How To Contact Influencers

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Everybody wants to contact real influencers using social media, yet, most people don't succeed just because they don't do a few simple things. This presentation is about those simple things For more:


<ul><li> @roypovar </li> <li> Whos an inuencer How to nd inuencers How to recognize inuencers </li> <li> Whos an influencer? </li> <li> People your target audience: Read Share Respect Listens to </li> <li> How do we know where to look for them? </li> <li> Buyers persona: Types of websites Preferred social networks Professional literature </li> <li> How to recognize influencers </li> <li> Google: top lists # Twitter followers Blog comments / Shares Mentions References </li> <li> Create a spreadsheet: Influencers name Twitter Bio Website URL Blog URL Email Address Twitter Handle LinkedIn URL </li> <li> 8 ways to contact influencers </li> <li> Engage on Twitter: See what theyre talking about and start a direct conversation </li> <li> Top lists blogpost Write a top-influencer post, mention them and then make sure they know about it via Twitter or Email </li> <li> Referrals Write an article using their post as a resource and then notify them </li> <li> Comment on their blog Everybody loves comments. Everybody notice comments </li> <li> Interviews Do an interview with the influencer on your blog. Make it easy to answer with interesting questions you know fit the influencers agenda. </li> <li> An extended version / dierent angle on their posts Write a post that extends on a topic they wrote about and share it with them via Twitter and Email </li> <li> Featured articles Write an article about the influencers. Find the angle that is both useful and valuable </li> <li> Trending topics See what the influencer is talking about and write content that you know will interest him </li> <li> Share their article and mention Great post by @influencer - . </li> <li> Send email Simple as that. Send an email thanking him for his influence on your work. Thats it. </li> <li> Read more ! ! Follow me on Twitter:! @roypovar </li> <li> +972 528387405! </li> </ul>