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Quick strategy assignment for Asics.

Text of FCB Planning Project

  • 2. ABOUT ASICS Produces professional footwear and sporting equipment Known for top-ranked running shoes 66% of profits are from sales of sports shoes Heavily involved in research and tech advancements to improve customer athletic experience Strong supporter of sporting events and competitions
  • 3. THE CHALLENGE Explore the street style frontier in the U.S. without forsaking ASICS heritage in equipment for serious athletes ASICS has realized the market value potential in the casual athlete and consumers who prefer an athletic style
  • 4. THE CHALLENGE CURRENT TARGET: sports enthusiasts DESIRED EXPANDED TARGET: everyday athletes
  • 5. BRAND TRUTH Professional athletes and everyday athletes alike aspire to achieve harmony of body and soul ASICS supports the activities that consumers enjoy, whatever those activities may be Backed by ASICS research and wide variety of products
  • 6. CATEGORY WHITE SPACE Nike and Adidas represent competition and success as part of a team OPPORTUNITY: ASICS can represent personal fulfillment This is the real reason many consumers desire to be active
  • 7. CONSUMER INSIGHT Im the world record holder in rush hour puddle hurdling and the undisputed champion of the behind-the-back three-point contest. I can feel and look like a pro without a room full of trophies at home. When Im active, Im an athlete, and when Im having a good time, every day is filled with victories.
  • 8. CULTURAL INSIGHT Dress for success doesnt just apply to the business world anymore. Consumers want to look like theyre ready to run a marathon even when their biggest race will be dashing for the shortest checkout line at the grocery store.
  • 9. HOW CAN WE CHANGE BEHAVIOR? Encourage consumers to think of ASICS as a lifestyle brand appropriate for all personal gains, no matter how big or small Consumers will wear ASICS more often and for a wider variety of occasions
  • 10. STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATION Position ASICS as the athletic equipment brand that propels consumers to fulfillment in athletic environments and everyday life
  • 11. WHY IT WILL WORK Does not alienate current sports enthusiast target market Connects ASICS with the personal victories that come with being active Bridges the gap between functionality and style
  • 12. THANK YOU