SMOSocial Media Optimization@MelDepaoliExplain how Search engines learn who you are and what you know based on your LI profile

Profiles with a photo get 14% more views according to LIYOU own your profile, not your company HR will look at your profile BEFORE they contact you! If they cant find you, you do not exist!6YOU!1st Degree Connections akaYour Connections2nd Degree Connections3rd Degree Connections@MelDepaoliExplaining the level of connections7

The Connection Spectrum@MelDepaoliConnection collectors In real life

What do you do when you receive a connection request from someone you dont know?


Respond w/o accepting

Breaking a connection


Past colleagueLiked a comment they postedWork in the same cityFriendThey are a clientCompetitorWent to college with themBelong to the same churchWent to high school with themMet at a networking eventMet at a job interviewSupport a cause you also supportBelong to a group they belong toWent on a date with themKids play togetherRead an article they wroteThey launched a new productService provider for someone you knowLiked an article they sharedCurrent colleagueYou follow them on TwitterShared one of their updatesLive in the same cityYour neighborOn a board with themComplementary businessWant to learn more about themPresented at their eventYou are connected on FacebookLiked one of their updatesRead an article about their companyLooking for a jobSomeone introduced youYou have a common friendThey are a prospectRead an article written about themThey won an awardWork in the same buildingLinkedIn suggested themVenture / Angel fundingFamily memberPolitical affiliationResponded to a comment they postedYou want them to hire youHad a conversation with themYou dont know how to say noBelong to the same associationHold meetings at the same location@MelDepaoliThere are any number of reasons why you can choose to connect with someonesome are more credible than others9Establish communication with people you do not know!

Hi Janel,Thank you for reaching out. I am happy to connect with you. May I ask how you heard about me and why you are interested in connecting? Thank you in advance for your help.~Mel

@MelDepaoliReply instead of accept.1-weeds out connection collectors2-opens up dialog

[Tracey storycoming back from a conference]

Why can you connect with someone? [pause]10Make your message relevant to the person you are contacting!

Hi Jenny, in doing research for an article that I am writing about ____. I came across your article "insert title". When I looked you up on LinkedIn, I noticed that we have a few groups in common as well. I am interested in connecting with you to ____.@MelDepaoliCustomize your message [Carlos Story]

Message NEVER to use! Person that I trust

SoMe is a free resource, not a country club.

Remember, we need to be credible, professional, and accessible.

What are other possible messages you could send to people?

11Types of LinkedIn GroupsMembers-OnlyPadlock icon next to the group name.Discussions will NOT appear in search engines.Discussions are visible to members of the group only.Open GroupsDiscussions ARE searchable by the search engines.Discussions ARE visible to anyone online.Discussions can be shared on other social networking sites.@MelDepaoliMembers only / Open

Explain SEOgetting on the first page


Job TitleLocation / CommunityJob SearchNetworking GroupGender EthnicityProfessionsIndustryHigh School AlumniCollege AlumniUser-based CommunitiesFocus of Groups@MelDepaoliDo you use LI groups?Magic number: 50recommendation

But what groups should you join?

13@MelDepaoli@MelDepaoli60 / 30 / 10

10, other30, your industry60, customer focused

Connecting groups back to connections


Customize Your Group SettingsEach group has customizable settings.and rules!@MelDepaoliYou choose your own settings when you join a group

Group rules15LinkedIn PulseDO!Write articles related to your profession.Include a royalty-free photo, or give appropriate credit.Keep them short! Under 750 words.Professional development articles are ok.Comment on other articles that you read.Do NOT!Copy and paste articles from your company website.Use copyrighted images.Share jokes or overly personal posts.Post a sales pitch.Use slang.Insult another LinkedIn user.


LIVE Demo@MelDepaoliConnection and Group demo17Leveraging LinkedInDo you want to learn more about Leveraging LinkedIn? www.oLearningLab.com@MelDePaoli | 425.440.1099 | mel@omicle.comThank YOU!