How to Identify Social Media Influencers


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Marshall Sponder (@webmetricsguru) explains how to identify social media influencers.

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How to Indentify Influencers

How to Indentify InfluencersMarshall SponderWebMetricsGuru.comSocialMediaAnalyticsBook.comFeb 28, 2011 London

Measuring Social InfluenceNot new, 1898 Gabriel Tarte L'opinion et la foule

Tarde believed conversations between people about things they read in the media can complete the full cycle of news as people read information, talk about it with others and sway or influence public opinion.

Conversations between people using Social Media can also be analyzed for Influence Does Influence add up to a score?

Care of MetricsManUsing Analytics to Find InfluencersKloutTRAACKRMPACTEcairnPeekYouSocial Media Monitoring Platforms TweepSearch / FollowerWonkPushKartHybrid approaches

Klout who is the most influential web analyst?

Traackr who is the most influential PR individual?

mPACT who is the most influential writer about Google?

Use Ecairn find influentials

Use PeekYou to find Influencers

Radian6, Sysomos, Alterian SM2 also measure influence


PushKart measures how influential followers of an individual are

Hybrid approaches to Influence Detection

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