Leveraging LinkedIn to Boost Your Brand

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Interested in learning more about LinkedIn and how to leverage the social networking site more? This presentation addresses how to boost your personal profile and start networking!

Text of Leveraging LinkedIn to Boost Your Brand

  • 1. Leveraging LinkedIn to Boost Your Personal & Company Brand
  • 2. What are your learning outcomes? Start Linking Beyond the ProfileGet connected and learn something new about LinkedIn that you didnt know before.
  • 3. Agenda Networking on LinkedIn Building Your Personal Profile Summary Job Experience Skills Customizations Recommendations Adding Applications Joining Groups
  • 4. The Law of 250 Every person knows at least 250 other people. 250 people at 1st Layer Each of your contacts knows at least 250 people. 62,500 at your 2nd Layer Each of your 2nd Layer contacts knows 250 people -15,000,000 at your 3rd Layer
  • 5. 4 Layers of Separation on LinkedIn You Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Contact Contact Contact Contact Your Friend Alices Uncle Bills Friend Carols Boss Alice Bill Carol David
  • 6. LinkedIn Profile Basics Upload a picture! Write a summary. Include all (relevant) job experience.
  • 7. How Can I Customize My Profile?Post a (Professional)Update Share personal and company achievements, industry news and noteworthy eventsCustomize URLs
  • 8. How Can I Customize My Profile? Twitter Link to your personal or company Twitter account Optimize for Search Use rich keywords in your headline, summary, work experience and specialties Organize Sections Prioritize content and information
  • 9. How Can I Customize My Profile? Add Sections to reflect achievements/experiences Certifications Languages Publications Skills
  • 10. Soliciting Recommendations Why do I want someone to recommend me? Soliciting recommendations Give a little, get a little! Be aware of company policies
  • 11. Adding Applications to Your Profile Applications enhance your profile without you having to manually update content Blog Link Tweets SlideShare Presentations Events
  • 12. Joining Groups Join industry & job-related groups Change your email preferences to receive daily/weekly updates Get involved & be a thought leader!
  • 13. Key Action Items1. Beef up your profile! a. Add a picture, job experience & a summary.2. Add 1 section & 1 application.3. Make 5-10 new connections.4. Join at least 1 group and post a question or discussion topic.5. Follow Eze Castle: http://www.linkedin.com/company/eze-castle-integration
  • 14. Eze Castle Integration OverviewFounded 1995Headquarters BostonAdditional New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Geneva, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Singapore, Stamford and London.OfficesPhone 1.800.752.1382Website & Blog www.eci.com www.eci.com/blogCore Services Strategic IT Consulting Business Continuity Planning Outsourced IT & Help Desk Disaster Recovery Professional Services Compliance Solutions Managed Services Storage Solutions Startup & Relocation Cloud & Colocation Services Communications Solutions Internet Service Network Design & Management E-Mail & IM Archiving
  • 15. 260 Franklin Street, 12th floor Boston, MA 02110 617-217-3000 www.eci.com