How to find influencers on social media

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How to Find Influencers Using Hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Using hashtags will bring your influencer marketing to a next level by filtering out influencers based on your contextual needs.

For example, if youre looking for influencers to promote the Audi A4, you dont need to use generic users who are influential in cars thats too broad! Instead, hashtags like #AudiA4 can help you find the ones who really matter for this subject.

INSTAGRAMThe platform has reportedly grown to be larger than Twitter, and you should use it if youre not on it already.

Use relevant hashtags like #AudiA4 to sort them by the number of Likes they received

TWITTER Easiest platform to find influencers

Youll see a timeline of tweets for that particular hashtag. Just remember that you can use relevant hashtag you want for your industry.

FACEBOOKKeep on searching.

Use relevant hashtags like #AudiA4 to sort them by the number of Likes they received.

Facebooks API provides less data than Instagrams and Twitters, so if youre using other tools they may not return as much data as the web search.

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